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Saturday, August 22, 2020

Baron Nigel de Albini & Lady Gundred de Gourney

 378250240. Baron Nigel de Albini & 378250241. Lady Gundred de Gourney

~1080, Nigel born in England, s/o 756500480. Roger de Albini & 756500481. Amicia de Mowbray.

Aft. 1081, Nigel’s father died.

~1095, Gundred born in France, d/o 80007784. Gerard de Gournay & 80007785. Ediva de Warenne.

8/5/1100, Henry I crowned King of England. [Nigel’s brother served as ‘Butler’ at the ceremony; so Nigel, a household knight, likely also attended.]

4/1101-04 at Winchester, Nigel de Aubigny attested a writ to Roger Picot about the monks at St. Albans.

1103-05, Nigel d’Aubigny [a ‘landless’ knight] and Robert de Brus, 2 of 6 witnesses to a royal confirmation to the priory of Holy Trinity, York. (S) Brus Family, Blakely, 2005, P11.

8/29/1105, Nigel de Aubigney and William de Aubigny (378250248) [brothers] attested a notification to Robert, bishop of Lincoln and Hugh de Bocheland of a grant to St. Albans of an 8 day fair. (S) Regesta Regum Anglo-Normannorum, Davis, 1956, P42.

1105-06, King Henry gave Nigel d’Aubigny control of Chateau-Gontier in Argentan.

9/28/1106, Nigel at the battle of Tichenbrae, France; the decisive battle in which Henry I, King of England, defeated his brother Robert, Duke of Normandy. [Nigel, the King’s bow-bearer, is said to be the person who captured Duke Robert.]

Aft. 1106, A large portion of the lands of Robert de Stuteville, captured at Tinchebrae, granted to Nigel d’Aubigny. (S) Early Yorkshire Charters, V9, 2013, P1.

4/1107-5/1108 at Trumpington, Nigel and Humphrey de Aubigny attested at writ addressed to Archbishop Gerard [Yorkshire] in favour of the abbey of Selby.


1107, Nigel married to Maud de Aquila [‘Laigle’, divorced, no children], wife of imprisoned [in 1095] Robert de Mowbray, his uncle, Earl of Northumberland (d.1125). Maud’s marriage to Robert dissolved on the grounds of consanguinity. Nigel granted the forfeited lands in Normandy [120 knights’ fees] and England [140 knights’ fees] of his uncle Robert de Mowbray, on the condition that his son Roger would take the name Mowbray.

6/1108-2/1114 at York, Notification to Archbishop Thomas, Nigel de Aubigny … and all lieges … attested by Robert de Brus.

1109, Nigel attended the King’s council at Nottingham. (S) Anglo-Norman Warfare, Strickland, 1992, P117.

1109-14, The earliest example of a baronial letter with an authentic seal – a notification by Nigel to his brother of a request to oversee his gifts to several religious houses. (S) Littere Baronum, Evergates, 2003, P24. [Nigel, believing he might be dying, also wrote to King Henry.]

By 8/1111, Nigel accompanied King Henry to Normandy.

2/2/1111-1116, Brothers ‘Willelmo de Albineyo pincerna et Nigello de Albineyo frater suo’ witnessed a charter of King Henry I of a donation of the manor of Winterworda to the archbishop of Rouen.

3/2/1112, A royal confirmation to the abbey of Holy Trinity, Savingy of the gifts of Ralph de Fougeres attested by … Nigel de Aubigny … William de Aubigny the butler …

1112, King Henry [spending the year in Normandy] imprisoned earl Robert de Belesme at Keresburch.

1113, Foundation charter of St. Neot’s Priory: ‘… propria manu confirmavi. [seals] … Signum Neiel de Algineo. (S) History and Antiquities of Eynesbury, Gorham, 1820, P-CVI.

7/1113, King Henry returned to England.

2/2/1114 at Windsor, Grant to Geoffrey archbishop of Rouen … attested … William de Aubigny the butler, and Nigel de Aubigny his brother, …

9/13/1114, Nigel d’Aubein witnessed a royal confirmation of a settlement between Hyde Abbey and the Bishop of Winchester. (S) Sussex Archaeological Collections, V41, 1898, P236.

1115, Nigel attended King Henry’s council at Westminster.

7/1115-4/2/1116 at Windsor, Notification to Archbishop Thurstan [of York], Nigel de Aubigny, … attested by Ranulf the chancellor, Robert count of Meulan, and William de Tancarvill.

3/19/1116, Nigel attended King Henry’s council at Salisbury.

3/1116, Robert count of Meulan, William earl of Warenne, William the King’s chamberlain, and Nigel de Aubigny were sent by King Henry to tell Thurston, bishop of York, that he could do homage to the archbishop of Canterbury.

1117, Nigel repudiated his 1st wife, Mathilde de Laigle [former wife of Robert de Mowbray], after the death of her brother Gilbert de Laigle. (S) Sussex County Magazine, V6, Becket, 1932, P193.

 [–––Nigel & Gundred–––]

6/1118, By arrangement of King Henry I, Nigel married Gundred.

1118, Nigel appointed as viceroy in Yorkshire and Northumberland with custody of York castle. (S) Anglo-Norman Warfare, Strickland, 1992, P117.

10/1118 at Argenten, William de Aubigny, Nigel de Aubigny, and Humphrey de Aubigny, witnessed King Henry’s settlement of a dispute between the abbot of Caen and Vitalis of Savigny.

1118-11/1120 at Caen, Nigel de Aubigny attested a royal notification of a grant to the monks of Tiron.

2/1119, Juliane, d/o King Henry, married to Eustace de Breteuil of Pacy, attempted to kill her father with a crossbow during the assault of the castle of Breteuil. [Henry had allowed her hostaged daughters to be blinded.]

Aft. 2/1119, King Henry burns Rainald de Balliol’s castle of Renouard. Supporting the King were Richard earl of Chester and vicomte of Avranches; his cousin Ranulf Meschin vicomte of Bayeux; William de Warrene, earl of Surrey; Walter Giffard, earl of Buckingham; Waleran de Beaumont, count of Meulan; Robert his brother, earl of Leicester; Ralph de Conches, William de roumare, Nigel de Aubigny and William his brother; and William de Tancarvill, the chamberlain in Normandy.

1119, at Rouen ‘in the king’s bed-chamber’, Nigel de Aubigny witnessed a confirmation of King Henry to Robert, earl of Leicester.

6/1119, King Henry attacked Amaury de Montfort at Evreux.

8/20/1119, The battle of Bremule, France between King Henry I and King Louis VI of France. [The English winning: Orderic Vitalis … Henry, king of England, came down into it with 500 knights … 3 earls, Henry of Eu, William of Warenne, and Walter Giffard.  Besides these Roger son of Richard …, William of Tancarville and William of Roumare, Nigel of Aubigny, and many more … William Clito, son of Robert duke of Normandy, armed himself there … in the battle of the two kings, in which about 900 knights were engaged, only 3 were killed … King Henry purchased the standard of King Louis for 20 marks of silver from the knight who had captured it … ]

10/1119, King Henry laid seiged to Evreux. Stephen, count of Aumale surrendered at Vieux-Rouen.

12/25/1119, King Henry holds his Christmas court at Bayeux.

Bef. 1120, Robert, earl of Leicester, ‘with the advice of and encouragement of the earl of Warren, Nigel d’Aubigny and my brother Waleran, count of Meulan’ adpoted a community of eremites who had settled in Whittlewood forest, Northamptonshire. (S) Beaumont Twins, Crouch, 2008, P198.

1120 at Caen, Nigel de Aubigny attested a royal charter to Fulk, the sewer [who replaced Eudo.]

1120-23, Notification of the gift of Geoffrey Ridel’s daughter to Richard Basset to wife … done at the prayer of Ranulf earl of Chester, William de Roumare …, Nigel de Aubigny, and others his kinsmen, Geva his mother, Geoffrey chancellor of Earl Ranulf, … William Meschin son of Ranulf, … William de Aubigny, … William the constable of Ranulf earl of Chester, …

11/25/1120, King Henry’s son William, heir to the throne, died at sea; along with many other nobles when the White Ship sank.

5/1121, Nigel de Albini witnessed the King’s grant of marriage to Milo of Gloucester of Sybill de Newmarch. (S) Women of the English Nobility, Ward, 1995, P27.

1121-22 at Clarendon, Royal confirmation, for the souls of the king’s late wife and son, to the canons of St. Oswald’s … attested by Nigel de Aubigny and Pain Fitz-John.

6/1122 at Perry Court, Nigel de Aubigny attested a notification to the William, bishop of Winchester.

10/1123, Henry captured the castle of Brionne in Normandy.

10-11/1123, Robert earl of Gloucester and Nigel de Aubigny support the King in the capturing of Montfort-sur-Risle in Normandy.

Bef. 1124, King Henry gave the fee of William de Arches, held of the honour of Mowbray, to Nigel d’Aubigny. (S) Early Yorkshire Charters, Clay, 2013, P2.

1124, King Henry spent the year in Normandy in battle with the Louis, king of France.

1126, King Henry I confirmed donations of property to the abbey of Holy Trinity, Lessay by ‘Roger de Albineio and Amicia his wife with the consent of their sons William and Nigel’.

1128, King Henry invaded France to draw the forces of the French king away from conflicts in Flanders between William Clito and Thierry of Alsace.

By 1128, Nigel de Aubigny with William, count of Ponthieu, witnesseed a charter of confirmation in favour of Abbot Warin of St. Evroul.

1129, Notification of the king’s confirmation to St. Stephen’s Caen, … signatories: Henry the King; Hugh archbishop of Rouen; [bishops of Bayeux, Lisieux]; Roger of Salisbury; [earls of Gloucester and Chester]; Geoffrey de Magnaville, Nigel de Aubigny; Robert de Hai; and Eustace fitz-John.

Bef. 7/1129 at Caen, Confirmation to the abbot and monks of St. Evroul, at the prayer of Nigel de Aubigny.

11/26/1129, Nigel died; buried at Bec, Normandy.


1130, ‘Gunderede uxori Nig de Albin’ in Leicestershire.

12/22/1135, Stephen crowned king of England.

1138, Gundreda, having hosted 12 monks from Furnes in Lancashire at Thresk castle, sent them to Robert de Alneto, her near relation, where she supported them until her son came of age.

1138-54, Gundreda witnessed 8 of her son Roger’s charters; listed as his mother in 4.

1140, Roger de Mowbray, at the request of his mother Gundreda and the Archbishop of York, gave some monks she was supporting his cow pasture of Cambe, with all the land of Wildon … for their support.

1143, Roger de Mowbray, at the instance of his mother Gundreda, founded Byland abbey, Yorkshire.

1147, Henry de Lascy confirmed a grant to the monks of Pontefract of land which Lady Alice, wife of Roger de Mowbray, gave to them for the soul of her former husband lord Ilbert, Henry’s brother. (S) Record Series, V25, 1899, P33. [Witnesses included Alice de Albemarle; Gundreda, mother of Roger de Mowbray; and Matilda, the mother of Alice de Gant’s first husband, Ilbert de Lacy.]

1147, Gundreda acted as her son Roger’s advisor when the monks of Byland came into conflict with local landowners. (S) Nobelwomen, Aristocracy and Power, Johns, 2003, P96.

12/19/1154, Henry II succeeded King Stephen of England.

[Undated], ‘Gundreda, uxor Nigelli de Albini’ donated property to the Hospital of St Leonard, York which names ‘Rogero de Molbray filio suo.’ Undated: Donation of ‘Hospitale Sancti Michaelis Archangeli’ to Whitby Monastery, at the request of ‘Dominam Gundredam uxorem Nigelli de Albini’ for the soul of ‘Rogero de Moubray filio eorum.’

Aft. 1155, Gundred died.

(S) Miscellanea Genealogica Et Heraldica, Bannerman, 2001, P307. (S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy. (S) Monasticon Anglicanum, Dugdale, 1846, P343. (S) English Hist. Rev., 1919.

Family notes:

Brothers Nigel and William witnessed a total of 236 charters. (S) Monarchy, Magnates and Institutions, Hollister, 1986, P70.

Besides 2 baronies in Yorkshire, Nigel was given grants in Lincolnshire, Leicester and Cumberland. (S) Brus Family, Blakely, 2005, P11.

Child of Nigel and Gundred:

i. Roger ‘de Albini’ de Mowbray (189125120), born 1119 in England.

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