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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Count Henry of Eu & Countess Margaret de Sulli

 756473368. Count Henry of Eu & 756473369. Countess Margaret de Sulli

~1075, Henry born in Eu, France, son of §§Count William of Eu & Ctss Beatrix de Busli, d/o §§Roger de Busli & Muriel ?.

1/1096, Henry succeeded his father as Count of Eu, and lord of Hastings. [King William II took over the governing of the Hastings Rape.]

8/5/1100, Henry I crowned King of England.

11/1100, William de Warrene, earl of Surrey; Robert de Belleme, count of Ponthieu; and William, count of Mortain, assembled in England in support of Duke Roberts invasion of England. They were also allied with Henry, count of Eu; and Eustace, count of Boulogne.

1101, ‘Henricus comes Augensis filius comitis Willermi’ came to Treport and granted whatever his father William or his predecessors had given or granted to the abbey of St. Michael of Treport.

1102, Henry, count of Eu, in a writ associated with the Hastings Rape. (S) Liber Poenitenialis, Flamborough, 1974, P210.

1105, Margaret born in Sully-sur-Loire, France, d/o 1512946736. Count William de Sulli.

1106, Charter of Henry, count of Eu. For the weal of his sould and of his father and mother … to St. Mary of Bec and St. Martin de Bosco … the manor in England called Hou … [Henry’s seal used on this charter. (S) European Monarchy, Durchhardt, 1992, P39.]

11/1106, William, archbishop of Rouen, confirms, with King Henry’s assent, to St. Mary’s, Bec, the church of Nortre-Dame of Ermentrudisvilla, … before the archbishop, … Robert of Belleme; Robert, count of Meulan; Eustace, count of Boulogne; Henry, count of Eu; and the archdeacons.

[–––Henry & Mathilde–––]

Henry 1st married Mathilde ?.

1107, ‘Henricus comes Augensis’ made donations to the abbey of St Michel, TrĂ©port ‘pro salute anime Matildis uxoris mee’ with the consent of "frater meus Robertus.’

1107, Charter of Henry count of Eu, granting freedom from payments and tallage to his brother Robert.

1107, Henry founded Saint-Martin-du-Bosc.

1108, Notification … Northamptonshire … if Henry, count of Eu has dissseised the bishop, Aubrey the chamberlain shall restore seisin to him.

8/3/1108, Louis VI crowned King of France.

[–––Henry & Ermentrude–––]

Henry married 2nd Ermentrude ?.

1109, Gilbert fitz Richard attested the confirmation of the gifts of Henry, count of Eu, to the church of St. Mary, Bec.

6/16/1110 at Dover, Henry, count of Eu, a surety for King Henry of England to the Treaty of Dover, between King Henry and Robert II of Flanders.

By 1113, Confirmation, at the prayer of Henry, count of Eu, of all his gifts to the church of St. Mary, Bec. Attested by the Queen; Ingram de Hastingues; Henry, count of Eu; Gilbert fitz Richard, Ranulf the chancellor; William Peverel, Humphrey de Bohun, William, earl of Warren.

11/1114, Henry, count of Eu, with King Henry at Rouen.

12/1114 at Rouen, Notification to Geoffrey, archbishop of Rouen, Henry, count of Eu, … and the lieges of Normandy, of a grant to the monks of the Holy Trinity, Tiron. [King Henry held Christmas court in Normandy, where he had the Norman barons swear allegiance to his son William Adelin.]

Bef. 1116, King Henry I confirmed the gifts of Henry count of Eu to St. Martin.

4/1116 at Windsor, Confirmation to the monks of Battle of lands given, with the consent of Henry, count of Eu, in the rape of Hastings.

1118, Henry joined Stephen, Count of Aumale, in support of William Clito, son of Robert, Duke of Normandy [brother of King Henry of England], to succession in Normandy.

10/1118 at Rouen, Henry, count of Eu and Hugh de Gournai arrested by King Henry as supporters of Amaury de Montfort. [Apparently reconciled soon after.]

[–––Henry & Marguerite–––]

~1119, Henry married 3rd Marguerite.

1119, Baldwin, count of Flanders, killed in an attack on Henry, count of Eu. (S) Abbrege des Derniers, Bate, 1651, P68. [Starting a war of succession for Flanders between cousins William of Ypres and Charles the Good, and William Clito, s/o Robert, Duke of Normandy.]

6/1119 at Lisieux, Henry, count of Eu, attended the marriage of Prince William, s/o King Henry. (S) Lordship and Community, Searle, 1974, P209.

8/20/1119, The battle of Bremule, France between King Henry I and King Louis VI of France. [The English winning: Orderic Vitalis … William the Chamberlain also tried to restrain Henry from a conflict, but William of Warenne and Roger of Bienfaite urged him on … Henry, king of England, came down into it with 500 knights … 3 earls, Henry of Eu, William of Warenne, and Walter Giffard.  Besides these Roger son of Richard …, William of Tancarville and William of Roumare, Nigel of Aubigny, and many more … William Clito, son of Robert duke of Normandy, armed himself there … in the battle of the two kings, in which about 900 knights were engaged, only 3 were killed … King Henry purchased the standard of King Louis for 20 marks of silver from the knight who had captured it … ]

9/1119 at Rouen, Henry, count of Eu, a witness to a charter of King Henry to the monastery of Colchester.

6/1120 at Rouen, Notification … barons of Yorkshire of the grant to the canons of St. Oswald of a yearly fair at Nostell. … attested by Ranulf the chancellor; Henry, count of Eu; … Humphrey de Bohun; Pain fitz John; Ralph de Todeney; …

11/25/1120, Many young English-Norman Nobles died at sea when the ‘White Ship’ sank; including the heir of King Henry.

1121, Henry, count of Eu, returned to England. (S) History of Hastings Castle, Dawson, V2, 1909, P551.

1125, Henry, count of Eu, returned to Normandy. (S) History of Hastings Castle, Dawson, V2, 1909, P551.

1129-30, Henry founded the abbey of Fecamp.

1130-31, Charter of Henry I, with the abbot of Fecamp, and Henry count of Eu, by fine and concord concerning the claim of toll for stalls and the pontage of Winchelsea, which the count claimed against the abbot.

8/1131 at Dieppe, Notification to the archbishop of Rouen … grant to St. Wandrille … a market on Saturday … attested … Henry, count of Eu; Robert de la Hai; Geoffrey fitz Pain …

6/1133 at Winchester, Notification … grant to the church of St. John the Baptist and the hospital of Falaise … attested … Geoffrey the chancellor; Robert de Sigillo; Robert, earl of Gloucester; William, earl of Warren; Robert, earl of Leicester; Henry, count of Eu; Hugh Bigot; Robert de Curci; Humphrey de Buhun; Robert de Ver; Miles of Gloucester; Geoffrey fitz Pain; Pain fitz John; Aubrey de Ver; Richard Basset; …

1135 at Perriers-sur-Andelle, Notification to the bishop of Exeter, … confirmation to the abbey of St. Martin-des-Champs, Paris, of the church of Barnstaple … attested … Robert, earl of Gloucester; Henry, count of Eu; Baldwin de Redvers, William fitz-Odo, …

12/22/1135, Stephen crowned king of England [usurping Empress Matilda, d/o King Henry I, and starting a long civil war that would be fought primarily in England.]

By 1139, Henry had become a monk at Fecamp and turned over administration to his son John.

7/12/1139, Henry died as a monk at Foucarmont [Fecamp, NW of Paris on the coast].


12/15/1145, ‘Margareta Augensis comitissa, mater Johannis comitis’ died; buried at Fecamp.

(S) Cal. of Doc.’s Preserved in France, V1, Round, 1899. (S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy. (S) English Historical Review, V34, Creighton, 1919.

Child of Henry and Margaret:

i. John of Eu (378236684), born ~1120 in Eu, France.

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