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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Baron Gerard de Limesi & Lady Amicia de Bidun

 67547150. Baron Gerard de Limesi & 67547151. Lady Amicia de Bidun

~1135, Gerard born in England, s/o §§Alan de Limesi, s/o §§Ralph de Limosin & Hadwisa ?.

~1140, Amicia born in England, d/o §§Halenath de Bidun.

~1159, Gerard married Amicia.

1160-61, Essex and Herts, Gerard de Limesi, xv milites. [15 knights’ fees]

1161-62, Warks & Leics, Gerard de Limesi, ii milites. [2 knights fees]

Bef. 1185, Gerard de Limesi, baron of Wolverley, died; Amicia surviving.

(S) Throton’s History of Nottinghamshire, V3, 1796. (S) FMG. (S) Honors and Knights’ Fees, Farrer, 1923, P5. (S) The Manors of Suffolk, 1905.

Family notes:

·         Gerard a benefactor of Hertford priory; Amacia his wife, Trian de Bidun his ‘brother’. (S) History of the County of Hertford, V4, 1971. [Later grants made by his son John and his daughter Amabel.]

·         The Lindsays and Limesays bore the same heraldic insignia before the marriage of David de Lindsay with the Limesay heiress. The two names are etymologically identical. (S) Notes & Queries, V23, 1861, P317.

·         Overhall manor held prior to the Conquest by Ralph de Limesi (d.1093 – founded Hertford Priory) who married Christina, one of the sisters of Prince Edgar Atheling, son of King Edmund Ironside who was brother of Edward the Confessor, holding 40 lordships in the Domesday Survey. Ralph succeeded by his son and heir Ralph who married Halewise; succeeded by his son and heir Alan (d.bef.1162); and he by his son and heir Gerard. (S) The Manors of Suffolk, 1905.

Children of Gerard and ?:

i. John de Lemesi, born ~1160 in England.

John de Limesi [died 1198] married Alice de Harcourt (121696967).

1185, John a knight.

1198, John died.

1198, Alice married Walleran, earl of Warwick.

1205, Alice died.

Child of John and Alice: son Hugh, died in 1223 without issue.

ii. Alan de Limesi, born ~1163 in England.

Bef. 1185, Alan de Limesy donated 5 hides in Bradwell in Oxfordshire, and also the church, as well as many smaller gifts to the Preceptory of Sandford, Oxfordshire. (S) Hist. of Oxford, V2, 1907, House of Knights Templars.

1185, Alan a knight.

Children of Gerard and Amicia:

iii. Amabilis de Linsey, born ~1173 in England.

Amabilis married Hugh Bardolf [died 1203.]

1203, Amabilia married John de Braose, s/o William, on a fine of 1000£.

Bef. 1207, Amabilis married Robert of Ropsley.

By 1214, Alice died.

iv. Basilia de Limesi (60849193), born ~1178 in England.

v. Alianor de Limesi (33773575), born ~1180 in England.

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