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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Baron Hervey Bagot & Lady Milicent de Stafford

 973530496. Baron Hervey Bagot & 973530497. Lady Milicent de Stafford

~1170, Hervey born in England, s/o §§Lord Hervey Bagot.

~1173, Milicent born in Staffordshire, England, d/o §§Baron Robert de Stafford.

1176, Milicent’s father, Robert de Stafford, died; succeeded by her brother Robert.

1185-90, Hervey’s father died.

1191, Milicent’s brothers Robert and Nicholas both died on crusade without issue; leaving Milisent as the family heir.

[––Hervey & Milicent––]

1192, Hervey Bagot married Milisent de Stafford [and paid a fine of 200 marks for her inheritance; increased to 260 marks the following year.]

1194-95, Red Book: ‘de his qui non habent capitals honores … Hervi Bagod’ paying xx.s viii.d in Oxfordshire. (S) FMG.

1194-95, Pipe Roll: Herueus Bagot…habenda baronia Roberti de Stafford que est hereditas uxoris ipsius Heruei que fuit soror predicti Roberti" in Staffordshire. (S) FMG.

4/6/1199, John succeeded Richard I as King of England.

1200, Fine between Roger, abbot of Evesham, plaintiff, and Hervey Bagot and Millicient, d/o Robert de Stafford, who originally made a grant to the monks of Evesham. (S) History of the Family of Wrottesley, 1903, P31.

1210-12, Red Book: Hervicius Bagot holding xiii de parvis feodis MortoniƦ in Warwickshire. (S) FMG.

1214, Hervey died.


8/25/1214, Millicent, widow of Hervey Bagot, sues Ralph de Dulverne for a third of 2 virgates of land in Belinton, and William fitz Hervey for a third of 2 virgates of land in the same vill, and Thomas de Erdinton for a third of the vill of Oakley as dower.

10/13/1218, Millisent de Stafford complainant. Hugh de la Rudingges deforciant. 14a. of land in Wotton. Milisent acknowledged the land to be the right of Hugh, to be held by Hugh and his heirs, of Milisent and her heirs for 42d. yearly. [6 other records on this date; 8a. in Wotton for 27d, 3a. in Wotton for 9d, 12a. in Bradele for a sparrow-hawk, 12a. in Bradele for 22d, 10a. in Wotton for 12d.]

5/31/1220, Adam de Shradecote sued Milisant de Stafford to warrant to him a carucate of land in Shradecote, for which he holds the charter of Robert de Stafford her father, whose heir she is, and pleads that against the tenor of the charter, Milisant and her son Henry [Herve, (486765248)] had deprived him of the land, and taken his cattle, &c., and damaged him to the amount of 20 marks.

1220, William de Stafford, son of Hervey Bagot, with assent of brother, Hervey Bagot and of Mylisent his mother. Confirmation of gift of his father, Hervey, of vill. of Drayton … Rent ½ mark. (S) UKNA, D938/156.

10/29/1221, Millisent de Stafford deforciant. Adam de Shradecote deforciant. A carucate of land in Shradecote … rendering to Milisent and her heirs, at Christmas, 12 hens, and at Easter 160 eggs, and at St. Martin 1 swine.

9/25/1224, Staffordshire. Margaret Bagot gives half a mark for summoning Roger Martel before the justices at Westminster to acquit her of the service that Milicent of Stafford exacts from her. (S) FRsHIII.

By 1/1225, Milicent died, buried at Stone Priory, Staffordshire. (S) UKNA, D938/156.

(S) Coll’s for a Hist. of Staffordshire, V1, William Salt Arch. Soc., 1880, PP169-70. (S) CCRs, 8/26/1279. (S) Notes & Queries, V82, 1890, P26. (S) Foundation of Medieval Genealogy. (S) Feet of Fines: Henry III, Staffordshire Hist. Coll’s, V4, 1883. (S) The Staffordshire Chartulary, Coll’s for a Hist. of Staffordshire, V2, 1881, P210ff.

Family notes:

§§Robert de Stafford (b.~1120, fl.1150-59, d.1176) a partizan of King Stephen, s/o §§Baron Nicholas de Stafford of Stone (fl.1132, d.1138). [The Stafford’s had held the lands since Robert de Stafford of the Domesday survey.]

1150-59, Robert de Stafford presented William, archdeacon of London, to the church of Bradey.

1155, Robert de Stafford an acting ‘earl’ in Staffordshire. (S) King Stephen, Matthew, 2002, P274. [Robert lord of the castle and burgh of Stafford.]

1166, §§Hervey Bagot held 3 fees of Robert de Stafford.

1185-90, Herveius Bagod enfeoffed Alexandro de Stantone with land at Oakley.

Children of Hervey and Milicent:

i. Hervey de Stafford (486765248), born 1193-94 in England.

iii. William de Stafford (47283776), born ~1200 in England.

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