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Saturday, August 22, 2020

Baron Robert de Vere & Lady Adela de Montfort

 270190208. Baron Robert de Vere & 270190209. Lady Adela de Montfort

~1085, Robert born in England, s/o 3025893412. Aubrey de Vere & 3025893413. Beatrix of Ghisnes.

1088, Robert’s father died.

8/2/1100, Henry I crowned King of England.

~1095, Adela born in England, d/o §§Baron Hugh de Montfort (b.~1060). [The manor of Canons Hall originated in Hugh de Montfort's Domesday holding of 3 hides and 30 a. in Leyton. 2 hides of that were given by Montfort's daughter Adela and her first husband Simon de Moulins to the canons of Holy Trinity, Aldgate, and the grant was confirmed by the king about 1121. (S) Hist. of Essex, V6, 1973, Wanstead.]


Adela 1st married to Simon de Moulins.

1102-07, Simon witnessed a grant of King Henry to Roger Bigot. (S) Blyth Priory, Sharpe, Univ. of Oxford, 2013, P10.

Aft. 1107, Adela, while married to Simon, was the heiress of her brother Robert de Montfort (fl.1100-07); who was banished in 1107 by King Henry I. (S) Robert ‘Curthose’, Aird, 2011, P125.

5/1108 at Norwich, Simon a witness to a grant for Binham priory. (S) Blyth Priory, Sharpe, Univ. of Oxford, 2013, P10.

By 1116, Notification by Henry I to Ralph Bp. of Chichester … Witnesses … Robert de Vere.

1121, Simon and Adela’s gift of 2 hides to the canons of Holy Trinty confirmed by King Henry. [Later confirmed by Adela’s 2nd husband Robert, and by King Stephen.]

1121-24, Notitia of the livery by John of Bayeux to Bernard the scribe of the land and houses in London which were of Gisulf, … Witness … Robert keeper of the King’s seal; Mark the physician; … William Mauduit; Robert de Vere, Warin Sheriff of Somerset; …

1121-27, Notification by Henry I to the Bp. of London and Aubrey de Vere the sheriff, and all the barons of Essex: Of his grant to Eustace of Barenton, his Serjeant, … Witnesses: Robert de Sigillo; William de Montfichet; Aubrey de Vere; Robert de Vere; Robert de Essex.

1121-33, Precept by Henry I to the reeves and burgesses of York; Witness: Robert de Vere.

1122-27, Simon de Moulins died.

[––Robert & Adela––]

By 1127, Robert paid £350 to marry Adela and acquired the barony of Haughley, Suffolk.

1127, Robert became constable of the King’s household.

5/22/1127, Notification by Henry I to Richard fitz Baldwin [Sheriff of Devon and Cornwall] and his ministers: That he has given to the Canons Regular of St. Stephen's, Launceston, … Witnesses: Roger, bishop of Salisbury, Robert de Vere, Constable.

1128, Notification by Henry I … property in Laleham … Witnesses: Roger Bp. of Salisbury; Geoffrey the chancellor; …  Robert Earl of Gloucester, the King's son ; Robert de Vere, constable ; Brian fitz Count ; William de Pont de I'Arche; Wlliam Martel; Richard fitz Urse; …

1130, Notification by Henry I to Henry Bp. of Winchester, William de Pont de I'Arche, the sheriff … Witnesses: William Abp. of Canterbury; Roger Bp. of Salisbury; Geoffrey the chancellor; …; Robert de Vere. [Robert witnessed multiple royal documents during this year.]

Aft. 1130, Charter of Robert de Vere to the monks of Morton.

8/1131, Notification by Henry I … restored and granted to William, son of Walter de Beauchamp, his dispenser, the land that his father held from whatever lord; and his father's office of dispenser. … Witnesses: … G[eoffrey] the chancellor; … Robert de Vere; … William Maltravers; William de Albini,… William Mauduit.

4/29/1132, Notification by Henry I … has granted St. Martin's Church at Dover … Witnesses … William Earl Warenne; Ranulf Earl of Chester; Robert Earl of Leicester; Brian fitz Count; Hugh Bigod; Humphrey de Bohun; Miles of Gloucester; Payn fitz John; Richard fitz Gilbert; Robert de Vere; Robert de Essex; Richard Basset; Aubrey de Vere; …

6/1132, King Henry to the abbot and monks of St. Mary’s, Reading … Witnesses … Robert Earl of Gloucester; Stephen Count of Mortain; William Earl Warenne; Robert de Vere; Robert de Curci; Brian fitz Count; Hugh Bigod; Humphrey de Bohun; Aubrey de Vere; Richard Basset.

8/1132, Robert de Vere accompanied King Henry to Normandy. [King Henry would never return to England.] (S) Archives – British Records Association, V23, 1995, P169.

1133, Precept by Henry I to his justices and the custodians of the see of Bayeux: To cause Reginald son of Robert Nep. to have his tithe which Ralph de Rais detains out of the fee of Hugh de Crevecceur and of Robert de Vere.

1134, at Rouen, Notification by Henry I to the Abp. of Rouen … Witnesses: Matilda the Empress; … Robert Earl of Leicester; Brian fitz Count; Robert de Vere; Robert de Curci; Humphrey de Bohun; Hugh Bigod; …

Aft. 1135, Adela and Simons grant to the canons of the Holy Trinity confirmed by King Stephen.

12/1/1135, King Henry I died. [His daughter Empress Matilda was pregnant and in Anjou.]

12/26/1135, In a coup, Stephen de Blois became King of England, throwing the country into civil war.

1/5/1136, Robert with King Stephen attended the funeral of King Henry I at Reading.

1/1136, King Stephen arrived at Durham with a very large army, to ensure King David’s allegiance against Empress Matilda’s claim to the throne of England.

2/5/1136, at Durham, King Stephen and King David of Scotland came to peace terms.

2/1136, at York, King Stephen held court. Henry of Northumberland, son of King David of Scotland, performed homage to King Stephen according to the treaty of Durham. Robert de Vere was present at the court.

4/1136, King Stephen’s Charter of Liberties issued at Winchester. After the clergy and earls, Robert de Vere is the 1st baron to sign the charter.

1136, Robert de Vere witnessed King Stephen’s confirmation to the monks of Cluny of the manor of Letcombe Regis in Berkshire.

12/25/1137, King Stephen held Christmas court at Dunstable, Bedfordshire; laying siege to the castle. Robert de Vere, constable, witnessed a royal charter during the court to Henry, bishop of Winchester.

6/1139, King Stephen’s household: William de Pont de l’Arche, Aubrey de Vere, chamberlains; Hugh Bigod, Humphrey de Bohun, stewards; William d’Aubigny, pincerna; John fitz Gilbert, marshal; Robert de Vere, Miles of Gloucester, Robert d’Oilli, Brian fitz Count, constables. (S) Anarchy of King Stephen’s Reign, King, 1994, P119.

9/1139, King Henry’s daughter Empress Matilda invaded England with forces led by her half brother Robert, Earl of Gloucester. Empress Matilda landed at Arundel in Sussex. King Stephen stopped his siege of Corfe castle, and proceeded to Arundel. Robert de Vere a member of King Stephen’s retinue.

2/2/1141, King Stephen captured at the battle of Lincoln.

4/7/1141 at Winchester, Empress Matilda acknowledged as “Lady of England and Normandy” by Bishop Henry.

5/15/1141, Robert’s older brother Aubrey de Vere slain during a riot in London.

6/24/1141, Londoners, in support of Queen Mathilde, attacked Winchester. Empress Matilda had to flee to her castle at Oxford.

9/14/1141, Empress Matilda’s forces defeated at the battle of Winchester by forces led by King Stephen’s Queen, Mathilde of Boulogne. Empress Matilda’s brother Robert, earl of Gloucester, was captured.

11/1/1141, King Stephen exchanged by Matilda for Robert, earl of Gloucester.

12/25/1141, Stephen again crowned King, and held a Christmas court. At the court Robert de Vere was the 4th baron to witness a royal charter to Geoffrey de Mandeville [married to Robert’s sister Rohesia.]

1142, Aubrey de Vere created 1st Earl of Oxford by Empress Matilda. Robert de Vere named in the patent.

1143 at Oxford, King Stephen, having captured the city, confirmed grant of Edward the Confessor, previously confirmed by William the Conqueror and King Henry I to the monks of Abingdon. Robert de Vere signed the confirmation 2nd after Geoffrey de Mandeville, earl of Essex.

Bef. 1144, Robert de Vere and his wife founded Horton priory as a cell of Lewes. (S) North East and East Kent, Newman, 1983, P397.

1144-5 at Bury St. Edmonds, Stephen, King of the English, … monks of St. Aethelthryth of Ely … Witnesses: Earl Gilbert and Robert de Vere, and Turgis de d’Avranches and John son of Robert. (S) Liver Eliensis, Fairweather, 2005, P411.

1146 at St. Albans, Robert de Vere and Henry de Essex witnessed a royal charter in favour of the Warwickshire Nunnery of Polesworth.

1146, Earl Alberic and his uncle Robert de Vere, constable, and Henry de Essex witnessed a royal charter in favour of Norfolk abbey of St. Benet of Hulm. (S) Transactions – Shropshire, V2, 1879, P20.

7-8/1146 near Oxford, Robert de Vere the 1st witness to a royal charter in favour of the Norfolk abbey of St. Benet of Hulm.

2-3/1148, Robert de Vere witnessed grants presented by King Stephen and confirmed by Queen Mathilde in front of the tombs of their children Baldwin and Matilda, at the Augustinian priory of Holy Trinity, Aldgate.

1148, Robert de Vere, constable, the 1st witness to a royal grant to Missenden abbey.

1149 at Stanford, King Stephen directed a mandate to Robert de Chisvey, bishop of Lincoln, … Witness Robert de Ver. (S) Academia Tertia Anglicana, Peck, 1727, P25.

11/6/1153, At Westminster, the Treaty of Wallingford recognized Duke Henry as the heir of his cousin King Stephen. 11 earls signed the treaty. Other signatories included Robert de Vere and Henry de Essex.

Robert died.

(S) King Stephen, King, 2010. (S) Transactions – Shropshire, V2, 1879, PP19-22. (S) Regista Regum Anglo-Mormannorum, Johnson, 1956.

Children of Robert and Adela:

i. Henry de Vere (135095104), born ~1129 in England.

ii. William de Vere, born ? in England.

William married Margaret Wake and acquired Thrapston in frank marriage.

Undated Charters: “I Walter Fitz-Henry Fitz-Robert have granted to William my paternal uncle Twynwell and Addington as my grandfather Robert held them on the day of his death.” … “I William Fitz-Robert Fitz-Aubrey have granted to Robert de Vere my nephew Twynwell and Addington, which I hold by the grant Walter de Drayton.”

[William the ancestor of the Vere family of Addington.]

iii. Robert de Vere, born ? in England.

Robert married Margaret Wake, sister of Baldwin Wake.

Robert of Thrapston by the grant of Baldwin Wake.

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