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Monday, August 24, 2020

Baron Robert de Marmion & Lady Avicia Fitz Hugh

 189120880. Baron Robert de Marmion & 189120881. Lady Avicia Fitz Hugh

~1185, Robert Marmiun junior born in France, s/o 39979544. Robert de Marmion & 378241761. Philippa ?.

~1200, Avicia born in England, heiress & d/o §§Lord Hugh fitz Gernagan & Lady Maud de Morville, coheiress of §§Torphin de Manfield.

Bef. 1204, Avicia’s father died.

1204, Maud [Avicia’s mother], Lady of Tanfield died. [Maud succeeded by Avicia’s brother Gernegan who died leaving Avicia as the heiress.]

6/6/1210, King John launched successful attacks in Ireland with 700 ships. Robert’s retinue had 3 knights [of his 25 fees held.] (S) Studies in Taxation, Mitchell, 1914, P97.

2/1214, King John landed at La Rochelle, France, in an expedition into Poitou. Robert with King John who unsuccessfully invaded France trying to recover his lands.

1214, King Philip and King John agreed to a 6-year truce at Chinon.

10/1214, King John returned to England.

[––Robert & Amicia––]

1215, Robert married Avicia, paying 300 marks for possession of her father’s lands. [Hugh fitz Gernagan, lord of Tanfield in the honour of Richmond, a contemporary of Torphin de Manfield, held 2 and a half fees in Tanfield and its appurtenances.]

6/19/1215 at Runnymede near Windsor, King John forced to agree to the terms of the Magna Carta.

10/19/1216, Henry III, age 9, succeeded John as King of England. Louis of France also claimed the throne.

Bef. 5/15/1218, Robert’s father died.

5/15/1218, Robert Marmion junior (189120880) has made fine with the king by £500 for having custody of Tamworth castle and of the lands formerly of Robert (39979544), his father, of which he was seised on the day he died, until the time when the lands of England and Normandy will be together, so that Englishmen will have their lands in Normandy and Normans their lands in England. If by chance before the lands are together in the aforesaid manner, his brother, Robert senior (19989772), shall come to the king’s peace, so that he recovers the lands formerly of their father in England, of which he was vested on the day he died, Robert senior is to render to Robert junior as much of the aforesaid fine as he will have paid to the king before he recovers the lands, …. (S) FRsHIII. [Under King John the barons of England had lost most of their lands in France.]

11/15/1218, Pledges of Robert Marmion in Lincolnshire  … Phillippa Marmion (his mother) for 60 m. … (S) FRsHIII.

10/1219, William de Canville sues Albreda Marmigiun (sic), his mother, to warrant to him half a knight's fee [4 hides] in Horweye (Arrow, Warwick), which he claimed to hold of her, and for which Robert Marmiun junior, the capital lord, distrained him for the service of 3 parts of a knight's fee [which William’s father Geoffrey de Caunvill held of Robert’s father]. (S) Staffordshire Hist. Coll’s, V4, 1883, Plea Rolls.

7/16/1200, King John confirmed to Robert [junior, half brother (189120880)], son of Robert Marmyon, which Robert Marmyon his father and Robert Marmyon (19989772) his brother, had made to him of the land of Wintringham.

1220, Auberée wife of William de Camville, of Clifton, Staffordshire, was holding half a knight's fee in Arrow of Robert Marmion for life, with reversion to her son William de Camville. (S) Hist. of Warwick, V3, 1945, Arrow.

11/25/1220, Henry III King of England ordered that the lands of Roberti Marmiun (39979544) be granted to Robertum Marmiun filium suum primogenitum (19989772), except for agreements with Robertum Marmiun juniorem (189120880) fratrem suum. (S) FMG.

Aft. 1221, Robert’s mother died.

9/1/1222, Adam Blund of London gives the king one mark for having a precipe against Robert Marmion, concerning 22½ m. (S) FRsHIII.

5/3/1224, Robert Marmion junior for 10m. pledge for John of Bassingbourn. (S) FRsHIII.

12/25/1226, To the sheriff of Lincolnshire. The king has granted that, of the £51 6s. 8d. which Robert Marmion junior owes him and which he exacts from him by summons of the Exchequer, he is to render a moiety … (S) FRsHIII.

12/17/1233, Concerning the fine of the bishop of Exeter for having the custody of the land and heir of W. d’Avranches. … by 2000m. for having the custody of the land and the son and heir … Pledges: Earl Roger Bigod for 100m. William of Lancaster for 40m. Hubert Hoese for 20m. William de Ros for 40m. William de Say for 40m. R. earl of Cornwall for 100m. William de Botreaux for 60m. H. earl of Hereford for 100m. Ralph Gernon for £100. … Hugh Despenser for 20m. Peter de Maulay for 20m. Warin de Munchesney for 20m. William Mauduit for 20m. William Bardolf for 20m. … J. earl of Chester and Huntingdon for 100m. William, count of Aumale, for 100m. John de Gray for 20m. Ralph de la Haye for 20m. Roger de Quincy for 40m. Richard de Gray for 40m. Ernald de Bosco for 20m. John de Beauchamp for 20m. … William de Cantilupe junior for 40m. Henry of Hastings for 20m. Geoffrey de Dynham for 40m. Robert Marmion for 100m. Gilbert of Seagrave for 40m. Hugh Wake for 100m. Henry de Trubleville for 50m. William Longespée for 100m. Elias Gifford for 20m. (S) FRsHIII. [Robert in the company of the most powerful barons and lords of England.]

9/2/1234, Mandate to R. earl of Cornwall and Poitou, neither to go to the Northampton of Cambridge tournaments or any other without the king's licence … the like to … [6 earls listed] W. Longespe. W. de Vescy. P. de Bruis. Ralph de Touny. Philip Basset. Gilbert [Basset]. Robert Marmiun. Hugh Wake. John de Gray. Richard de Gray. (S) CPRs.

12/29/1235, Robert Marmion junior for 10m. pledge for William Marmion. (S) FRsHIII.

1235-36, The overlordship of a knight's fee in Freasley was held by Robert Marmion, lord of Tamworth Castle. (S) Hist. of Warwick, V4, 1947, Polesworth.

1235-6, Robert Marmiun held fees in Stok Marmion and Quinton. (S) The Place-Names of Oxfordshire, V1.

1139, Geffrey, earl of Anjou, besieged and razed Robert’s castle of Fontney, Normandy. (S) Hist. of the Family of Marmyun, Banks, 1817, P7.

1239, A suit in Papal court started in the 1100s when Brian of Bedale enfeoffed the manor of Wath to the ancestors of the Marmions, Gernegan son of Hugh, who was sued in 1176-77 by the Monks of Mont St. Michel. Sir Robert Marmion, kt., claimed it in right of his wife Avis [grand]daughter of Gernegan. Robert Marmion 'offered to prove by duel that the manor was his. The combatants fought in a place appointed by the king, the knight bringing a multitude of armed men, and the knight's champion was more than once brought to the ground, on which the knight's party interfered to rescue him, and threatened death to the abbot and his champion, so that the abbot, fearing that death would ensue, came to the spot and renounced his right, which renunciation the knight would not admit save by way of peace and payment of a sum of money. The abbot and convent prayed that the renunciation, made without the consent of the convent, might be annulled, and the pope summoned the parties before him. The Marmions were the successful claimants [See 1243]. (S) Cal. of Papal Letters, I, 179.

1139-42, Robert died in the Holy Land. [His brother William Marmion, clerk, gave parcels of land for the souls of his father and mother, and his brother Robert Marmion junior.]


10/23/1242, Avice, who was the wife of Robert Marmion, gives the king 5 m. for a writ ad terminum. Order to the sheriff of Yorkshire to take security. (S) FRsHIII.

1243, Avis Marmion obtained a grant of free warren in her demesne lands of Wath and Tanfield [the vill of Tanfield consisted of 11 carucates].

Avice died.

(S) Hist. of York North Riding, V1, 1914, West Tanfield & Wath.

Child of Robert and Avicia:

i. William de Marmion (94560440), born by 1230 in England.

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