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Saturday, August 22, 2020

Baron William Malet & Lady Maud de Mortimer

 270188568. Baron William Malet & 270188569. Lady Maud de Mortimer

~1110, William born in Curry Malet, Somerset, England, s/o 540377136. Robert Malet.

Bet. 1135–1154, William was one of the witnesses to that King's Charter to the Church of St. Benedict of Ramsey. (S) Dug. Bar., Vol. I, P3.

~1125, Maud born in England, d/o §§Lord Robert de Mortimer (b.~1100).

[––William & Maud––]

~1144, William married Maud.

1150-1155, Succeeded to the barony of Curry Mallet upon his father's death. Besides the Honour of Curry, William had estates in Sussex, Surrey, Kent, and Suffolk.

12/19/1154, Henry II crowned king of England.

1156, William paid the sum of £25 for Danegeld in the county of Somerset. (S) Collinson, Vol. I, P31.

2/1157 at Valognes, William Malet, Dapifer, witnessed a royal confirmation to Blanchelande abbey.

1/1158 at Newcastle-upon-Tyne, William Malet witnessed a royal charter to Hubert de Vallibus.

6/1158 at Patmer, Hertfordshire, William Malet witnessed a royal charter to the Lepers of Herting, Sussex.

2/25/1162 at Rouen, William Malet, Dapifer, witnessed a royal charter to Bordesley abbey, Worcester.

1162, William Malet pardoned 12s. of Danegeld. (S) Feudal Cambridgeshire, P109.

3/8/1163, at Westminster, William Malet, Dapifer, withnessed a royal confirmation of a deed of Eustace Cade.

7/1/1163, K. Henry confirms the grants of Robert, earl of Leicester, to Nun-Eaton … Witnesses … Thomas, Abp of Canterbury; … M. King of Scotland; … William the King’s brother; Earl Reginald (of Cornwall); … William Malet …

1/1164,Constitutions of Clarendon … in the fourth year of the papacy of Alexander, in the tenth year of the most illustrious king of the English, Henry II., in the presence of that same king, … in the presence of the following: [10 counts], Richard de Luce, …, Humphrey de Bohen, …, William Malet, …, William de Hastings, Hugo de Moreville, William Malduit-chamberlain, … and many other chiefs and nobles … (S) Yale Law School, The Avalon Project.

11/1165 at Winchester, William Malet witnessed a royal charter to Hertlands abbey, Devonshire.

3/1166 at Feckenham, William Malet, Dapifer, witnessed a royal charter to Peter fitz William. [The same month William witnessed another charter at Prochester.]

1166, To William Malet, s/o Robert Malet, of Curry and Shepton. “certified for the assessment of the aid for marrying the King's daughter to upwards of 22 knights’ fees of the old feoffment, and upwards of 2 knights’ fees on the new.”

1166, William held the manor of “Dundon super Polden” previously held by his father. (S) A Hist. of the co. of Somerset, V8, 2004.

11/1166, at Caen, Normandy, William Malet witnessed a royal grant to the Abbot of Mont St. Michel.

12/10/1167 at Le Mans, William Malet, Dapifer, witnessed a royal charter to the church and monks of Ferley.

1168, William paid the sum of £15 12s 10d. He held 12 knights’ fees in Abbey of Glastonbury, 34 knights’ fees in Somerset, the Honour in Kent, and 4 knights’ fees in Sussex.

1169, Robert of Torigny captured by William Malet and imprisoned [where he died.] (S) Correspondence of Thomas Becket, Duggan, 2000, P1051.

3/1170, at Edwardston, Dorsetshire, William Malet, Dapifer, witnessed a royal confirmation to Lepers of the manor of Bradley.

1170, William died in Curry Mallet, Somerset, England, holding 24 knights’ fees in chief. (S) Feudal Assessments, Keefe, 1983, P109.

(S) Court, Household, and Itinerary of King Henry II, Eyton, 1878.

Child of William and Maud:
i. Gilbert Malet (135094284), born ~1146 in England. 

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