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Saturday, August 22, 2020

Viscount Radulfe of Bayeux & Dame Matilda d’Avranches

 319832080. Viscount Radulfe of Bayeux & 319832081. Dame Matilda d’Avranches

~1045, Radulfe born in France, s/o §§Viscount Ranulf of Bayeux & 639664161. Dame Alice of Normandy.

~1045, Matilda born in France, d/o §§Vicomte Richard d’Avranches. (S) FMG.

8/10/1047, Radulfe’s father killed at the  Battle at Val-des-Dunes (near Conteville). ‘Ranulfum Bajocensem ac Haymonem Dentatum et Nigellum de Constantino" rebelled against Guillaume II Duke of Normandy at the battle "apud Vallesdunas’. (S) Orderici Vitalis Angligenae, Migne, 1855, P545.

~1065, Radulfe married Matilda.

6/17/1066, Ranulf the viscount witnessed a charter of William, Duke of Normandy.

1076, Ranulf presided over a judgment in the curia of Duke William in which a disputed mill was awarded to the Abbey of Mont St. Michael.

1079-82, Ranulf witnessed a charter to the Abbey of St Stephen of Caen.

1080, Ranulf witnessed a charter to Remigius de Fécamp bishop of Lincoln in favour of the Abbey of Préaux.

7/14/1080, Ranulf witnessed a charter to the Abbey of Lessay (in the diocese of Coutances).

1085, Ranulf named in a memorandum.

4/24/1089, Ranulf witnessed a confirmation of Robert Curthose, Duke of Normandy and Count of Maine to St Mary of Bayeaux, where he appears below his son in the witness list. (S) FMG.

Ranulph died.

(S) Americans of Royal Descent, Browning, 1911, P30. (S) Davis and Whitwell, Regesta Regum, no.92; no.130; no.168; no.308. (S) Durham Liber Vitae.

Family notes:

1042, Guillaume II Duke of Normandy donated to the abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel, supported by §§’Rannulfo filio Anschitilli’. [Ranulf of Bayeux s/o §§Anschitilli.]

1079, ‘Jean de Bayeux ou d’Avranches’ the son of §§Radulfe Comte de Bayeux, ‘uterine’ brother of Duke Richard II, therefore a very close relative of the King himself. [‘Il etoit fils de Radulfe Comte de Bayeux, frere uterin du Duc Richard II. (?) par consequenet fort proche parent du Roi meme.’ (S) Histoire ecclésiastique de la Province de Normandie, Trigan, 1760, P219. French. This supports Alice being d/o Richard II.]

Child of Randulfe and Matilda:

i. Richard de Meschines, born ~1067 in France.

Richard died young.

ii. Ranulph de Meschines (159916040), born ~1070 in France.

iii. William de Meschines (638798810), born ~1073 in France.

iv. Agnes de Meschines, born ? in France.

Agnes married Robert de Grandmesnil (d.1136).

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