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Saturday, August 22, 2020

King Donald III Bane of Scotland

 378251846. King Donald III Bane of Scotland

~1039, Donald “Bane” born in Scotland, s/o 756441100. King Duncan I Mac Crinan & 756441101. Sybilla of Siward.

8/1040, Donald’s father died.

1045, Donald [likely] went into exile in England with his older brother Malcolm.

4/25/1058 at Scone abbey, Perthshire, Malcolm III Caenmore crowned King of Scotland. [Older brother of Donald.]

1064, On the death of Thorfinn Sigurdsson of Norway, King Malcolm obtained possession [disputed] of the entire Scottish mainland. (S) Prehistoric Annals of Scotland, Wilson, 2013, P206.

1068, King Malcolm granted refuge to English exiles fleeing King William I. [Who was violently suppressing revolts in the north of England.]

9/26/1087, William Rufus crowned King of England; succeeding William the Conqueror.

11/13/1093, King Malcom killed in the battle of Alnwick, Northumbia aginst the English. [Malcolm’s son Edward wounded and died soon after the battle.]

12/1093, Donald became joint-King on the death of his brother King Malcolm III with Malcolm’s son Edmund, younger brother of Edward.

1093-94, Donald expelled all English from the court of Scotland.

5/1094, Donald killed his nephew Mael Colium and took the kingship of Alba.

11/12/1094, Donald implicated in the death of his nephew King Duncan II, s/o King Malcolm III.

1097, Donald and Edmund deposed by Edmund’s younger brother Edgar with the help of the English. Donald was blinded and imprisoned.

1099, Donald died in prison in Rescobie, Forfarshire.

(S) Scotland’s Historic Heraldry, McAndrew, 2006.

Child of Donald and ?:

i. Bethoc of Scotland (189125923), born ~1095 in Scotland.

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