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Saturday, August 22, 2020

Lord Ralph Picot

 270188570. Lord Ralph Picot

~1125, Ralph born in England.

4/20/1148, From: Henry de wude; … the monks of Canterbury Cathedral Priory … Witnesses: Walter Durdent, prior of Canterbury Cathedral Priory; … laymen: Ralph picot; … (S) UKNA.

1153, Ralph Picot accused by the monks of Christ Church Canterbury of having demanded scot, danegeld, the murder fine and other dues from Elverton, which they claimed as exempt demesne. (S) Proc’s of the Battle Conf., 1991, P104.

Bef. 1154, Ralph Picot tenant and constable of the Archbishop of Canterbury. (S) Proc’s of the Battle Conf., 1991, P101.

9/29/1154-9/29/1160, Ralph sheriff of Kent and Sussex. (S) Villare Cantianum.

9/1155, Ralph Picot renders an account of £8 14s 2d blanched of an old farm. In the treasury 14s 2d. (S) Kent Arch. Soc., Kent Pipe Roll, 2 Hen. II (E 372/2: Rot. 12, m. 1d).

1156, Ralph Picot a king’s justice in Surrey. (S) CH&I.H.III, P19.

Bef. 4/18/1161, Ralph Picot, knight, regularly attested Archbishop Theobald of Bec’s charters. (S) Archbishops Ralph d’Escures …, Truax, 2017.

~1161, Ralph, of Milton and Tong, Kent, died holding lands in chief in Dartford, Kent; and Saling, Essex. [Ralph Picot holds 1 carucate of land in Saling, Essex, by serjeanty of keeping 1 sparhawk. The King was to find maintenance for 3 horses, 3 grooms, and 3 greyhounds. Ralph was to mew the sparhawk at his own cost. (S) Fragmenta Antiquitatis, Blount, 1815, P266.

Child of Ralph and ?:
i. Alice Picot (135094285), born ~1150 in England. 

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