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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Baron Raphe de Valletort & Lady Joan of Cornwall

 79849536. Baron Raphe de Valletort & 798495367. Lady Joan of Cornwall

~1138, Joan born in England, d/o 973469710. Reginald de Dunstanville & 1596990735. Countess Amicia of Cornwall.

~1140, Raphe born in England, s/o §§Roger de Valletort.

12/19/1154, Henry II crowned king of England.

~1163, Raphe married Joan.

1164, Radulph de Valletort succeeded his father.

1164-5, Radulph made a payment to the sheriff of Devon.

1165, Raphe de Valle Torta held fees in Devon.

1166, The honour of Trematon, consisting of 59 small fees in Devonshire and Cornwall, with the lordships of Sutton, Maker and Kingstamerton, held by Radulfus de Valletort, all of the Earl of Cornwall. (S) Report & Transactions – Devonshire, V38, 1906, P344. [Ralf also held 1 knight’s fee in chief.]

1168, Raphe Vautort, Lord of Trematon, living.

1171, ‘Devonesira. Radulfus de Valle Torta, xxs’. (S) Red Book of the Exchequer, Pt1, 1896, P56.

1171-2, Raphe died.

(S) Tristram Risdom, 1897, P73. (S) Virginia Cousins, Goode, 1887, P460.

Family notes:

·         The name signifies “the curved valley”. (S) Patronymica Britannica, Lower, 1860, P363.

·         1086, Reginald de Valletort held the honour of Trematon.

·         1162, Roger de Valletot paid scutage.

Child of Raphe and Joan:

i. Joel de Valletort (39924768), born ~1165 in England.

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