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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Baron Gerard II de Furnivall & Lady Matilda de Lovetot

 756483552. Baron Gerard II de Furnivall & 756483553. Lady Matilda de Lovetot

~1170, Gerard born in Normandy, France, s/o 1512967104. Baron Gerard I de Furnivall & 1512967105. Andeluga ?. [See ‘Undated’ record of Gerard for the name of his mother.]

1183, Matilda born in Nottinnghamshire, England, d/o §§Baron William de Lovetot, s/o §§Baron Richard de Lovetote, Lord of Sheffield, Nottingham. [See 3/1202 & 5/20/1204 & 7/7/1249]. [Richard buried at Worksop priory. (S) Hist. of Nottingham, Brown, 1896.]

[––Gerard & Matilda––]

By 1199, Gerard II de Furnivall of Normandy married to Matilda. [The marriage arranged by King Richard I.]

4/6/1199, John succeeded Richard I as King of England.

1201, Girard I de Furnivall gave the king 400 marks, that he should take the homage of Gerard II his son, concerning the barony, which was William de Luvetot’s, father of his said sons wife, and that he might hold in peace his land, so as he then did, and the land whereof his said wife’s father was seised in his demesne as of fee, on the day upon which he was alive and dead. [Gerard’s father died soon after.]

3/1202, King John by his charter forbade Gerard II, the son of Girard de Furnivall, and Matildis his wife, the daughter and heir of William de Lovetot to be put in plea, concerning any free-hold which they held, and whereof the said William was seised when he died, as long as she should be under age. [12-14 for marriage, 21 for land ownership.]

7/24/1202, The King's grant of the manor of Newport in Essex to Gerard de Furnival. (S) The Magna Carta Project, B129.

8/11/1202, Gir de Fornivall’ witnessed a grant by King John to the men of Falaise. (S) The Magna Carta Project, B133.

2/9/1203, Girardo de Fornivall’ witnessed the King John’s grant to Geoffrey de Valle-Richer, citizen of Rouen. (S) The Magna Carta Project, Rouen, Archives d√©partementales de la Seine-Maritime, 3E1Anc354.

2/21/1203, Gerardo de Furnivall’ witnessed the King’s grant to the men of Arques-la-Bataille. (S) The Magna Carta Project, B150.

3/13/1203, G de Furnivall’ witnessed the King John’s grant of quittance from tallage, pontage and other customs to Grandmont Priory. (S) The Magna Carta Project, Rouen, Archives d√©partementales de la Seine-Maritime, 3H16.

4/20/1203, Gyr de Fornivalle witnessed the King John's grant to Le Bec-Hellouin Abbey. (S) The Magna Carta Project, B155A.

1203, King John certified to the barons of the exchequer that Gerard I de Furnivall had renderd Conan, son of Giuomar de Leon, whom he took at Mirabell, to the king, who gave him to the said Gerard, to help his journey to Jerusalem, and redeemed him the 400 marks of silver which the said Gerard I gave the king a fine, for Gerard II his son, and his wife, the daughter of William de Luvetot, concerning the land of the said William, &c.

5/20/1204, King John rendred to Gerard de Furnivall and Matilda his wife, the heir of William de Lovetot, the whole land of the said William, with the appurtenances. [Matilda born 1183.]

1206, Geoffry de Say (39979668) a pledge for Gerard de Furnival.

1208, Gerard de Furnivall gave account of £1000 and 15 palfreys for having peace of the lands, which Nigellus de Luvetot claimed against him, and besides he quit-claimed to the king the town of Newport, and restored the charter which he had concerning the same town.

[Undated], Gerard de Furnivall at the request of his wife Matildis de Luvetot granted to God and church of St. Mary, and St. Cuthbert of Radeford, and the canons there, for the health of his soul, and of his said wife’s, and of his mother Audel, and of his brother Galfr. and all their ancestors and successors, pasture for 40 cattel in his park of Wyrkesop, every year from the close of Easter, till the feast of St. Michael.

1217-1221, A crusade organized by Pope Honorius III to the Holy Land.

1218-20, Gerard II de Furnivall died while on crusade. [His sons Thomas and Gerard also attended.]


[Undated], Matilda de Lovetot daughter and heir of William de Luvetot, gave a mark of yearly rent, out of her mill of Wyrkesop, to be received yearly on the day after St. Luke the evangelist, for a pitance for the use of that covent, who then ought to celebrate the anniversary of sir Gerard de Furnivall sometimes her husband. Her brother sir Ernulph de Mandevill was a witness to this.

1241-42, Matilda’s son Gerard died.

7/7/1249, After a long contraversy between Matilda and and the covent of Wyrkesop, Matilda confirmed all the gifts of William de L. her father, and Richard de Luvet her grandfather, and Gerard de Furnivall her quondam [previous] husband, who was entombed at Ebrard in Normandry in his own demesne, which is called Furnefall. He begot Thomas, Gerard, and William. Thomas was slain in the holy land by the Saracens, and his brother Gerard after his death returned from thence: but the said Maud his mother taking it ill that her son Thomas should remain amongst heathens, sent back the said Gerard that he might bring the bones of the said Thomas his brother, by which means he was intombed in this monastery on the north side, with his helmet adorned with gems, and a noble carbuncle upon his head. The said sir Gerard her son lay on the south side under a marble stone next the chapel of St. Peter, and the said William their brother, in the middle of the chapel of the blessed Mary, not far from Maud the wife of John [?] first lord of Furnivall, in a tomb of stone inscribed thus, ‘Me memorans palle, similis curris quia calle, De Fournivalle, Pro Wilielmo rogo psalle.’

Maud died.

(S) The Twelfth Century Fournivals, Voornveld, 2013, FMG.

Child of Gerard and Matilda:

i. Thomas de Furnivall, born ? in Normandy, France.

Thomas died in the Holy Lands.

ii. Gerard III de Furnivall (378241776), born ~1202 in Normandy, France.

iii. William de Furnivall, born ? in Normandy, France.

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