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Saturday, August 22, 2020

Baron Ranulf de Vallibus & Lady Alicia ?

 378250328. Baron Ranulf de Vallibus & 378250329. Lady Alicia ?

~1151, Ranulf born in England, 2nd s/o 756500656. Baron Hubert de Vaux & 756500657. Grecia ?.

~1160, Alice born in England.

1165, Ranulf’s father died, his mother surviving, his older brother Robert succeeding.

~1178, Ranulf, Lord of Triermain and Torcrossock, married Alicia.

1195, Ranulf succeeded his brother Robert, paying 50 marks for liver of the lands, and 100 marks for fines still due.

4/6/1199, John succeeded Richard I as King of England.

Bef. 1199, Walter Bayvin gave to the monks of Wetheral 20 acres in the held of Bordoswald and all liberties within and without the vill, for the souls’ and health of his lords Ranulf de Vallibus and Robert his son, namely the land called  Haythwait. (S) Trans. of Cumberland and Westmorland, V22, 1921-22.

[Undated], Walter de Wyndesoure granted land to the church of St. Thomas the martyr in Farlam, et sanctis ibidem adoratis, a gift afterwards confirmed by Ranulf de Vaux, lord of the fee. (S) Hist. of Cumberland, V2, 1905, The Priory of Carlisle.

1199, Ranulf died leaving a son Robert, a minor.


10/15/1212, Robert [the son] fined 2000 marks, including arrears, for having the king’s grace of all debts due; his lands were sezied by the crown, and Robert was given as a hostage by his mother. [Robert released after paying £330.]

10/19/1212, King John ordered the liberation of ‘Alicia de Vallibus (378250329) matrem sua et Greciam sororem suam et Hubertum (94562582) filium ipsius Roberti (189125164) et Rolandum fratrem eius bastardum et Thomam Walense filium filii Amite predicte Alic’; now that ‘Robertus de Vallibus’ was held in captivity. [Alicia his mother, Gracia his sister, and Hubert his son, and Roland his bastard brother, and Thomas son of Amite daughter of Alice.]

Alice died.

(S) Pipe Rolls of H.II, R.I, and John, Soc. of Antiquaries of Newcastle, 1848.

Child of Robert:

i. Robert de Vaux (189125164), born ~1180 in England.

ii. Oliver de Vaux (9994996), born ~1183 in Norfolk, England.

[By timeline this is where Oliver fits. If he was born in Norfolk, that may be the home of his mother.]

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