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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Baron John le Strange & Lady Hawise ?

 486788024. Baron John le Strange & 486788025. Lady Hawise ?

~1120, John born in England, eldest s/o §§Roland le Strange & Matilda le Brun.

~1135, Hawise born in England.

12/22/1135, Stephen crowned king of England.

Bef. 1138, John succeeded his father at Hunstanton [Norfolk].

1138, John le Strange witnessed a grant by William fitz Alan (378236416) and his wife Christiana of land in Sheriff Hales to Haughmond church.

1138, John supported the claim of Empress Matilda, d/o King Henry I, to the crown of England.

12/19/1154, Henry II succeeded King Stephen of England.

1155, William fitz Alan gave Ruyton, Wykey and Felton to John le Strange to hold of himself. (S) Transactions – Shropshire Arch. and Natural Hist. Soc., 1896, P314.

1155, John was the last of Roland’s sons to received a grant of land in Shropshire from Duke Henry. [Families were moved there to protect the Welsh borders – ‘Henricus, rex Anglie, et dux Normannie et Aquitanie … dedisse Hamoni Extraneo Chedewordam … per servicium dimidii feodi militis.’]

7/25/1155, John witnessed a grant of William FitzAlan to Haughmond abbey.

1155-58, A confirmation of William fitz Alan of a grant to Haughmond abbey is attested by ‘Johanne Straunge cum duobus fratibus ejus, Wydone et Hamone.’

1155-60, John witnessed multiple charters of the FitzAlan family.

1157-60, Grant of land in the honour of Mileham by John le Strange for the souls of Ronald and Matilda, his father and mother, and of Hamo his brother. Witnesses: William fitz Alan, Radulfus Extraneus, … (S) Montgomeryshire Collections, V14, 1881, P288.

1158, John was advanced money from the Exchequer “for the king’s service.”

1158, ‘Salopescira.’ Willelmus filius Alani reddit compotum de … in terris datis Johanni Extraneo [7£ 10s] …’, associated with the manor of Ness.

1158, ‘Johanni Extraneo vij li x prestito Regis per breve Regis.’

1159, ‘Et Johanni Extraneo £7 10s de praestito Regis, per breve Regis.’

4/1160, William fitz Alan died. William gave lands ‘together with his body’ to Shrewsbury abbey; attested by 4 ecclesiastics and 12 laymen including Guy le Strange of Alveley and John le Strange of Cheswardine.

7/1160, John made a grant to Castleacre naming his father and mother; and identifying his brother Hamo as deceased.

9/1160, John succeeded to Cheswardine as heir of his brother Hamo: ‘Et Johanni Extraneo £7 10s de praestito Regis in Nesse. Et eidem £4 in Chesewurda.’

1161, John le Strange, for the soul of his lord, William Fitz-Alan, son of Alan Fitz-Flaald, gave lands in Iselham to Shrewsbury abbey. (S) Collections – Montgomeryshire, V14, 1881, P288.

1165, ‘… et Johanni Extraneo iiij ti et ii et vjd in Alwett.’ [Payments for ¾ of a year.]

1165, John le Strange holding Cheswardine by a knight’s fee of Robert, baron Stafford; and a knight’s fee in Norfolk.

1165-71, John le Strange returned as in dept to the crown. [To pay for garrisons on the Welsh March.]

1167, Cheswardine Vill amerced half a mark by the justices of the Forest … ‘Chesworda Johannis Extranie.’

1168, ‘In perdona per breve Regis Johanni et Widoni Extraneis xl et quietum est.’

1168, John and Guy pardoned 20s, 20s, and 16s 8d in Norfolk; and an allowance of £70 our of the lands of William fitz Alan, in the custody of Guy.

1169, John paid the amercement of 1167.

1169, The King granted to John le Strange out of the farm of Trentham pasture worth 8s 8d a year.

1171, The Sheriff of Staffordshire accounts to John le Strange for £20 spent by John and Guy in payment to men serving in the Welsh Marches.

5/14/1172, Pope Alexander’s confirmation of the gift of the Church and Mill of Cheswardine: ‘Ecclesiam Sancti Swithini de Cheswardyn, … ex dono Johannis Extranei, molendinum de Cheswardin.’

Bef. 1/1174, John, “Ego Johannes cognomento le Strante,” gave a part of his Norfolk estate, Edgefield in the Hundred of Holt, to Binham priory.

1175, 1175, Simon de Pierpoint and William de Pierpoint were witnesses to a certificate of John Le Strange. (S) Sussex Arch. Collections, 1859, P54.

1175, John with his son a witness to a grant of William FitzAlan on his coming of age to Buildwas abbey. [In this document Hawise as wife of John is identified.]

1176, John le Strange gave Hunstanton church in Norfolk, and Cheswardine church in Shropshire, to Haughmond abbey. (S) Montgomeryshire Collections, V14, 1881, P288.

1177-8, Hawise died.


1177-78, William son of William fitz Alan attested a charter of John le Strange [half a virgate in Webblescowe]. (S) Antiquities of Shropshire, V6, Eyton, P34.

1178-9, John died.

(S) A Chronicle of the Early Le Stranges, Le Strange, 1916. (S) Antiquities of Shropshire, V10, Eyton, 1860.

Family notes:

John’s brothers were Hamon, Guy [Wido], and Ralph.

Child of John and Hawise:

i. John le Strange (243394012), born ~1157 in England.

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