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Saturday, August 22, 2020

Duke Hugh III of Burgundy & Duchess Alix of Lorainne

 378250680. Duke Hugh III of Burgundy & 378250681. Duchess Alix of Lorainne

1144, Hugh born in Burgundy, s/o 756501360. Eudes II of Burgundy & 756501361. Marie of Champagne.

1145, Alice born, d/o 756501362. Matthias I of Lorainne & 756501363. Bertha von Hohenstaufen.

6/18/1155, King Frederick Barbarossa of Germany crowned Holy Roman Emperor. [Alice’s maternal uncle.]

1162, Hugh succeeded his father, under the regency of his mother.

1/1/1163, Marie, duchess of Burgundy, wrote to King Louis: “… It is known to your majesty that my son [Hugh] is your man and liege and, may it please you, your relative and whatever he can do is yours; and if he could do more it would be yours. Therefore, with more assurance I ask your highest love for my son. For I have been told that Count Ralph of Perona has a certain unmarried sister who, as I am told, would be suitable for marriage to my son. …” (S) Epistolæ.

1164, Hugh performed homage to King Louis VII. (S) Burgundy, Bailey, 1993, P38.

4/1165, Hugh succeeded to his father’s title.

[–––Hugh & Alix–––]

1165, Hugh married Alix.

1166, For helping Louis VII King of France against the rebel Guillaume Comte de Chalon, the king granted him part of the county of Chalon.

1170, Charter of Duke Hugh III of Burgundy to ‘Guidonis de Mahun prefati Hospitalis.’ (S) Central Convent of Hospitallers and Templars, Burgtorf, 2008, P557.

1171, ‘Hugo dux Burgundie … Aeliz ducissa Burgundie cum Odone filio meo’ donated property to Cîteaux abbaye.

1171-2, Hugh went to Palestine with his maternal uncle Etienne de Champagne Comte de Sancerre.

7/22/1174, King Louis with Philip, comte of Flanders; Hugh, duke of Burgundy; Theobald, comte of Blois; and Henry, comte of Champagne, laid siege to Rouen.

1176, ‘Simon … dux Lotharingiæ et marchio’ donated property to Bouxières-aux-Dames, at the request of ‘matris meæ dominæ Berthæ filiæ Friderici imperatoris et fratrum meorum Theoderici electi Metensi episcopi, Frederici et Mathæi ac sororis meæ Alidis ducissæ Burgundiæ’, for the soul of ‘patris mei domini Mathæi.’

1176, Duke Hughes led a group of mediators who settled a quarrel between the abbey and burghers of Tournus. (S) Sword, Miter and Cloister, Bouchard, 2009, P129.

1177, ‘Bertha … Lotharingorum ducissa … et filii mei Theodericus, Simon Dux et Marchio, Fredericus, et junior eorum Matthæus, soror quoque ipsorum Aleidis Ducissa Burgundiæ [Alix]’ donated property to Mont Saint-Trinité, for the soul of ‘viri mei nobilis ducis Matthæi.’

1178, Hugh bought the county of Langres from Guy III Comte de Saulx.

1179, Hugh ceded the county of Langres to his uncle, Gauthier de Bourgogne, Bishop of Langres.

9/18/1180, Philip Augustus succeeded as King of France.

1181, Hugh, duke of Burgundy, a member of a coalition of nobles against his succession.

1182, Hugh III, duke of Burgundy, conferred communal privileges on the town of Dijon. (S) Encyclopedia Britannica, V8, 1910, P270.

1183, Hugh repudiated Alix. [Alix returned to Lorraine.]


9/1/1183, Hugh married 2nd Beatrix de Viennois, countess d’Albon.

1185, The Templars asked Duke Hugh of Burgundy to aid them in a dispute with Guy II of Sombernon. (S) Templar Families, Schenk, 2012, P154.

By 1186, Hugh submitted to King Philip.

1186, ‘Hugo … dux Burgundiæ et Albonii comes’ confirmed ’[cum] assensu filiorum meorum Oddonis et Alexandri’ the concession to Cluny by ‘consanguineæ meæ Matildi comitissæ Tornodori.’

1187, Hugh III reserved for himself the authority over Jews of Dijon. (S) Social and Religious History of the Jews, Baron, 1967, P337.

12/1188, ‘Hugo Burgundie dux et Albonii comes’ donated property to the Templars at Beaune, with the support of ‘Beatricis uxoris mee et…filiorum meorum Odonis, Alexandri et Dalphini’.

1190, Hugh designated his son Eudes [Odo] to be regent of Burgundy while he was away on crusade.

1190, Hugh left on crusade with the French forces of King Philip.

7/1190, The English and French crusader armies met at Lyons.

10/4/1190, ‘Phillippum regem Franciae, et … et Hugonem ducem Burgundiae’ met with King Richard of England in Richard’s lodgings in Sicily.

12/25/1190, ‘Philippus rex Franciae et Ricardus rex Angliae … in Sicilia apud Nessanam … et Hugo dex Burgundiae, …‘ celebrated Christmas on Sicily. [King Richard would stay to capture Messina, while the French would proceed to the Holy Land.]

6/5/1191, The French crusaders were besieging the city of Acre. Seige engines were launching objects at walls, troops were trying to fill in the moat, and other troops were tunneling under the walls. On this date the English forces arrived.

7/1191, After the capture of Acre, many crusaders, especially Germans, returned home.

7/31/1191, King Philip left his 10,000 men under the control of Hugh III, Duke of Burgundy, and returned to France.

8/6/1191, Hugh, Duke of Burgundy, Drogo de Amiens and Robert de Quenci were sent on a mission to Tyre to solicit support of the French Marqui.

8/20/1191, King Richard and Hugh, duke of Burgundy, ordered the slaughter of the Muslim prisoners, about 2600, outside the city in view of Saladin’s army. [Their stomach’s were cut open incase they had swallowed precious stones, then their bodies were burned.]

9/5/1191, Hugh III, duke of Burgundy, with King Richard I of England on crusade at the battle of Arsuf; the defeat of Saladin. Hugh commanded a division in the battle.

9/8/1191, The crusaders arrived a Jaffa to find it’s fortifications destroyed. [They spent 3 months rebuilding the fortifications.]

12/1191, The crusdaers arrived at Beit Nuba, 12 miles from Jerusalem.

1/1192, The crusaders decided to return to Jaffa when they could not begin a siege of Jerusalem.

1192, The crusaders moved to Ascalon, on the coast south of Acre, where they spent 4 months building fortifications.

8/1/1192, The crusaders conducted a sea assault on Jaffa, which had been recaptured by Saladin.

8/4/1192, Saladin attacked the crusaders, who were camped outside the walls.

8/25/1192, Hugh died on crusade.


Bef. 1200, Alix died; buried at Citeaux. [SE France.]

(S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy. (S) Crusade of Richard I, Archer, 1888.

Child of Hugh and Alice:

i. Eudes III of Burgundy (189125340), born 1166 in Burgundy.

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