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Friday, August 28, 2020

Baron Gilbert de Montfichet & Lady Aveline de Lucy

 94564052. Baron Gilbert de Montfichet & 94564053. Lady Aveline de Lucy

~1135, Gilbert born in England, s/o 189128104. William de Montifichet & 189128105. Margaret de Clare.

~1143, Avelina born in England, d/o 79958684. Baron Richard de Lucy & 79958685. Lady Rohese of Boulogne.

Bef. 1147, Gilbert’s father died.

Bef. 1148, As a minor Gilbert was in the guardianship of his maternal maternal uncle Gilbert de Clare (378236700).

10/25/1154, Henry II succeeded Stephen as King of England.

By 1156, Gilbert of age.

~1163, Gilbert married Aveline.

1167-68, Red Book of the Exchequer: Gilbert de Montfichet [£31 10s], de novo [9s 4d] in Essex, Hertfordshire.

4/1173, Henry II’s 3 eldest surviving sons: Henry, Richard & Geoffrey rebelled against him; supported by their mother.

1173, Gilbert de Montifichet, Essex baron and royal forester, garrisoned his castle in Essex and said that ‘les Clarreaux’, Gilbert’s cousins, the earl of Hertford, and the lords of Dunmow, had allied with him. (S) Birth of Nobility, Crouch, 2015, P145.

1173-74, Gilbert challenged an abbey over the right to patonage of 2 churches in Gloucestrshire, which had been in the patronage of his uncle Gilbert de Clare of his inheritance.

1185, Margareta de Muntfichet, que fuit filia Gilberti filii Ricardi de Clara … Gilebertus de Muntfichet est eius filius et heres … . … Gilbert de Muntifichet her son and heir.] (S) Rotuli de Dominabus.

1186-87, Gilbert’s mother died.

Bef. 1189, King Henry II confirmed donations to Stratford Lanthorne Abbey, Essex, including those made by ‘Willielmi de Mountfichet … et Gilberti filii sui …’

Gilbert died.

(S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy. (S) Trans. of Essex Arch. Soc., V5, 1895, P141. (S) Proc. of the Battle Cong, 1994, P174.

Child of Gilbert and Avelina:

i. Richard de Montfichet (47282026), born ~1165 in England.

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