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Saturday, August 22, 2020

King Duncan II of Scotland & Queen Ethelreda of Northumbria

 378258580. King Duncan II of Scotland & 378258581. Queen Ethelreda of Northumbria

1065, Duncan born in England, s/o 378220550. Malcolm III of Scotland & 756517161. Ingibiorg of Norway.

12/25/1066, William the Conqueror succeeded Edgar the Aethling as King of England. [English royalty fled north to Scotland for protection.]

~1070, Ethelreda born in Northumbria, Scotland.

8/1072, Duncan given as a hostage to King William I of England.

[Undated], ‘Waldevus filius comitis Cospatricii’ enfeoffed ‘Waldeve filio Gileminii’ with property and ‘Ethreda (378258581) sorore sua.’ (S) FMG.

Aft. 9/9/1087, Duncan released from prison, and trained and knighted by Robert, duke of Normandy [brother of King William II of England].

~1088, Duncan returned to England in the service of King William II.

~1088, Duncan married Ethelreda. ‘Ethreda sorore Waldevi’ married ‘Doncani comes de Murrayse’. (S) FMG, Cronicon CumbriƦ.

1088, King William II’s barons rebelled in support of his brother Robert [who did not come from Normandy to help.]

1090, King William II invaded Normandy securing some of his brother Robert’s lands.

1091, King William II invaded Scotland.

11/13/1093, Ducan’s father killed at the battle of Alnwick against the Earl of Northumberland.

1093, Duncan succeeded his father as King of Scotland.

1093, ‘Dunecanus fili regii Malcolum constans hereditarie rex Scotie’ donated property to the monks of St Cuthbert for the souls of his father wife and infant son: ‘fratri mei, uxore mea et infans mei’. (S) FMG.

6/1094, Duncan defeated the forces of his uncle Donald III.

1094, Duncan crowned at Scone.

11/12/1094, King Duncan ambushed and killed at Monodoynes by the Mormaer of the Mearns, by on the orders of his half-brother, Edmund, who had allied himself to their uncle Donald Bane. Duncan buried at Dumfermline abbey. (S) FMG.


Ethelreda married 2nd Waltheof. (S) FMG.

Child of Duncan and ?:

i. William Fitz Duncan (189129290), born ~1090 in Scotland.

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