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Saturday, August 22, 2020

Baron Roger Montgomery & Lady Alomodis of La Marche

 319832070. Baron Roger Montgomery & 319832071. Lady Alomodis of La Marche

~1053, Roger of Poitou born in France, 3rd s/o 639664140. Roger de Montgomery & 639664141. Mabel Tavas de Alencon.

1071, Roger of Poitou sent to the north to suppress local revolts.

1074, Roger acquired extensive lordships in England [likely held of his father.]

~1065, Alomodis born in la Marche, France.

[––Roger & Alamodis––]

~1085, Roger married to Alomodis in Poitou, France.

9/26/1087, William Rufus crowned King of England; succeeding William the Conqueror. The elder brother, Duke Robert, succeeded to the lands in Normandy.

10/1187, Roger, sent to Durham, brought back the Bishop to Salisbury to stand trial before King William. (S) Conqueror’s Son, Lack, 2007, P53.

1088, Roger a defender [unsuccessfully] of Rochester castle against King William, and in support of Duke Robert of Normandy. His father was a part of the siege.

4/1088, King William Rufus sent Eustace III, count of Bologne; and brothers Robert of Belleme (756472972), Hugh of Montgomery [eldest], and Roger of Poitou (319832070) with a force of knights and Flemings as an advanced party into southeast England, suppressing a rebellion of barons expecting the invasion of his brother Duke Robert. [Robert did not invade.] (S) William Rufus, Barlow, 1983, P75.

9/1088, Roger sent by King William to negotiate with William of St. Calais, bishop of Durham.

1090, Roger supported his brother Robert of Belleme against attack by Hugh de Grantmesnil.

1091, Roger’s brother-in-law Boso died; Robert apparently disinterested, Alomodis’ uncle became Count of Marche.

1091-92, Roger a commander under King William Rufus when he invaded Cumbria. Roger acquired a large part of north Lancanshire. Roger also acquired the honor of Eye of Suffolk. [Roger now held buffer lands between England and Scotland.]

1093, Roger’s father died, the estates and titles going to his older brothers.

1094, King William Rufus sent Roger to Normandy, with 700 knights, to Argentan castle to hold it in the war with Duke Robert Curthose. Roger surrendered the castle to King Philip I of France and became a supported of Duke Robert. [Roger’s brother Robert de Beleme was already a supporter of Duke Robert, and may have influenced Roger’s decision to surrender the castle.]

1094, Roger the Poitevin founded Lancaster as a cell of St-Martin of Sees in southern Normandy. (S) Religious Patronage in Anglo-Norman England, Cownie, 1998, P188.

1100, Domfront revolted against their overlord, Roger de Montgomery. (S) Normandy, Hargreaves, 2007, P321.

8/2/1100, Henry I crowned King of England.

8/1101, Roger and his brothers supporters of Duke Robert’s invasion of England against King Henry I.

Bef. 7/1102, Writ to Robert bishop of Coventry, … Count Roger (the Poitevin), William Peverel, Robert de Ferrers, and the lieges of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, notifying them of the king’s grant to the church of Lincoln of the chruches of Dervy and Wirksworth, for a prebend. (S) English Historical Review, V34, 1919, P315.

1102, Over 5 months King Henry captured Roger’s castles in Lancashire and east England, along with those of his brothers.

1102, The English lands of Roger de Montgomery were given to Payne Fitz John, the king’s Chamberlain.

By 1103, Roger and his brothers had all left England.

1104, Almodos’ uncle Odo was ousted and Roger became regent of La Marche in right of his wife. [Alomodis living.]

1109, Roger, “the Poitevin”, returned to England.

Aft. 1110, Roger died.

Family notes:

Another ‘Almodis of la Marche’ (d.1071) was not this Alomodis.

(S) Conqueror’s Son, Lack, 2007. (S) DNB, V49, 1897, P102.

Child of Roger and Alomodis:

i. Avice de Lancaster (159916035), born ~1088 in England.

ii. Pontia de la Marche (189110281), born ~1100 in England.

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