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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Baron Henry de Percy & Lady Isabel de Brus

 973530380. Baron Henry de Percy & 973530381. Lady Isabel de Brus

12/19/1154, Henry II succeeded King Stephen of England.

~1160, Henry de Percy born in England, s/o 1947060760. Joscelin of Louvain & 1947060761. Agnes de Percy. [Henry took his mother’s name, as did his siblings.]

~1173, Isabel in England, d/o 94564056. Adam de Brus & 94564057. Iveta de Arches.

1176, Charter of Anges daughter of William de Percy, wife of Jocelin the castellan, and Henry her son, … the abbey giving her 5 marks and Henry 2 marks …

By 9/1180, Henry’s father died; Henry’s younger brother Richard already of age.

Aft. 1180, Gift by Henry de Percy to the priory of St. Lo, Rouen, of all his demesne in Hambledon, Hampshire, and Denmead in Hambledon, and his mill and burgages in Winchester.

9/3/1189, Richard I succeeded King Henry II of England.

Aft. 1189, Undertaking by Henry de Percy to Reading abbey the he would seal with his new seal his charter confirming the tenement given by his father.

Aft. 1189, Quitclaim by Hugh, abbot of Reading, to Henry de Percy of the piggery of 10 sows and a boar and their young, which Joscelin, Henry’s father, gave to the abbey and Henry confirmed.

Aft. 1189, Confirmation by Henry de Percy to Sallay abbey … and all other gifts made by Maud de Percy, his aunt, and Agnes de Percy, his mother.

[––Henry & Isabel––]

Bef. 1190, Henry married Isabel; receiving the manor of Kirk Leavington in frank marriage. [‘Adam de Brus’ granted property to ‘Henrico de Perci et Isabelle filie mee uxori sue’ on their marriage.]

9/1190, Henry de Percy owed 500 marks for the honour as his father held it at his death.

1190-1, ‘Henricus de Percy’ in Sussex.

1191-98, Gift by Agnes de Percy, in her widowhood, for the soul of Jocelin her husband, to Byland abbey of pasture in Moskwith [Topcliffe] for 38 cows and their yearlings. Confirmed by Henry de Percy.

1192, Juetta de Arches granted 7 carcucates of land from the Arches estates at Askham Richard to her daughter Isabel de Brus and her heirs.

10/9/1192, King Richard on crusade, left to return to England; but was captured in route. [King Richard’s release would require a “king’s ransom.”]

9/1193, Henry de Percy completed payment on his livery of the honour of his father.

4/1194, King Richard returned to England from captivity. [It only took King Richard 2 weeks to recover his lands and castles, the last to fall being Nottingham castle; after which he supposedly meets Robin Hood in Sherwood forest.]

9/1194, Brian fitz Ralph, in right of his wife Gunnor, made a claim against Henry for the barony of Petworth; paying £100 to acquire 15 knights’ fees; with an additional 200 marks to be paid if successful.

1195, Henry made a final concord with Brian fitz Ralph, paying him 80 marks of silver for a quitclaim of all but 3 knights’ fees; which Brian would hold of Archbishop Hubert, who would hold them of Henry.

1194-5, ‘Henricus de Percy’ paying ‘xxii l xs’ scutage in Sussex.

1197-8, Henry died before his mother; buried at the priory of St-Lo, Rouen.


Isabel married 2nd Roger Mauduit.

(S) Early Yorkshire Charters, V11, Clay, 2013, “The Percy Fee”. (S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy.

Child of Henry and Isabel:

i. William de Percy (486765190), born 1193 in England.

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