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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Baron William de Percy & Lady Joan Briwere & Lady Elena Baliol

 486765190. Baron William de Percy & 486765191. Lady Joan Briwere & 243382615. Lady Elena Baliol

~1188, Joan born in England, d/o 189118346. Sir William Briwere & 189118347. Beatrice de Vaux.

9/3/1189, Richard I succeeded King Henry II of England.

1193, William born in England, s/o 973530380. Baron Henry de Percy & 973530381. Isabel de Brus.

1196-8, William heir to his father inheriting the honor of Petworth.

5/27/1199, John succeeded King Richard I of England.

4/3/1200, William de Percy, a minor, assigned as a ward to William Briwere.

1203, Agnes de Percy (1947060761), paternal grandmother of William, died.

9/1202-4/1203, William de Percy accounted for the farm of Yorkshire [not Northumberland.] (S) Durham, Snape, 2002, P230.

1204, Maud de Percy, sister of Agnes died without heirs. King John decided to divide the inheritance [the honor of Topcliffe] between William de Percy and his uncle Richard de Percy. Richard was given all of his mother’s lands, and all of Maud’s lands held of the earl of Chester in Yorkshire. The rest went to William. [Neither side was happy with the division.]

1207, William de Percy, underage, called to warranty [as heir of Maud, countess of Warwick] in the case of Robert son of William vs. William d’Aubigny and his wife Agatha Trussebut … land and wood in Wetherby.

~1208, Elena born in Scotland, d/o §§Lord Ingelram de Balliol & 486765231. ‘Elena’ de Berkeley. [No records, see Family notes. ‘Elena’ taken from daughter’s name.]

1212, William Briwere brought suit against Richard de Percy [William’s uncle] for intruding on William’s possessions.

1212-14, William came of age.

1214, William de Percy to Sir William Briwerre: release of his right in the land of Chedderley which the said William Briwerre had given to his daughter Joan and the said William de Percy in exchange for land in the vill of Foston (Fotestone): (Leic.). (S) UKNA.

1214, William de Percy brought suit against Richard de Percy [his uncle] for 5 Topcliffe manors, which he claimed he had held while in the custody of William Briwere.

1214, William accompanied King John as he unsuccessfully invaded France trying to recover his lands. King John personally led the expedition against Poitou.

1215, Robert de Roos, Peter de Brus, and William de Percy, in support of Louis, Dauphine of France, and against King John, who had invaded the north, reduced Cleveland and the rest of Yorkshire. (S) History of Cleveland, Graves, 1808.

6/19/1215 at Runnymede near Windsor, King John forced to agree to the terms of the Magna Carta. [The barons in revolt together held more castles and knights fees than John did as King. John then arranged for all of the barons to be excommunicated – starting a war.] William returned his fealty to King John, but his uncle Richard de Percy did not.

[–––William & Joan–––]

~1215, William Briewerre granted to William de Percy of Petworth in frank marriage with his daughter Joan 80 acres of his demesne of Foston to hold for ¼ fee.

10/28/1216, Henry III, age 9, crowned king of England.

5/1217, William de Percy given all the lands seized from his uncle Richard de Percy, “inasmuch as he is the nearer heir who is in our service.”

5/1218, Richard de Percy, returning allegiance to King Henry, reached an apportionment agreement with his nephew William de Percy. [However, litigation would continue until 1234.]

1219, The service of William Foliot assigned to William de Percy [during a lawsuit with his uncle Richard.]

1220, William de Percy claimed 3 carucates and a mill in Wetherby against Robert son of William [see suit of 1207.]

1221, William de Percy won his suit against Robert son of William.

1222, William de Percy acquitted by special writ of scutage for 15 knights fees in Yorkshire, and 28 in the honor of Petworth. (S) History of – Barony of Alnwick, V1, Tate, 1866, P114.

1223-33, William de Percy gave to Sallay abbey 10 acres of land in Gisburn forest in exchange for land in Micklethwait. (S) Chartulary of the Cistercian Abbey of St. Mary of Sallay in Craven, McNulty, 2013, P20.

3/31/1224, William granted a market at Nafferton, Yorkshire. (S) Gazetteer of Markets and Fairs.

~1224, Elena’s father died.

1225, The long dispute between Sallay Abbey on the one hand and William de Percy and William Gernun, his clerk, on the other, concerning Tadcaster church, was referred to Walter Gray for settlement. (S) UKNA.

1226, Roger de Insula, dean of York, witnessed William de Percy’s charter granting the church of Topcliffe the use of the fabric of the cathedral. (S) Eboracum, Drake, 1736, P522.

1227, Joan’s father died; her brother William the heir.

1227, William de Percy, son of Henry, claimed 6 carucates in Rainton against Thomas de Arches. [In litigation until 1231.]

By 1227, Joan died.                                                                                                                                                             

[–––William & Elena–––]

By 1227, William married 2nd Elena de Baliol.

1228, Hugh, s/o Wigan, s/o Gikel de Baldersby, holding a tenement in Baldersby of William de Percy. (S) Early Yorkshire Charters, V11, Farrer, 2013, P339.

1229, Robert de Percy, recently deceased, is named in a suit of William de Percy.

1230, Grand assize between William de Percy and Thomas de Arches postponed.

1230, A suit between William de St. John and William de Percy touching a fee in Snailewelle.

6/8/1231 at York, Grand assize between William de Percy and Thomas de Arches: an agreement was made. Thomas gave 30 marks and William 10 marks. Thomas was to hold the land of William by service of half a knight.

1231-2, William de Percy owes half a mark for an essoign [excuse for non-attndeance] not warranted at the Pleas of the Forest. (S) Pipe Rolls of Cumberland and Westmorland, 1905, P35.

6/10/1233, Hugh Wake, nephew and one of the heirs of William Brewer junior … surety by Phillip d’Aubigny and William de Percy for rendering the aforesaid debts … (S) FRsHIII.

6/12/1233, William de Percy has made fine with the king by 500 m. for having the custody of his five daughters, certain of the heirs of William Brewer junior , … until the lawful age of his same daughters, with their marriages. … surety … by Reginald de Mohun , …, and by Hugh Wake and Payn de Chaworth , … William, in the name of his aforesaid daugters, to have full seisin without delay of the manor of Ashley with appurtenances …. (S) FRsHIII.

7/20/1233, William de Percy and Margery Briwer agreed over conflicting interests in the manors.

11/8/1233, The fine of Hugh d’Aubigny for having his lands. Pledges of the said Hugh … John fitz Geoffrey for 100 m … Warin de Munchesney for 100 m. … Bertram de Criel for 20 m. … William Mauduit for 40 m. … William Bardolf for 50 m. Thomas of Moulton for 50 m. Hugh Wake for 50 m. … John de Vieuxpont for 50 m. … Payn de Chaworth for 40 m. … William de Percy for 200 m. … (S) FRsHIII.

11/1234, William de Percy granted a carucated in Wansford to Robert de Haulay for the service of a tenth of a knight’s fee and payment of 20 marks of silver.

1236, John de Vaus [Vallibus, and wife Alice] hold 1 fee in Sneylewell of the barony of William de Percy. (S) Feudal Cambridgeshire, Farrer, 1920, P152.

4/15/1239, ‘Abbati et conventui de Salleia Cisterciensis … et nobilis viri Willelmi de Percy tunc ejusdem ecclesie patronorum canonice …’ (S) Chartulary – St. Mary of Sallay, McNulty, 2013, P125.

1241, William de Percy complained that Alan la Zuche chased in his free warren. (S) Honors and Knights’ Fees, Farrer, 1925, P35.

11/12/1241 at Lancaster, William de Percy vs. John, abbot of Fountains. (S) Final Concords – Lancaster, 1899, P76.

1242-3, Alan de Percy held half a knight’s fee in Somerby of William de Percy.

1/30/1243, Royal grant to confirm to the Abbot and Convent of Salley the manor of Gisburn in Craven, with all men belonging, their services and other appurtenances, which manor they had by gift of William de Percy son of Henry de Percy Witnesses: William, Archbishop of York; …; William de Cantilupe, …, Robert of Muscegros, … (S) UKNA.

1243, Romund Tirel held half a knight’s fee in Goodmanham of William de Percy.

1244, Eleanor’s father died.

1244, William de Percy sold to Robert de Haulay and Henry his son the wardship and marriage of the heirs of Robert de Irton.

1244, William’s uncle Richard died [leaving a son Henry who died without heirs.]

1245-6, “William de Percy; [Yorkshire]: Tadcaster” died. (S) UKNA, IPM.


1246, Elena, widow of William de Percy, claimed against Robert de Brus … The defendants called to warrant Henry de Percy, son and heir of William de Percy, who was under age and in ward to the king … (S) Yorkshire Arch. Journal, V1, 1892, P276.

7/25/1252, Grant, for life, to Ellen de Percy that her woods of Ravenesclive, Cumbes and Eggel … manor of Semer, which she holds in dower of the free tenement late of William de Percy, her late husband, shall be quit of regard and she shall take her profit … (S) CPRs.

6/4/1257, Henry de Percy made an agreement with his brothers William and Walter, and Elena, their mother, regarding her dower. (S) NEHGR, Vs37-52, 1951, P287.

Elena died.

(S) Sussex Archaeological Collections, V14, 1862, P3. (S) Judges, Administrators & Common Law, Turner, 1994, P282. (S) Early Yorkshire Charters, V11, Farrer, 2013 [“The Percy Fee”.] (S) Early Yorkshire Charters [various volumes.]

Family notes:

Ingelram de Balliol married a daughter and co-heiress of §§Walter de Berkeley & 973530463. Eve of Galloway, d/o 159916056. Lord Uchtred of Galloway & 159916057. Gunhilda of Dunbar; obtaining the baronies of Redcastle in Forfarshire, and Urr in Galloway. (S) Scotland’s Historic Heraldry, Mcandrew, 2006, P78.

Multiple persons with the name “William de Percy”, contemporary with this William: e.g., 5/3/1244 William de Percy made a fine of 100 marks for having married Nichola, widow of Eustace de Stuteville, without licence.

Children of William and Joan:

i. Joan de Percy, born ~1217 in England.

Bef. 7/1233, Joan married to Henry de Ferlington [William gave Ashley as her dower.] (S) Studies in 13th Century Justice, Meekings, 1981, P86.

ii. Anastasia de Percy (243382595), born ~1220 in England.

Child of William and Eleanor:

i. Henry de Percy (121691306), born 1228 in England.

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