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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Baron Ralph de Someri & Lady Margaret le Gros

 973530512. Baron Ralph de Someri & 973530513. Lady Margaret le Gros

~1170, Ralph born in England, s/o §§Baron John de Someri & Hawise Paganel.

~1175, Margaret born in Yorkshire, England, d/o 1947061026. William le Gros & 1947061027. Margaret Marshall.

9/3/1189, Richard I succeeded King Henry II of England.

12/21/1192, King Richard captured near Vienna, returning from crusading.

3/1193, Ralph de Somery at Speyer in Germany with King Richard I, who had been captured and imprisoned while returning from the crusades. (S) Ancestry of Chamberlin and Grant, V3, Henderson, 2000, P536.

[–––Ralph & Margaret–––]

Bef. 1194, William le Gros (1947061026) gave land at Little Dalby to Ralph Somery as part of the marriage contract for his daughter Margaret.

3/12/1194, King Richard, released from captivity, landed at Sandwich, England. It only took Richard 2 weeks to recover his lands and castles, the last to fall being Nottingham castle, after a short siege. [Where, after the siege, he supposedly meets Robin Hood in Sherwood forest.]

1194, Ralph owed £43 19s 2d scutage for redemption of ‘feodi Gervasii Painell’ [Ralph’s maternal uncle] in Staffordshire.

By 1195, Ralph’s father, John de Someri, baron of Dudley in right of his wife, died before his grandfather, §§Ralph de Someri.

1195, Ralph’s grandfather died.

1195, Ralph de Somery paid for livery of the lands of his grandfather; and all scutages charged on the fee of Newport through the 1st 10 years of King John.

1195, ‘Radulfus de Sumery’ paying ‘iv l vi s viii d, iv milites et tertiam’ in Worcestershire; and ‘vii.l. xiii.s. de Radulfo de Sumeri’ among ‘de hiis qui non habent capitales honores in hoc comitatu’ in Berkshire.

Aft. 1195, ‘Hawys Paganella’ confirmed donations to Tykford Priory by ‘Johannes de Sumeri vir meus’, witnessed by ‘Radulfo de Sumeri filio meo’.

1196-7, ‘Radulfus de Sumeri’ paying scutage of ‘xx s in Chiselhamtone, i militem’ in Oxfordshire; ‘Radulfus de Somery’ among ‘isti sunt quieti per breve’ in Berkshire; and ‘Radulfo de Sumery 1.l de feodo Gervasii Paganelli’ in Staffordshire.

[–––Ralph & Margaret–––]

1197-8, Ralph married Margaret, paying 60 marks for the King’s license.

5/27/1199, John succeeded King Richard I of England.

1199, Ralph de Somery in the King’s service beyond the seas.

1200, Ralph held Cogan manor. (S) Notes on Churches in the Diocese of Llandaff, Green, 1906, P54.

~1202, Ralph de Sumery a witness to a deed of David Scurlange to Margam abbey. (S) Desc. Catalogue of the Penrice and Margam Abbey, V1, 1893, P22.

1203, Ralph granted Ashton manor to Thomas de Erdington for a pair of guilt spurs each Easter. (S) The Antiquary, V16, 1887, P190.

1204-5, Ralph gave to the King his manor of Wolverhampton and 100 marks in exchange for a grant in fee farm of the royal manors of Mere, Clent, and Swinford.

1205, Ralph de Cheinduit contested a suit with Roger de Sumery, respecting the patronage of Shenley church. (S) Archaeological Journal, V10, 1853, P50.

1207, ‘Radulphus de Sumeri r.c. de x.li. de Cremento de Swineford et Clent et Mera.’

1207-8, Ralph’s mother died.

1207-8, Ralph had livery of the vill of Newport Pagnell and other lands of his mother.

1208, Ralph de Somer and William de Parles witnesses to a document. (S) Lordship and the Landscape, Hunt, 1997, P73.

1208-9, Ralph’s mother died; Ralph paying a fine of £100 and 2 palfreys for possessing the manor and town of Newport Pagnell [demise of his mother since the time of King Richard.

1208-9, ‘Radulfus de Somery’, knight, held land ‘unde caput est in Warr’, Northamptonshire.

1210, Ralph, Baron of Dudley, died. [‘Radulfus de Sumeri’ holding 14 knights´ fees ‘de honore de Neuport’ in Buckinghamshire, and 3 knights’ fees and parts ‘in Framkelega, Wormelega, Belewe, Pesemore, Swinforde, Hagele et Credelega’ in Worcestershire.]


1210, ‘Margareta que fuit uxor Radulfi de Sumeri’ arranged to pay an installment of her fine [300 marks] for the assignment of her dower in Berkshire in midsummer. (S) Proceedings, Royal Arch. Inst., 1848, P79.

1211, Margaret paid off the 200 marks to get possession of her dower lands.

7/10/1212, A great fire swept through London, on the south side of the river, killing about 3000.

1212, The Great Inquisition granted the wardship of the estates of Ralph de Somery of Dudley, Worcestershire to the earl of Salisbury. (S) Historical Intrepretation, Bagley, 1973, P109. [Roger de Somery accounted for 50 fees of the old feoffment.]

10/28/1216, Henry III, age 9, crowned king of England.

[–––Margaret & Maurice–––]

1220-1, Margaret married 2nd Maurice de Gant [his 2nd, no children.]

9/1224, Maurice de Gant to collect scutage from knights´ fees he holds in his bailiwick of the land he holds in dower of Margaret his wife.

1228, Assize Rolls record that 8 persons were summoned to show cause why they intruded into a carucate of land which Alan de Englefeld [Margaret’s son-in-law] held, the custody of whose lands after his death belonged to Maurice de Gant and Margaret his wife, the land formed part of the dower of Margaret.

6/25/1229, Allowance of the agreement between Maurice de Gaunt and Roger de Sumery … manors of Duddeleg and Seggesleg to Maurice for 7 years … and the said Roger shall not marry within the said term save with the consent of the said Maurice. (S) CChRs.

Bef. 7/4/1229, Roger de Sumeri confirmed an agreement between Margaret his mother and William de Englefeld [son of daughter Isabel] concerning a grant and exchange of lands at Bradfield, Berkshire.

4/20/1230, Maurice died.


1231, King Henry ordered the sheriff of Somerset to give seisin of ‘maneriis de Cantokesheved et de ivis ... que fuerunt Mauricii de Gant quondam viri sui’ to ‘Margarete de Sumery’ as dower.

1232, “Robertus Achard, … constituti sunt justiciarii ad assisam nove dissaisine capiendam apud Walingford … quam Margareta de Sumery aramiavit versus Willelmum de Englefeld de tenemento in Bradefeld.” (S) CPRs.

1233, John de Beauchamp against Margery de Sumery, in a plea of land and wardship.

1235, Margery de Somery paid 1 mark in Compton Beauchamp of the honor of Sumery on the aid to marry Isabella, the king’s sister, to the Holy Roman Emperor.

8/1237, Assizes taken before Ralph of Southleigh in the county of Worcestershire. From Margaret de Somery , 5 m., for disseisin. (S) FRsHIII.

1242-3, ‘Rogerus de Sumery [Margaret’s son] in Bradefeld i. feodum ... Margareta de Sumeri in Bradefeld unum feodum predicti Rogeri ... Willelmus de Englefeld in Englefeld unum feodum de eodem feodo.’

6/14/1247, Margaret de Somery, widow of Maurice de Gaunt, granted the tythe of the mill of Quantockshead and pasture for 6 oxen, 2 cows and 2 heirfer to the church of St. Mark, York.

Margaret died.

(S) The Dormant and Extinct Baronage, Banks, 1808, P169. (S) Memoirs – County and City of York, 1848, P93. (S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy. (S) History of Staffordshire, V9, 1888, P12.

Family notes:

§§Hawise Pagnel born in Staffordshire, England, eventual heir & d/o §§Ralph Paynell (b.~1125).  1196-7, Hawise married 2nd Roger de Berkeley. [1 son, Nicholas. Hawise’s granddaughter Joan would marry Thomas de Berkele.] [Undated] ‘Hawis Paynel’ donated property to Tykford Priory, with the consent of ‘domini mei Rogeri de Berkele’, for the soul of ‘Gervasii Paynel fratris mei.’ [Hawise had a brother named Gervase, of whom she was his heir.]

Children of Ralph and Margaret:

i. Ralph de Somery, born ~1194 in England.

1212, ‘comes de Salesbir’ held ‘maneria de Swinford et de Clent et de Mere cum filio et herede Radulfi de Sumeri in custodia.’

1214-5, ‘heres Radulphi de Sumeri. l.s. de cremento de Swinford et de Clent et de Mere.’

2/11/1220, Ralph de Somery and Alice [Ida, (9994919)] his wife made a fine to sue Ralph Mangefer concerning a messuage in Cliffe, Sussex.

1220, Ralph died.

ii. William Percival de Somery, born ? in England.

Bef. 6/20/1122, William died; his son Nicholas succeeding. [1228, Nicholas died; his uncle Roger his heir.] (S) FRsHIII.

iii. Joan de Somery (9994833), born ~1197 in England.

iv. Isabel de Somery, born ? in England.

Isabel married Alan de Englefield [who died bef. 1228.]

v. Roger de Somery (486765256), born ~1205 in Staffordshire, England.

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