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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Baron Ranulph Fitz Robert & Lady Mary le Bigod

 486765188. Baron Ranulph Fitz Robert & 486765189. Lady Mary le Bigod

1185, Ranulph born in England, 3rd s/o 973530376. Robert Fitz Ralph & 973530377. Helewise de Glanville.

By 1190, Ranulph’s father died.

By 1193, Mary born in England, d/o 39819292. Roger Bigod & 39819293. Ida de Tony. [Ida deceased by this year.]

3/11/1195, Ranulph’s mother died.

9/3/1189, Richard I succeeded King Henry II of England.

1198, Ranulph, a minor in  the custody of a Archbishop, heir to his brother Ralph Fitz Robert.

5/27/1199, John succeeded King Richard I of England.

1202, Ralph son of Robert held ½ fee of the honor of Peverel. (S) Honors and Knights’ Fees, Farrer, V2, 1925, P174.

1206, Ranulph of age.

1206, Ranulf son of Robert gave 200 marks for having a third of the land of William de Stuteville [who had married Berta, niece of Ranulf de Glanville] in Bramham and Leyburn. (S) Early Yorkshire Charters, V9, Farrer, 2013, P11.

[––Ranulf & Mary––]

~1210, Ranulf married Mary. [In 1217 Ranulf gave multiple daughters to the King as hostages.]

1210, Ranulph fitz-Robert accompanied King John to Ireland. King John launched 700 ships in the attack. (S) Biographia Juridica, Foss, 1870, P268.

1213-14, Ranulph founded Coverham Abbey near his manor house in Middleham. [Ranulph had the bones of his mother Helewise brought from Swainby, 15 miles away, to Coverham.]

1214, Ralph moved the monks of Swainby to Coverham. (S) Notes & Queries, White, 7/1871, P83.

1214-15, Ranulf joined with the Glanville’s against King John, and was deprived of the manor of Saxtorp, Norfolk. [But returned allegiance before the end of King John’s reign.]

10/28/1216, Henry III, age 9, crowned king of England.

1217, Ranulf fitz Robert gave daughters to King Henry II as hostages. (S) Hostages in the Middle Ages, Kosto, 2012, P89.

Bef. 8/2/1221, Mary’s father died.

1225, Eustace de Moreton impleaded by William de Cantelupe, the elder, that he should acquit the said William of the service exacted from him by Ralph son of Robert in respect of land in Shoteswell, Warswickshire. (S) Honors and Knight’s Fees, Farrer, V2, 1925, P159.

1225-6, Randolph fitz-Robert, Alexander de Holderness, Abbot of Peterborough … Justices Itinerant. (S) Judges of England, V2, Foss, 1848, P194.

1/1226-7, Eyre of Martin de Pateshull, Ranulph Fitz Robert, Brian Fitz Alan, William de L’Isle, … John de Lacy. (S) Cal. of Lancashire Assize Rolls, V1, 1904, P13.

1227, Ranulph, son of Robert, claimed that his ancestors had established Bainbridge to house 12 foresters, each with a house and 9 acres of land. (S) Villages of Britain, Aslet, 2010, P409.

1230, Ranulph Fitz-Robert a justice itinerant in Yorkshire. (S) History of the High Court of Chancery, Robinson, 1882, P303.

11/1233, Ralph son of Robert, who holds half a knight’s fee of the king in chief, 25 m. for fines for the army, Norfolk. (S) FRsHIII.

6/22/1234, Grant from Hugh de Bromdene to Alan son of Warin … quit-rent … Ralph son of Robert 3s. (S) Cal. of Charters and Doc.’s Relating to Selborne, V4, P2, 1894, P46.

8/10/1239, Henry del Fen, Sabina, his wife, John son of Agnes, David, his brother, Emma of Fishley and Nicholas, her son, Phillip Ketil, Henry Adde, Ralph son of Robert, Humphrey Cnith’, John son of Edwin, Geoffrey son of William, Roger son of Roger, Roger Carpenter, and Nicholas Wade give one mark for having a writ before the justices of the Bench for summoning Thomas de Burgh . Order to the sheriff of Norfolk to take security. (S) FRsHIII.

10/12/1242, Because Ranulf son of Robert has rendered to the king at the Exchequer those 50 m. by which he made fine with him for his passage, order to the sheriff of Yorkshire to permit him to have peace therefrom. (S) FRsHIII.

1246, The forest of Wensledale, lately belonging to Ranulf, son of Robert, given to Peter of Savoy of his honour of Richmond. (S) Old Yorkshire, Wheater, 1885, P243.

2/22/1247, Whereas the king … has also confirmed the fine and concord of the plea which was before the king between the king and Randolf son of Robert of the forest of Wendesleydale … (S) CPRs.

Bef. 12/7/1252, Ranulph of Middleham and Spennithorne, Yorkshire and Houghton on the Hill, Norfolk died; buried at Coverham Abbey, Yorkshire. [Ranulph held 6 knight’s fees in honor of Richmondshire, and 6 in Norfolk. (S) Early Yorkshire Charters, V5, Farrer, 2013, P303.]

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, Richardson, P342.

Child of Ranulph and Mary:

i. Ralph Fitz Ranulph (243382594), born 1218 in England.

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