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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Baron Peter II de Mauley & Lady Isabel de Turnham

486765080. Baron Peter II de Mauley & 486765081. Lady Isabel de Turnham

~1190, Peter Malo Lacu born in Poitou, Normandy, s/o 973530160. Peter de Maulay I.

5/27/1199, John succeeded King Richard I of England.

Aft. 1200, Isabel born in England, d/o 973530162. Robert de Turnham & 973530163. Joanna Fossard.

1211, Isabel’s father died.

1213, Isabel, d/o Robert de Turnham, a ward of the crown. (S) Antiquities of the Parish of Hemingsbrough, Burton, 1888, P253.

By 1213, Peter’s father died.

By 1214, Isabel’s mother died.

[–––Peter & Isabel–––]

1214, Isabel de Turnham bethrothed to Peter de Mauley’s son Peter.

4/25/1214, Peter de Mauley paid a fine of 7000 marks “for entrance to the inheritance of the daughter of Robert de Turnham”. [“… int’ Idoneam Fossard pl’t, et Petru’ de Malolacu et Isabellam uxor’ jus def et de medietate totius Baronie de Doncastr’ cum p’tin … hereditate que fuit Willel’ Fossard, … ” – the inheritance through her mother.] (S) Yorkshire, Wainright, 1829, P11. [The record of 1218 indicates that this is Peter II, not Peter I.]

3/30/1215, King John by writ ordered Peter and his bailiffs to enclose the town of Doncaster with ‘hertstone and pale’ and make a ‘barbican’ on the bridge to defend the town. (S) Yorkshire, Wainright, 1829, P11.

5/1215, William de St-John, Peter de Maulay, and Robert of Burgate dispatched to Otto of Brunswick. (S) Household Knights of King John, Church, 1999, P71.

6/19/1215 at Runnymede near Windsor, John forced to agree to the terms of the Magna Carta. [The barons in revolt together held more castles and knights fees than John did as King.] Principally it required “judgement by equals” and protected the rights of the church. [King John then arranged for all of the barons to be excommunicated – starting a war.]

1215, The King to Peter de Maulay, … We send into your parts our faithful Geoffrey de Hauville with our girfalcons, … we wish you to send some of your people to guard our girfalcons when they go out to let them fly … (S) Gentleman’s Magazine, V159, 1835, P122.

11/30/1215, Alan de Multon (23641160), his father Thomas, Robert Arsic … , taken prisoner by the king at Rochester and placed in the custody of Peter de Mauley at Corfe.

5/15/1216, King John wrote to Peter de Mauley, constable of Corfe, that if Count de Dreux should land in his juridiction, he should receive him graciously, with access to the castle and its tower. (S) History – Corfe Castle, Bond, 1883, P19.

6/26/1216, Peter Malo Lacu appointed sheriff of Dorset and Somerset. (S) Somerset Pleas, 1897, P82. [Served until 1221.]

1216, Osbert Giffard and other knights committed by King John to the care of Peter de Mauley for safe custody. (S) Gloucester Notes, V3, 1887, P206.

10/28/1216, Henry III, age 9, crowned king of England. Peter was appointed to bring Richard, the king’s brother, and the regalia then in his custody, to the coronation in London. (S) English Ill. Mag., V32, 1905, P586.

1217, Mandate issued to Peter de Maulay to deliver to the Earl of Chester, William de Lancaster, a prisoner in his custody; to be sent to Gloucester under safe conduct.

9/1217, Peter re-appointed sheriff Somerset. (S) History – Somerset, Phelps, V1, 1836, P69. [William, earl of Salisbury, had been appointed the previous March to Somerset.]

1/1218, Bishop of Winchester’s account rendered at Downton for the expense of a visit by Bishop de Roches, the earl of Salisbury and the Poitevin courtier Peter de Maulay. (S) Winchester Pipe Rolls, Britnell, 2003, P158.

8/23/1218, Yorkshire. Order to the sheriff of Yorkshire to place in respite, …, the demand he makes from Peter de Maulay for the 7000 m. by which he made fine with King John, father of King Henry, for having to wife Isabella, daughter and heiress of Robert of Thornham, and the demand that he makes from the same Peter for the debts of the Jews, … and the demand of £17 2s. for Robert’s debts, …, and the demand for the scutage of Scotland and Wales that was assessed in the time of King John. (S) FRsHIII.

8/26/1218, The king has granted to P. bishop of Winchester the custody of the land formerly of Earl Simon de Montfort for as long as it pleases the king. Order to Peter de Maulay, the earl of Salisbury, and Phillip d’Aubigny to cause him to have full seisin of all of his land in their bailiwicks. (S) FRsHIII.

9/1218, Peter appointed as sheriff of Somerset and Dorset.

1219, By letters patent of the King, Peter de Malo Lacu commissioned to perambulate the forests of Somerset. (S) Forests & Deer Parks of the County of Somerset, Greswell, 1905, P76.

5/17/1220, King Henry formally crowned at Westminster abbey by archbishop Stephen Langton. Peter delivered the “regalia” for the coronation, which had been stored at Corfe castle.

5/19/1220, To Henry fitz Count. The king has committed his forest of Dunster to Peter de Maulay [Peter also in charge of Corfe castle]. (S) FRsHIII.

9/16/1220, Respite given to Peter de Mauley of the of the fine of 7000 marks until the king should be of age. (S) English Historical Review, 1964, P516. [‘Mandamus … demandam quam ficitis Petro de Malo Lacu de vii mill. marc. per quas finem fecit cum domino Johanne rege, patre nostro, pro habenda un uxorem Isabella filia et herede Roberti de Turneham.’]

9/17/1220, Yorkshire. Peter de Maulay and Isabella, his wife, give the king two palfreys for having a weekly market on Wednesdays at their manor of Lythe, and for having an annual two-day fair there on the eve and feast of St. Oswald. (S) FRsHIII.

1221, Receipt of £108 from Peter de Mauley on account of the redemption of prisoners. (S) Gloucester Notes, V3, 1887, P207.

1221, William de Fortibus, earl of Albemarle headed an insurrection against King Henry. [In 1241 Peter would be with the earl in the Holy Land.]

5/30/1221, Peter de Maulay and Engelard de Cigogne, associates of Peter des Roches, summoned to attend court at Winchester. At court, Peter was accused by Richard de Mucegors of treason with Peter des Roches;  and was then imprisoned. (S) Peter des Roches, Vincent, 2002, P201.

By 11/1221, Peter had mortgaged his estates and vowed to join the crusades.

1222, Brian de Insula was commanded to let Peter de Mauley have the forest of Egton. (S) Cartularium Prioratus de Gyseburne, Brown, 1894, P225.

1222, Peter de Mauley paid relief on his succession of Robert de Turnham. (S) English Historical Review, 1964, P516.

5/1222, Peter de Maule and Engelard de Athies arrested and compelled to surrender their castles. [Hubert de Burgh put down an insurrection in support of the French king.] (S) Constitutional History of England, V2, 1877, P33.

1222, Custody of the King’s cousin, Damosel de Bretagne [Alianor (d.1242 at Bristol), sister of Arthur of Brittany], taken from Peter.

5/10/1223, Pledges for Baldwin de Guines … Peter de Maulay II for £10. (S) FRsHIII.

1223, With newly-crowned King Louis VIII declaring rights to English lands in France, Pope Hororius III allows King Henry to be declared of age for certain limited purposes.

2/29/1224, Sheriff of Wiltshire to take the vill of Upavon, which Peter de Maulay holds by bail of King John, into the king’s hand. (S) FRsHIII.

1224, Peter de Mauley and his wife exchange land adjoining Haveracres in Osgodby for land in Ness with Samson de Pomeroi and his wife Dionsia [de Hamelton.] (S) History and Antiquities – Hemingsbrough, Burton, 1888, P304.

1/1225, King Henry reissued the Magna Carta, which became the official text. (S) Hist. Essay on the Magna Charta of King John, Thomson, 1829, P130. [Witnesses: … Hubert de Burgh, the King’s Justiciary; Randolph Earl of Chester and Lincoln, William Earl of Salisbury, William Earl of Warren, Gilbert de Clare Earl of Gloucester and Hertford (19989528), William de Ferrers Earl of Derby, William de Mandeville Earl of Essex, Hugh le Bigod Earl of Norfolk (19909646), William Earl of Ablemarle, Humphrey de Bohun Earl of Hereford (47279584), John de Lacy Constable of Chester (19989530), Robert de Ros, Robert fitz Walter, Robert de Vipont, William de Brewer, Richard de Montifichet, Peter Fitz Herbert, Matthew Fitz Herbert, William de Albiniac, Robert Gresley, Reginald de Bruce, John de Monmouth (23634242), John Fitz Alan (94559104), Hugh de Mortimer, Walter de Beauchamp (60848480), William de Saint John (121683720), Peter de Mauley (486765080), Brian de Lisle, Thomas de Muleton, Richard de Argentine, Walter de Neville, William Mauduit, John de Baalun.]

2/13/1225, Order to the barons of the Exchequer to place in respite the demand they make by summons of the Exchequer from Peter de Maulay for 7000 m. and the farm of Kettleburgh, until one month after Easter in the ninth year. (S) FRsHIII.

1225, Peter de Maulay accused of planning the escape from England of Eleanor of Brittany, sister of Arthur of Brittany; who was imprisoned in his keeping at Corfe castle.

6/19/1226, The king has given respite to Peter de Maulay from the 80 m. … in keeping the king’s castles of Corfe and Sherborne …. (S) FRsHIII.

1/1227, age 20, King Henry formally ascended to the throne.

 [Circumstantial evidence indicates Peter joined the 6th crusade, fullfilling his vow of 1221; which departed from Germany in August of 1227, and ended in a truce of March 1229.]

By 1231, Peter had returned homage to King Henry.

1231, Peter refused to pay the rent of 100s to the Bishop of Durham for rent on the manor of Cliffe.

10/1/1231, Order … to place in respite, …, the demand of 10 m. … from Drogo de Barentin and John de Plessetis for the debt that Hugh de Maulnay and Peter de Maulnay owed to the king. (S) FRsHIII.

Isabel died [possibly earlier]; buried at Meaux abbey. [Peter later founded a chapel there for her soul: ‘pro septennium ab obitu praefatae Isabellae.’]

1232, Peter de Mauley and the Bishop of Winchester in contention with Gilbert Basset of High Wycombe and Hubert de Burgh over the possession of Upavon manor, Wiltshire. (S) Reign of Henry II, Carpenter, 1996, P49.

By 1233, Isabella died.


By 1233, Peter married Christiana [heir & d/o Gunnora], who had married William de Mandeville [died 1226-7], and then Raymund de Burgh, earl of Essex [died 1230].

5/25/1233, Henry de Balliol and Lora, his wife, David Comyn and Isabella, his wife, and Peter de Maulay and Christiana, his wife, have made fine with the king … for their relief of the lands that Christiana, who was the wife of W. count de Mandeville , held of the king in chief and that fall to Lora, Isabella and Christiana by inheritance, and the king has taken the homage of Henry, David and Peter for them. … to have full seisin of the lands formerly of the aforesaid Christiana as of fee on the day she died. (S) FRsHIII.

8/26/1234, Amerced before the king in the eyre of R. of Lexington and W. of York at Doncaster, … Richard de Percy, for disseisin against Peter de Maulay, 100 m. (S) FRsHIII.

2/6/1235, Grant to ‘Petrum de Malo Lacu et Isabella uxorem eius’ and her heirs, for half a knight’s service, of a moiety of the disputed manor of Cliffe and a carucate of land called the Ness, both of which they recognise as belonging to the bishop and his church of Durham. (S) Durham, Snape, 2002, P319. [Grant to Peter and the heirs of Isabel, his first wife, in the year ‘anno regni regis Henrici filii regis Iohannis decimo nono’.]

3/24/1235, 20 m. from Peter de Maulay for disseisin, land in Sandal, vs. Ralph de Verneiles and Joan his wife, plaintiffs. (S) FRsHIII.

1235, Peter de Mauley appointed the governor of the castle of Devises.

1/2/1236, Appointment during pleasure, of Peter de Malo Lacu to the custody of the county of Northampton. (S) CPRs.

8/25/1236, The king has granted to Peter de Maulay that his vill of Rossington, which is on the borders of the counties of Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire and concerning which dispute has arisen … is henceforth to sue in the county court of Yorkshire. (S) FRsHIII.

9/25/1237 at York, By treaty, Alexander II of Scotland asserted to King Henry of England that he was owed Northumberland as dowry of Joanna. King Henry acknowledge a grant of Tynedale in Northumberland, as well as the Earldom of Chester. … witness … Peter de Mauley … (S) POMS.

9/27/1237, Acceptance of a marriage contracted between Peter son and heir of Peter de Brus, and Hilary eldest daughter of Peter de Malo Lacu, also a marriage contracted between Peter son and heir of the said Peter de Malo Lacu and Joan, eldest daughter of the said Peter de Brus. (S) CPRs.

1238, The executors of Isabella de Turneham, late the wife of Peter de Mauley, pardoned of the 30th arising from corn, … in the manors of Baynton and Cliff, Yorkshire. (S) Cartularium Prioratus de Gyseburne, Brown, 1894, P225.

3/1238, [The king has granted to] Peter de Maulay and Christiana, his wife , that, of the 50 m. which are exacted from them by summons of the Exchequer of the £100 by which Henry de Balliol and Lora, his wife, [David Comyn] and Isabella, his wife, and the same Peter and Christiana [made fine] with the king for their relief of the manors of Benington, Hertingfordbury, Sheering, Higham and Fakenham Magna [of the honour of] Valognes. (S) FRsHIII.

12/29/1238, The king has granted to Peter de Maulay and Christiana, his wife, that, of the £140 by which they made fine with him for having a third part of the barony formerly of Gunnora de Valognes , they may render … (S) FRsHIII.

6/18/1239, Peter de Mauley a godfather of the King’s son Edward. (S) Royal Charters, Daniel-Tyssen, 1878, P42.

6/10/1240, Peter de Mauley with Richard of Cornwall, younger brother of King Henry, as he led English knights off on crusade. [They stopped on the way in Paris and Provence.]

3/2/1241, Protection without term for Peter de Malo Lacu. (S) CPRs.

10/8/1240, The crusaders arrived at Acre; fighting no battles, but managing to negotiate for the release of prisoners, and the burial of crusaders killed at a battle in Gaza in 1239. They also helped the Duke of Burgundy rebuild the defenses at Ascalon, and secured Jerusalem for the Church.

6/1241, Richard of Cornwall started his return trip home. Peter de Mauley and William de Fortibus, earl of Albemarle, remained in the Holy Land.

Bef. 12/22/1241, Peter died in the Holy lands.

Children of Peter and Isabel:

i. Peter III de Mauley (243382540), born ~1226 in England.

ii. Robert de Mauley, born ? in England.

iii. Hilaria de Mauley, born ? in England. [Eldest daughter]

1237, Hilaria married Peter de Brus, s/o 23641014. Peter de Brus & 23641015. Helwise de Lancaster.

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