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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Baron Peter I de Maulay

973530160. Baron Peter I de Maulay

~1165, Peter born in Normandy.

12/1202, Peter de Mauley I given lands in Normandy by King John. (S) Cartularium Prioratus de Gyseburne, Brown, 1894, P224. [All these lands lost by King John by 1204.]

4/3/1203, Peter de Mauley I, esquire of King John, complicit in the murder of Arthur of Brittany. Arthur’s sister Eleanor was given into the custody of Peter as his prisoner. [“700 marks to be allowed to Peter de Mauley, part to be laid out on works at Corfe castle and in expenses consequent upon the custody of Alianor, the King’s cousin. (S) English Ill. Mag., V32, 1905, P586.]

By 1204, Peter serving King John in England.

1211, Peter de Mauley I a councilor of King John. (S) English Historical Review, 1964, P516.

1213, Peter de Maulay in the service of King John.

1213, Peter died in England.

Child of Peter and ?:

i. Peter II de Mauley (486765080), born ~1190 in Poitou, Normandy.

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