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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Baron Hugh Pantulf

 486788006. Baron Hugh Pantulf

~1150, Hugh born in Shropshire, England. [Brother to William, Hameline and Brice.]

7/7/1175 at Shrewsbury, Hugh Pantulf attested a charter of King Henry II to Roger Mussun. (S) CH&I, P193.

1180-89, Hugh sheriff of Shropshire. (S) Reigns of William I, William II, Henry I; V1, 1848, P405.

1186, Hugh Pantulf, Robert Marmion, Ralph de Ardern, William fitz Stephen, and Thomas Noel, sheriffs acting as Justiciars in Staffordshire, Shropshire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire. (S) CH&I, P273.

7/15/1186 at Fakeham, Worcestershire, Hugh Pantulf attested a charter of King Henry II to Haughmond abbey, Shropshire. (S) CH&I, P270.

8/13/1186, Hugh and his fellow ‘justiciars’ held court at Litchfield. (S) CH&I, P273.

1187, Hugh Pantulf, Robert Marmion, Ralph de Ardern, William fitz Stephen, and Thomas Noel, sheriffs acting as Justiciars in Staffordshire, Shropshire, Herefordshire, Gloucester and Worcestershire. (S) CH&I, P281.

1187, Hugh and his fellow ‘justiciars’ constituted a committee to assess a Tallage on the king’s Demesnes and Escheats. (S) CH&I, P281.

6/14/1188 at Geddington, Hugh present at a fine levied before the king associated with Abbot of Lilleshall. (S) CH&I, P287.

7/6/1189, Richard I succeeded Henry II as King of England.

11/18/1189, The King has renewed his charter confirming to Robert son of Maurice de Berkelai … witnessed by … earl William de Mandeville, John the Marshall, … Hugh Bardulf, Geoffrey fitz Peter, Hugh Pantulf, Thomas Noel … (S) UKNA.

1190, Hugh Pantulf paid a fine for Robert Corbet [married to daughter Emma, who was away on crusade.] (S) Wales and the Crusaders, Hurlock, 2011.

9/1190, Hugh Pantulf quitted the Shrievalty of Shropshire in favour of William fitz Alan (189118208, d.1210), his brother-in-law. [Implies no male children.] (S) Coll’s for a Hist. of Staffordshire, V2, 1881, P6. [This indicates Hugh married a sister of Isabel de Lacy (378236417).]

~1192, Charter of Amicia sister of Hugh Pantulf, a damsel (domicella) of Alienor queen of England. For the soul of … and for the weal of her lady Alienor queen of England, who gave her the manor of Wintreslewe for her service, … (S) Cal. of Doc’s Preserved in France, 1889, Anjou, Pt1, no.1091.

1194, Hugh paid scutage of £3 in Shropshire and £2 in Staffordshire.

1197, The Sheriff pays Hugh Pantulf 1s 8d as part of 40 solidates of land which Hugh held by gift of the king. (S) AoS, Newport, P144. [Hugh also held 20 denariates in Newport.]

1198, Hugh holding 100 solidates of land in Stanford, Herefordshire.

1201, Hugh paid scutage of £3 in Shropshire.

1203, Hugh paid scutage of 10 merks in Shropshire for his entire barony.

10/1203, At the Shropshire assizes, Hugh Pantulf a security for a fine of Fulk fitz Warin. (S) AoS, Odinet Hundred, P164.

8/1204, Robert Corbet (243394002) and Hugh Pantulf are King John’s messengers to Gwenwynwyn, Prince of Powis, to ensure his safe conduct to court. (S) AoS, Wem, P165.

1205, Hugh’s son William empowered to receive his father’s scutage.

1206, Hugh at the King’s court at Nottingham with sons Ivo and Hugh.

11/3/1207, At King John’s court at Malmesbury, William fitz Alan, Hugh Pantulf, and John le Strange witnessed an agreement with Wenhunwyn son of Hoen de Keveliac.

2/2/1209 at Nottingham, King John’s charter to the Convent of Croxden witnessed by Hugh Pantulf. (S) AoS, Edgmond, P124.

1211, Hugh holding 2 fees in capite by knight’s service in Staffordshire, fees of 5 knights in Shropshire.

1214, 5 fees of Hugh for scutage of Poitou released by writ.

1/1215, 10 merks paid to Henry fitz Count, Hugh Pantulf, and William his brother by the King.

1215-18, Hugh, with the assent of his heirs, gave to Lilleshull abbey all his right in the church of Badminton. (S) Lilleshall Chartulary, fo.54.

10/1217, High allowed to collect his own scutage fees.

1218, Hugh assessed scutage of 2 merks per fee.

1224, Hugh exempt from the scutages of Montgomery and Bedford.

By 12/28/1224, Hugh died, his son William his heir.

(S) CH&I.HII, Eyton, 1878. (S) Antiquities of Shropshire, Eyton, V9, 1859, Wem, P164ff [and others as above.]

Child of Hugh and ?:

i. Emma Pantulf (243394003), born ~1169 in England.

ii. William Pantulf, born ? in England.

iii. Ivo Pantulf, born ? in England.

iv. Hugh Pantulf, born ? in Enlgand.

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