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Saturday, August 22, 2020

Baron William d’Aubigny & Lady Maud le Bigod

 378250248. Baron William d’Aubigny & 378250249. Lady Maud le Bigod

~1075, William born in Normandy, s/o 756500480. Roger de Albini & 756500481. Amicia de Mowbray.

Aft. 1081, William’s father died.

~1092, Maud born in England, d/o 159277168. Roger le Bigod & 159277169. Alice de Toeny.

8/1100, William, Pincerna of Bokenham, Norfolk by tenure of being the Butler to King Henry I on the day of his coronation.

3/10/1101, King Henry meet Robert count of Flanders at Dover … present … William de Albini, the butler.

8/29/1105, Nigel de Aubigney (378250240) and William de Aubigny [brothers] attested a notification to Robert, bishop of Lincoln and Hugh de Bocheland of a grant to St. Albans of an 8 day fair. (S) Regesta Regum Anglo-Normannorum, Davis, 1956, P42.

By 1106, Foundation of Norwich cathedral … ordinations were signed with the cross by Henry the King, Matilda the queen, Waldric the chancellor, Roger Bigot, Eudes the sewer, Tobert Malethe, Nigel de Oilli the constable, and William de Aubigny the butler.

Bef. 1107, William d’Aubigny, a Norfolk landholder, founded Wymondham as a cell to St. Albans. (S) Religious Patronage, Cownie, 1998, P90.

1107-09, King Henry I granted William de Albini, the king’s butler, half of the market of Lynn. (S) Gazetteer of Markets and Fairs.

1109 at Rouen, Notification … grant to William de Albini, the king’s butler, of the manor of Snettisham with other possessions to hoold as beneficially as William II gave them to him.

[––William & Maud––]

Bef. 1110, King Henry gave Maud to William to marry along with 10 of the Bigod knights’ fees.

1110, William d’Aubigny held 2 messuages in Winchester neighboring royal officer’s houses. (S) Secular Jurisdiction of Monasteries, Shirley, 2004, P42.

1111-1116, Brothers ‘Willelmo de Albineyo pincerna et Nigello de Albineyo frater suo’ witnessed a charter of King Henry I of a donation of the manor of Winterworda to the archbishop of Rouen.

3/2/1112, A royal confirmation to the abbey of Holy Trinity, Savingy of the gifts of Ralph de Fougeres attested by … Nigel de Aubigny … William de Aubigny the butler …

1113, Foundation charter of St. Neot’s Priory: ‘… propria manu confirmavi. [seals] … Signum Willielmi de Albineo Pincerna. (S) History and Antiquities of Eynesbury, Gorham, 1820, P-CV.

2/2/1114 at Windsor, Grant to Geoffrey archbishop of Rouen … attested … William de Aubigny the master butler, and Nigel de Aubigny his brother, …

1115, Notification issued at St. Albans … the church of St. Albans be dedicated … appointed to that office Robert bishop of Lincoln … the queen and William his on being present with … William de Aubigny the king’s butler …

1118, The Count of Evreux died. Many barons revolted against King Henry. Richard, earl of Chester, Ranulph de Meschines (159916040), Ralph de Conches (79958530), William de Warren (318232092), and Nigel (378250240) and William de Albini (378250248) remained loyal to the King. (S) Constitutional History of England, Stubbs, 1880, P310. [Many other Normans lost their lands and castles to the King.]

10/1118 at Argenten, William de Aubigny, Nigel de Aubigny, and Humphrey de Aubigny, witnessed King Henry’s settlement of a dispute between the abbot of Caen and Vitalis of Savigny.

Aft. 2/1119, King Henry burns Rainald de Balliol’s castle of Renouard. Supporting the King were Richard earl of Chester and vicomte of Avranches; his cousin Ranulf Meschin vicomte of Bayeux; William de Warrene, earl of Surrey; Walter Giffard, earl of Buckingham; Waleran de Beaumont, count of Meulan; Robert his brother, earl of Leicester; Ralph de Conches, William de roumare, Nigel de Aubigny and William his brother; and William de Tancarvill, the chamberlain in Normandy.

8/20/1119, William at the battle of Bremule, France with King Henry I against the King of France.

1121, Royal notification … grant to the church of Rouen … of the manor of King’s Clere … attested … Nigel de Aubigny, William de Aubigny, …

12/6/1122, at York. Notification by Henry ‘rex Anglorum’ to John Bp. of Lisieux, Stephen Count of Mortain, Robert Delahay, ‘et omnibus baronibus et fidelibus suis Normanniae’ : That he has granted to Warin [des Essarts] … attested … William de Aubigny … (S) Regesta Regum Anglo-Normannorum, 1956, P175.

1123, Notification of the gift of Geoffrey Ridel’s daughter to Richard Basset to wife … done at the prayer of Ranulf earl of Chester, William de Roumare …, Nigel de Aubigny, and others his kinsmen, Geva his mother, Geoffrey chancellor of Earl Ranulf, … William Meschin son of Ranulf, … William de Aubigny, … William the constable of Ranulf earl of Chester, …

1123-28, at Argentan, Release of certain land by Thomas de St. John … before King Henry … attested by … William de Aubigny the butler, …

1124 at Rouen, Mandate to Richard bishop of Coutances and William de Albini, ordering that Humphrey de Albini shall hold his land in peace … Morsalines (Manche) …

1125, Royal Confirmation to the church of St. Gervase and St. Protase of Vire … signatories … the king and queen; … William de Aubigny, … Stephen count of Mortain, Richard fitz Gilbert, …

1126, Notification to the monks of St. Mary’s, Malvern … attested by … William de Aubigny the butler, …

1126, King Henry I confirmed donations of property to the abbey of Holy Trinity, Lessay by "Roger de Albineio and Amicia his wife with the consent of their sons William and Nigel”.

1127, Notification … land … of the fee of the church of Ely … attested … William de Aubigny the butler, Ralph Basset, …

9/1127-7/1129, Notification … to Bishop Hervey and the church of Ely … attested … William de Albini, the butler … Pain fitz John ….

1129-35, Confirmation of gifts made by Robert de Brus to the canons of Guisborough, co. York … signatories are: the king, … and William the butler.

11/26/1129, William’s younger brother Nigel died.

1130 at Brampton, Notification to the bishop of Lincoln … attested … David king of Scots, Geoffrey the chancellor, … William de Aubigny the butler, …

[Undated], ‘Willielmus de Albeneyo, pincerna Henrici regis Anglorum’ donated property to Wymondham priory, assisted by ‘uxoris suæ Matilidis filiæ … Rogeri Bigot.’

By 1135, Maud died.


By 1135, William founded Wymondham priory on the death of Maud.

12/22/1135, Stephen crowned king of England.

4/1136, King Stephen’s Charter of Liberties issued at Winchester during the Easter court. William d’Aubigny was present. (S) King Stephen, King, 2010, P60.

By 1139, William died. (S) Anglo-Norman Studies, 1998, P170.

(S) Miscellanea Genealogica Et Heraldica, Bannerman, 2001, P307. (S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy. (S) English Hist. Rev., Creighton, 1919.

Family notes:

Brothers William and Nigel witnessed a total of 236 charters. (S) Monarchy, Magnates and Institutions, Hollister, 1986, P70.

Contemporary there is ‘William d’Albini Brito’ married to Cecilia Bigod. William Brito a participant at the battle of Tichenbrae with William the butler’s brother Nigel. (S) Proceeding – Battle Conference, 1994, P231.

Child of William and Maud:

i. William d’Aubigny (189125124), born 1110 in England.

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