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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Baron Henry Lovel

 79849664. Baron Henry Lovel

~1160, Henry Luvel born in England, s/o 159699328. Henry Lovel & 159699329. Alice ?.

11/3/1189, Richard I crowned king of England.

1194, Henry’s father died; his brother Ralph succeeding.

1197, Henry Luvel assessed in the 3rd and 4th scutage at 20s for every fee against the Norman army.

1198-1202, Ralf de Trubleville appoints Henry Luvel as his attorney against Robert de Kokefeld' and his wife. (S) Pleas Before the King, Stenton, 1967.

5/27/1199, John crowned king of England.


Henry married 2nd Cristina ?. Henry settled the services, reliefs, marriage and wardship due of the manor of Avarton on Christinal in lieu of a dowery.

1201, Henry Luvel assessed for aid.

1207, Henry heir to his brother Ralph Lovel. Matilda, widow of Ralph, for 23 marks and 16 oxen relinquished her right of dower in the manor of Hunewic. Henry paid 300 marks and 7 palfreys for the lands. (S) King John, Church, 2003, P323.

1208, Henry held land by the service of 4 knights: 2 for the honor of Mortain, 2 for the honor of Castle Cary; also holding Hunewy, Pydecumbe, and Colney in the hundred of Brewton, co. Somerset; Pydecumbe and Colney held jointly with his mother Alice, and Maud, the widow of his brother Rodolph.

6/6/1210, King John left England on an expedition for Ireland. Henry paid scutage of 330 marks on 18 fees to avoid the expedition. (S) Studies in Taxation, Mitchell, 1914, P99.

1210, Henry Luvel fined 80 marks and 1 palfry that he might be quit of the whole debt the said Henry owed to Vivo the Jew of Lincoln. (S) Proceedings – Dorset Natural History …, V19, 1898, P78.

6/6/1210, King John launched successful attacks in Ireland [which he split into shires ruled by the crown from Dublin]. King John launched 700 ships in the attack, and used 10 knights as personal bodyguards in this campaign. [Henry likely on this campaign. (S) See 1212.]

1211 in Wales, King John defeated Llywelyn, reducing his holdings to Gwynedd and Meirionydd, and imposed a very large tribute. Henry charged 23 marks scutage in Wales for 11 plus knights’ fees.

1212, Henry received permission, by fine, to go into Ireland. [Many barons were going there to seek new lands.]

10/28/1216, Henry III, age 9, crowned king of England.

1218, Henry died.


8/25/1218, Somerset. The bishop of Bath and Glastonbury gives the king a palfrey for having licence to marry Christiana who was the wife of Henry Luvel. (S) FRsHIII.

Christina married Richard Cotel.

4/1219, … dower of Christina from the free tenement of Henry Luvel once her husband in Kary, Wreketon, and Pidecumbe. … For this Richard Cotel and Cristina remitted what further claim Cristina had in the land of Henry Luvel … saving … which Ralph Lebutiler and Matilda his wife, who was the wife of Ralph Luvel, hold by inheritance from Ralph Luvel … (S) Somerset Record Society, V6, 1892, P33.

(S) A Genealogical History of the Dormant, Abeyant, Forfeited, and Extinct, Burke, 1866, P332. (S) A Genealogical History of the House of Yvery, Anderson, 1742. (S) Hawick and Its Old Memories, Wilson, 1858, P95.

Child of Henry and ?:

i. Richard Lovel (39924832), born ~1185 in England.

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