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Monday, August 24, 2020

Baron Roger Fitz John & Lady Isabel of Dunbar

 243382596. Baron Roger Fitz John & 243382597. Lady Isabel of Dunbar

10/28/1216, Henry III, age 9, crowned king of England.

Aft. 1219, Roger Fitz John de Balliol born in England, heir & s/o 486765192. John Fitz Robert & 486765193. Ada de Balliol.

~1220, Isabel born in Scotland, d/o 486765194. Patrick of Dunbar & 486765195. Eupheme de Brus.

1240, Roger’s father died.

5/7/1241, Ada [Roger’s mother], who was the wife of John son of Robert , has made fine with the king by 2000 m. for having the custody of the land and heirs of the aforesaid John, namely of Roger and Hugh, together with their marriage, of which 2000 m. she is to render … until the aforesaid debt is paid. (S) CPRs. [Ada arranged for Roger to be put in the care of William de Valence (11820102), the king’s half-brother.]

By 1246, Roger married Isabel.

Bef. 6/22/1249, Roger, of Warkworth, Northumberland, and Clavering, Essex died in Normandy. [William de Valence was in Normandy at this time.]


Isabel married 2nd Simon Bayard of Northumberland.

5/19/1262, Simon Bayard and Isabella, his wife, are in amercement for many defaults, versus William Comyn and Euphemia, his wife. Simon and Isabella were summoned to answer to William and Euphemia in a plea that they should deliver to them 540 marks which they owe. William and Euphemia, by attorney, say that a certain Euphemia, grandmother of Euphemia [paternal mother of Isabella], infeft the latter in the manor of Athelgalthwyn in Scotland of the grandmother’s heritage. (S) POMS.

4/28/1266, Simple protection without term for Simon Bayard.

1268, Newcastle assize; Richard de Gosebek of Gosebek in Suffolk and his wife brought an action against Simon Baard and Isabella his wife to enforce covenants made between them regarding the manor of Aydon. (S) History of Northumberland, Hinds, 1914, P342.

1269, ‘Assisa venit recognitura si Isabella, quae fuit uxor Rogeri filii Johannis, Simon Bayard, … (S) 3 Early Assize Rolls for the County of Northumberland, XIII, 1891, P175.

Isabel died.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P210.

Family notes:

1/6/1252, Roger son of John’s lands extended at £120 19s 8.5d.

Children of Roger and Isabel:

i. Robert Fitz Roger (121691298), born 1247 in England.

ii. Eupheme Fitz Roger, born ? in England.

Eupheme married 1st Sir William Comyn.

Eupheme married 2nd Sir Andrew de Moray.

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