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Monday, August 24, 2020

Baron Ralph Fitz Ranulph & Lady Anastasia de Percy

 243382594. Baron Ralph Fitz Ranulph & 243382595. Lady Anastasia de Percy

10/28/1216, Henry III, age 9, crowned king of England.

1218, Ralph born in England, s/o 486765188. Ranulph Fitz Robert & 486765189. Mary le Bigod.

~1220, Anastasia born in England, d/o 486765190. William de Percy & 486765191. Joan Briwere.

4/24/1242, Ralph son of Randolf given protection with clause volumus as long as he be beyond seas with the king. (S) CPRs.

5/20/1242, King Henry III arrived at Royen, France with a small contingent; but with 30 tons of gold. They were soon joined by French nobles against the forces of the Count of Poitou and King Louis IX.

7/22/1242 at Saintes, the 2 armies met with the superior sized French force winning.

9/27/1242, King Henry returned to England arriving at Portsmouth.               

[––Ralph & Anastasia––]

~1243, Ralph married Anastasia.

Bef. 12/7/1252, Ralph age 34 at the death of his father.

5/30/1253, Ralph son of Randolf given protection for going with the king to Gascony. (S) CPRs.

8/6/1253, King Henry left for Gascony from Portsmouth with 300 ships.

10/23/1253, King Henry’s army in camp at Benauge, then Bazas, then Meilhan, then Bordeaux, then Orleans, France.

1/1255, King Henry returned his army to England.

5/11/1257, Settlement of disputes between Sir Ralph son of Rannulph and lady Avice Marmyun [heir & d/o Gernagan fitz Hugh, widow of Robert Marmion] about common of pasture … of Welle, Tanefeld, Nosterfeld, Karethorp, and Fagherwall. (S) Yorkshire Deeds, V2, Brown, 2013, P180.

1258, Ralph Fitz-Ranulph, lord of Middleham, founded a house of Franciscas in conjunction with the Scropes. (S) Handbook of Yorkshire, Murray, 1904, P361.

1261-62, Ralph Fitz-Ranulph a justice itinerant.

1262, Ralph a justice for pleas of the forest under Robert de Neville. (S) Honor and Forest of Pickering, V4, Turton, 1897, P182.

4/12/1263, Simon de Montfort returned to England to lead a rebellion of young barons.

10/20/1263, As the king has taken under his protection the abbey of St. Mary, York, he commands Peter de Brus and Ralph son of Randolf to defend the abbot and monks … when it is needful … Hugh le Bigod and Henry de Percy are enjoined to assist … (S) CPRs.

5/14/1264, King Henry captured at the battle of Lewes, “at the Mill of the Hide”. Simon de Montfort effectively ruled England.

1264-65, Simon de Montfort effectively ruled England.

7/10/1264, Ralph, Lord of Middleham manor, 1 of the barons with Robert de Neville and other barons of the north, “to repair to the King, having been drawn for the liberation of Prince Edward.” (S) Old Yorkshire, Wheater, P243.

1/17/1265, Safe conduct for John de Balliolo, Peter de Brus, Robert de Nevill, … Gilbert Haunsard, Ralph son of Randolf, … coming to the king … . (S) CPRs.

5/28/1265, Lord Edward escaped captivity by feigning participation in a horse race.

8/4/1265, Lord Edward defeated Simon de Montfort at the battle of Evesham; ending the barons’ revolt.

10/30/1265, Simple protection, at the instance of Ralph son of Ranolf, for John, parson of the church of Torneton in Lonesdale. (S) CPRs.

2/10/1266, Writ of aid for Henry de Alemannia to defend the counties of York, Nottingham, and Derby directed to … Peter de Brus, John de Baillol, Ralph son of Randolf, Henry de Percy, Robert de Nevill, John de Eyvill, Richard Foliot, Thomas de Furnivall, … and Alesia de Lacy. (S) CPRs.

5/13/1266, Mandate to Henry de Aleimannia and John de Balliolo, as the king wishes that they shall retain with him the services at present due from the bishop of Durham, Peter de Brus, … and Ralph son of Randolf for the defence of the northern parts and the grieving and subduing of the king's enemies there, … bring them to the town of Northampton.

12/1/1269, Ralph son of Randolf claims 10 bovates in Thorp in Hertenesse against John Gylet. (S) CPRs.

2/20/1270, Ratification of a lease by John de Brittannia, earl of Richmond, to Ralph son of Randolph of the town of Beynebrugg, for 6 years. (S) CPRs.

3/31/1270, Ralph, knt. of Middleham and Barton, Yorkshire, died; buried at the quire of Coverham Abbey.


1271, Anastasia, widow of Ralph fitz Ranulph, claimed agains the Abbat of S. Agatha’s one third of a house, … as her dower. The abbat vouches to warrnty Robert de Neville junior and Mary his wife, Robert de Tateshale and Joan his wife, and John Haunsard and Anastasia his wife. (S) Record Series – Yorkshire, V17, P46.

Bef. 4/28/1272, Anastasia died.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P616. (S) The Judges of England, Foss, P331.

Children of Ralph and Anastasia:

i. Mary Fitz Ranulph (121691297), born ~1245 in England.

ii. Anastasia fitz Ranulf, born ~1250 in England.

8/13/1270, Whereas the king latelay gave to Edward his son the wardship of Anastasia, daughter and one of the heirs of Ralph son of Randolf … of the lands falling to her by inheritance, with her marriage, and Edward grant the said wardship and marriage to Gilbert Haunsard, for a fine of 400 marks, the king accepts the grant. (S) CPRs.

Anastasia married to John Haunsard.

By 1272, Anastasia died.

iii. Joan fitz Ranulf, born ~1255 in England.

Joan married Robert, son of Robert de Tatteshall (94560390).

6/16/1276, Order to cause Robert de Tatershale and Joan his wife and Mary (sister), late the wife of Robert de Nevill, daughters and heiresses of Ralph son of Ranulph to have seisin of a knight's fee in Est Raddon. (S) CCRs.

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