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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Baron Walter de Beauchamp & Lady Emmeline d’Abitot

 486787840. Baron Walter de Beauchamp & 486787841. Lady Emmeline d’Abitot

~1085, William born in Normandy.

~1090, Emmeline born in Normandy, d/o 973575682. Baron Urse d’Abitot & 973575683. Lady Adeliza ?.

8/2/1100, Henry I crowned King of England.

1108, Emmeline’s father died; her mother surviving.

~1108, Emeline married to Walter.

Aft. 8/15/1114, Henry I King of England granted “totam terram Rogeri de Wygrecestra”, in and around the town of Worcester, to Waltero de Bello Campo. [Roger is Emmeline’s brother, who had been exiled.] (S) Colonial England, Holt, 1997, P136.

12/1113-4/1116, Henry I King of England notified the bishop of Worcester that he had granted ‘vicecomitatum de Wigresestrasia’ to Waltero de Bello Campo.

1123-7/1129, Henry I King of England notified the bishop of Worcester that he had granted ‘erram que fuit Adelize uxoris Ursonis de Abbetot sicut ipsa Adeliza eam ei concessit’ to Waltero de Bello Campo.

Walter’s mother died.

[Undated] at Vaudreuil. Notification … to the bishop of Worcester, the sheriff, barons, and lieges … of the grant of Walter de Beauchamp of the land late of Adeliz, who was the wife of Urse de Abbetot, which the same Adeliz granted to Walter. … attested by … Peverel de Beauchamp, Pain de Beauchamp, … William Maltravers, … Geoffrey de Abbetot, … (S) English Historical Review, V34, 1919, P547.

1130-1, Walter de Beauchamp of Elmley castle, Gloucestershire, died. [1131, Walter’s son William confirmed in his father’s lands, and office of Dispenser. (S) Colonial England, Holt, 1997, P134.]

(S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy.

Child of Walter and Emmeline:

i. William de Beauchamp (243393920), born ~1110 in England.

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