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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Baron Robert Fitz Ralph & Lady Helewise de Glanville

 973530376. Baron Robert Fitz Ralph & 973530377. Lady Helewise de Glanville

~1130, Robert born in England, s/o §§Baron Ralph fitz Ribald & Lady Agatha de Brus.

By 1136, Robert’s father became a monk. Stephen, count of Treguier (d.1136), confirmed Ribald’s possessions by charter, and delivery of a Danish axe; for the succession to his son.

10/25/1154, Henry II succeeded Stephen as King of England.

~1160, Helewise de Glanville born in England, d/o 1947060754. Ranulph de Glanville & 1947060755. Bertha de Valoines.

By 1171, Earl Conan le Petit bestowed all of Wensleydale on his cousin Robert fitz Ralph, lord of Middleham. (S) Surname Yarker, Yarker, 1882, P5.

1170s, Robert Fitz Ralph, 3rd lord of Middleham, the builder of the keep of the castle at Middleham, North Riding, Yorkshire. (S) History – City of York, V2, Whellan, 1859, P127.

[––Robert & Helewise––]

By 1184, Robert married Helewise.

Robert died.


1190, Helewise founded the Priory of Swainby, Pickhill, Yorkshire.

3/11/1195, Helewise died; buried at Swainby.

(S) The Judges of England, Foss, P383. (S) The Historic Lands of England, Burke, P154. (S) Castles and Abbeys of Yorkshire, Grainge, 1855, P332.

Family notes:

§§Ralph fitz Ribald; s/o §§Baron Ribald Rufus & Lady Beatrix ?; br/o Alan Rufus (d.1093), [from whom Ribald acquired Middleham].

§§Agatha de Brus (b.~1110); d/o §§Robert I de Bruce (d.1142) & Agnes Bainard. (S) POMS.

Child of Robert and Helewise:

i. Ranulph Fitz Robert (486765188), born 1185 in England.

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