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Friday, August 28, 2020

Baron Adam de Bruce & Lady Ivetta de Arches & Lord Roger de Flamville

 94564056. Baron Adam de Bruce & 94564057. Lady Ivetta de Arches & 378223926. Lord Roger de Flamville

~1130, Roger born in Yorkshire, England. [Roger s/o Roger or Hugh, both in York in 1130.]

~1145, Adam born in Scotland, s/o 189128112. Adam de Brus.

~1150, Ivetta born in England, eventual heiress & d/o §§Baron William de Arches & Ivetta ?. (S) Nidderdale, Speight, 1894, P124.

1152, Ivetta’s mother died. (S) Domesday Book for Yorkshire, Skaife, 1896, P174.

Bef. 1154, Roger de Flamville witnessed a charter of Walter Esper for Rievaulx, York. (S) Battle Abbey Roll, V2, 1889, P57.

10/25/1154, Henry II succeeded Stephen as King of England.

1160-69, Roger de Flamville and gave St. Mary’s church, Marton, Yorkshire, to the hospital of Norton “to sustain the poor contained in the hospital.” (S) English Episcopal Acta 27, York, Smith, 1980, P50.

1165, Roger de Flamville of York held 8.5 fees of Mowbray. (S) Battle Abbey Roll, V2, 1889, P57.

4/13/1167, Adam’s father died.

1167, The sheriff of London ordered to pay Roger de Flavill 16s for his horse, lost or killed in royal service. (S) Early Yorkshire Charters, Farrer, V1, 2013, P503.

1169-70, Adam de Brus owed the King £20 for the debts of Aaron the Jew in Yorkshire.

[––Roger & Ivetta––]

~1166, Juetta 1st married Roger de Flamville.

1169, Roger died.


1170, Adam de Brus gave 250 marks on behalf of the heirs of Robert de Percy, whom he had in custody, for the land of Ernald de Percy, their uncle. (S) Early Yorkshire Charters, Farrer, 1915.

[––Adam & Ivetta––]

~1171, Adam married Juetta; acquiring 7 knights’ fees in West Riding, Yorkshire, held of the honor of Mowbray. [Including Walton in the Ainsty and Thorparch.] (S) Yorkshire Arch. Journal, V13, 1895, P245. (S) See 1209.

1172, Roger de Stutville held lands in Yorkshire of Adam de Brus. (S) Victoria History of York, East Riding, V2, 1969, P107.

1172, Adam de Brus paid scutage on 13 fees.

1173, Adam de Brus paid scutage on 2 fees. Robert de Brus, Adam’s 1st cousin, paid scutage on 5 fees.]

4/1173, King Henry’s 3 eldest sons rebelled. Adam remained loyal to the king and was awarded with fees of Collingham and Bardesey in exchanged for the castle of Danby. (S) CH&I.HII, Eyton, 1878, P172.

1174, Adam served in the Yorkshire contingent against the Scots.

7/13/1174, King Henry’s forces defeated and captured King William I of Scotland at the Battle of Alnwick, Northumberland. William, besieging the castle, was surprised at dawn by a small contingent of seasoned English knights and captured.

1176, Adam de Brus paid £100 for having taken a roe-buck from the King’s forest. (S) History of England, Lingard, 1912, P215. [Robert de Brus also had the same fine.]

1180, Adam involved in the pillage of a Norwegian ship wrecked on the coast of Cleveland.

1180-95, Adam confirmed land in South Otterington, Yorkshire, to Geoffrey Fossard the younger. (S) Durham Liber Vitae, 2007, P453.

Bef. 1181, Rogero, Dei gratia Archiepiscopo Ebor., et universis S. Matris Ecclesiae filiis, Adam de Brus, salutem. (S) Cartularium Prioratus de Gyseburne, V89, 1894, P125.

By 1185, The men of Hartlepool obtained from their lord Adam de Brus a charter granting them the same privileges or customs as the burgesses of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. (S) Archaeologia Aeliana, 1915, P96.

1185, Adam amerced 100 marks in 4 disseisins.

1186, Adam participated in the Galloway campaign which ended at Carlisle with the submission of Roland.

1197, Adam accounted for £6 15s for 135a. sown with bread-corn.

9/3/1189, Richard I crowned king of England.

1191, Adam liable for 800 marks for debts owed to a deceased Jew, Aaron of Lincoln.

1192, Juetta granted 7 carcucates of land from the Arches estates at Askham Richard to her daughter Isabel de Brus and her heirs.

10/27/1194, Adam essoined himself, because of ‘evil roads’, preventing him from appearing at the court of common summons.

1195, Lukem bailiff of the archdeacon of York, recovered a debt of 50 marks from Adam.

1196, Adam assessed for scutage [for 1190.]

1196-7, Adam owed the king £20 for the debts of Aaron the Jew.

3/20/1198, Adam died. (S) Early Yorkshire Charters, Farrer, V2, 2013, P13. Domesday Book for Yorkshire, Skaife, 1896, P198.


5/27/1199, John crowned king of England.

[Undated] A controversy arose about a tithe between the canons of Nostel and Ivetta. Ivetta agreed to pay half of the tithe of the bread of her house to the canons; and they would find a canon to celebrate devine service for her soul, and those of her father, mother, and husbands R. de Flamvill and Adam de Brus. (S) Monasticon Eboracense, Burton, 1758, P312.

1206, Mandate … complaint made by the canons of Nostell that whereas Jueta de Arches … William de Arches her father … the lady Jueta has now granted a priest, to celebrate daily in the church of All Sains at Skewkirk for the souls of lady Jueta, her parents, and her husbands, Adam de Brus and Roger de Flamvill. (S) Early Yorkshire Charters, Farrer, V1, 2013, P433.

1209, Peter de Brus made a fine of 3 palfreys to reach and agreement with his half-brother Hugh de Flamville, and their mother Juetta de Arches [Juetta held liable for the Mowbray tenants.]

By 1212, Ivetta died.

(S) The Brus Family in England and Scotland, Blakely, 2005. (S) Hist. of Cleveland, Graves, 1808, P47. Family notes:

·         (S) Domesday Book for Yorkshire, Skaife, 1896, P174ff. [Arches, Arcis, Arques]

·         1086-87, §§Baron Osbern de Arches held  in West Riding: Ainsty Wapentake, 37 manors; in Borgescire Wapentake, 14 manors; in Barcheston Wapentake, 16 manors.

·         Bef. 1088, Osbern de Arches gave lands in Appleton, Hessay and Poppleton, with 2 houses in St. Saviourgate to St. Mary’s abbey, York.

·         Bef. 1135, §§Baron Osbern de Arches (b.~1090) the sheriff of York.

·         Bef. 1152, §§Baron William de Arches (b.~1120) and Ivetta (b~1125), his wife, founded a priory at Nun Monkton.

·         Juetta’s sister Agnes married Robert fitz Fulk [Fulk son of Reinfrid] having a daughter Adeliza, wife of Herbert de St. Quintin. Agnes the foundress of the priory of Nun Appleton.

·         Juetta’s sister Matilda who was a nun at Nun Monkton.

Child of Roger and ?

i. Mathilde de Flamville (189111963), born ~1155 in Yorkshire, England.

Children of Roger and Iveta:

i. Hugh de Flamville, born ~1167 in Yorkshire, England.

1212, Hugh died.

1212, Matilda de Conyers, widow of Hugh de Flamville, claimed dower of a third of the manors in Arches against Hugh’s half-brother Peter de Brus. [Peter won, so Hugh likely never had seisin of his mother’s lands.]

ii. Agnes de Flamville, born by 1169 in Yorkshire, England.

Agnes married William de Percy.

9/1203, Agnes de Flammeville recovered her dower of a third of a carucated in Battersby against Henry de Percy and Stephen his son. (S) Pubs. of the Surtees Society, V89, 1894, P4.

1204, Agnes de Percy, [born Flamville], brought a case against Peter [her half-brother] to obtain her dower lands which her husband held of Peter.

Children of Adam and Ivetta:

i. Isabel de Brus (973530381), born ~1173 in England.

ii. Peter de Brus (47282028), born ~1175 in England.

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