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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Baron Gilbert de Lacy

 79958992. Baron Gilbert de Lacy


1085, Walter de lacy [Gilbert’s grandfather] died, falling from scaffolding at Saint Guthlac’s priory. His son Roger succeeded.

1095, Roger de Lacy [Gilbert’s father] rebelled against King William Rufus and was exiled. His English lands were assigned to Roger’s brother Hugh.


~1110, Gilbert born in Normandy, France, s/o §§Baron Roger de Lacy, s/o §§Baron Walter de Lacy.

By 1133, Gilbert inherited his lands in Normandy.

12/22/1135, Stephen of Blois succeeded Henry I as King of England. [Ursuping King Henry’s heir Matilda and starting a civil war.]

1136, Gilbert in England, a supporter of King Stephen.

1137, Both Gilbert and Roger fitz Miles laid claim to Ludlow castle, Shropshire. [Founded by Walter de Lacy (d.1085).]

By 1138, Gilbert had switched sides, supporting the Empress. [Likely because King Stephen was not supporting his attempts to reclaim his father’s English lands.]

1138, Geoffrey Talbot and and his 1st cousin Gilbert attacked Bath. [This attack considered by some historians as the first battle of the civil war. Geoffrey s/o Gilbert’s aunt Agnes.]

By 6/1139, Gilbert along with his cousin Geoffrey Talbot, supporting Empress Matilda [who was still oversees] in the civil war, was besieged by the king at Weobley, both escaping before the castle fell in June.

9/1139, King Henry I’s daughter Empress Matilda invaded England, and took control of western England.

1141, Gilbert witnessed a charter of Empress Matilda.

1148, The 2nd crusade arrived in Syria, led by King Louis VII of France, and left the next year with little success.

1150, Gilbert being attacked in Worcestershire by Earl Roger of Hereford.

6/1153, Gilbert with Empress Matilda’s son Henry [II].

10/25/1154, Henry II succeeded Stephen as King of England.

1154, Nur ad-Din captured Damascas [from another Moslem ruler], unifying Syria under his authority.

1157, Nur ad-Din besieged the Knights Hospitaller in the crusader fortress of Banias, routed a relief army from Jerusalem led by [future King of Jerusalem] Baldwin III, and captured Grand Master Bertrand de Blanquefort.

~1158, Gilbert joined the Templars in the Holy Land. Gilbert a commander against Nur ad-Din.

1160, Nur ad-Din captured the Prince of Antioch, Raynald of Ch√Ętillon.

By 1163, Nur ad-Din ceased attacks on the crusaders after the death of Baldwin III of Jerusalem (d.1162) [s/o 189110272. Fulk V of Anjou.] William of Tyre recorded Nur ad-Din as saying ‘We should sympathize with their grief and in pity spare them, because they have lost a prince such as the rest of the world does not possess today.’

Aft. 1163, Gilbert died in the Holy Land.

(S) Reign of King Stephen, Crouch, 2014.

Family notes:

·         1096, Gilbert’s father forfeited his English lands.

Child of Gilbert and ?:

i. Hugh de Lacy (39979496), born ~1140 in Wales.

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