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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Chamberlain William Mauduit & Lady Matilda of Hanslope

 486787856. Chamberlain William Mauduit & 486787857. Lady Matilda of Hanslope

~1100, William born in England, younger s/o §§Baron William Mauduit & Lady Hawise ?. [See Family notes.]

By 1103, William’s father died. [William’s brother Robert succeeding in lands, and the office of Chamberlain. By timeline, Robert likely a son by a first wife, born in Normandy; and William by Hawise, a 2nd wife.]

~1115, Matilda born in England, heir & d/o §§Baron Michael of Hanslope. (S) Regesta Regum Anglo-Normannorum, Davis, 1956, P254. [See Family notes.]

1121-24, Notitia of the livery by John of Bayeux to Bernard the scribe of the land and houses in London which were of Gisulf, … Witness … Robert keeper of the King’s seal; Mark the physician; … William Mauduit; Robert de Vere, Warin Sheriff of Somerset; …

By 1122, Writ of Robert, son of Henry I, informing William of Eynsford and his wife Hawise that he has restored to William Mauduit the land which his brother Robert held of him. (S) Pipe Roll Society, V82, 1974, P96.

Bef. 1129, William attested 3 royal charters. (S) Government of England Under Henry I, Green, 1989, P33.

1129, William’s brother Robert died; leaving a daughter as his heir to his lands.

1130, William Pont de L’Arched held Robert’s lands and office, and the marriage of the daughter, for a fine of 1000 marks. William held Shalden, Hartley and Fyfield. (S) Chivalry in Medieval England, Saul, 2011, P27.

1130, William Mauduit receiving money in the ‘camera curie’ [attached to the household.] (S) Norman Institutions, Haskins, 1918, P113.

[––William & Matilda––]

1130-31, William married Matilda, the marriage a gift of King Henry I. (S) Government of England Under Henry I, Green, 1989, P176.

1130-31, King Henry gave the estates of Michael of Hanslope to William Mauduit. (S) Victoria History – Northampton, 2002, P82.

1131, William Mauduit, lord of Hartley Maudit, near Alton, and of Portchester, the ‘camera curie.’

8/1131 at Arques, Normandy, Notification by Henry I … restored and granted to William, son of Walter de Beauchamp, his dispenser, the land that his father held from whatever lord; and his father's office of dispenser. … Witnesses: … Robert Earl of Leicester; Robert de Vere; Miles of Gloucester; … Payn fitz John; Eustace fitz John; Geoffrey fitz Payn; William Maltravers; William de Albini, … William Mauduit.

8/1132, King Henry crossed to the sea to Normandy, never to return to England. [William likely with King Henry.]

5/1133, Most of London including the church of St. Paul the Apostle was destroyed by fire.

1135, William’s brother Robert died.

12/22/1135, Stephen crowned king of England; ursuping Empress Matilda, d/o King Henry I; and starting a civil war.

3/1136 at York, William Mauduit at King Stephen’s court. (S) King Stephen, King, 2010, P56.

Winter/1138-39, William Mauduit witnessed royal charters of King Stephen. (S) King Stephen, King, 2010, P100.

9/1139, King Henry’s daughter Empress Matilda invaded England.

By 1141, William changed allegiance to Empress Matilda.

2/2/1141, King Stephen captured at the battle of Lincoln.

4/7/1141 at Winchester, Empress Matilda acknowledged as “Lady of England and Normandy” by Bishop Henry.

5/6-8/1141 at Reading Abbey, William Mauduit, “constable”, with Empress Matilda, and paying a relief of 100 marks. (S) King Stephen, King, 2010, P160.

9/14/1141, Empress Matilda’s forces defeated at the battle of Winchester.

11/1/1141, King Stephen exchanged by Empress Matilda for Robert, earl of Gloucester, her brother. 

12/25/1141, Stephen again crowned King. [The civil war would continue for 12 more years.]

1145-6, William Mauduit constable of Rockingham castle, Northamptonshire. (S) Book of Middle English, Burrow, 2011, P79.

1150, Confirmation by Robert de Chesney, bishop of Lincoln, of the grant his predecessor Alexander made to the chamberlain William Mauduit, concerning the resiting of the church of Hanslope. (S) Pipe Roll Society, V82, 1974, P100.

5/1153 at Leicester, William Mauduit, regranted the chamberlainship of the treasury and 100 librates of land in the agreements of Duke Henry and King Stephen. William also received 13 pence a day, his meals in the household, and various allowances. (S) Pipe Roll Society, V82, 1974, P53.

11/6/1153, At Westminster, the Treaty of Wallingford recognized Duke Henry as the heir of his cousin King Stephen. Stephen was to reign without dispute until his death. William Mauduit’s grants from earlier in the year confirmed.

12/19/1154, Henry II succeeded King Stephen of England. [William still chamberlain – see 3/1158.]

1155, William Mauduit in Northamptonshire and Earl Patrick in Dorset – Angevin supporters, listed in the pipe roll as ‘terrae datae.’ (S) Anarchy of King Stephen’s Reign, King, 1994, P137.

1155-58, Charter of Henry II for William Mauduit as custodian of Rockingham Castle, issued at Bury St. Edmunds. (S) Scriptore Regis, Bishop, 1961, P-XXVI.

1155-61, Grant by the king's chamberlain, William Mauduit, of the church of Shalden (Hants) to Southviick priory. (S) Bulletin of the Institute of Historical Research, V49, 1976, P17. [‘Omnibus sancte matris ecclesie prelatis et subditis, Willelmus Maled' camerarius regis salutem.’]

1156, Warin FitzGerald and William Mauduit chamberlains. [Note: The earliest existing “liberate”, which is of this time, names William as a chamberlain.]

1158, William died.

[––Post Mortem––]

3/1158 at Woodstock, The King gives to “William Malduit, son of William Malduit, my Chamberlain, the Barony which was his fathers on the day that he became the King’s man at Wudestoc, to wit, Hameslape and Maneton, which I gave to his father at Nottingham.” (S) CH&I.H.II, P34.

 (S) CH&I.H.II, Eyton, 1878. (S) Chapters in the Administrative History of Medieval England, Tout, 1920. (S) History and Antiquities of the County of Buckingham, V4, Lipscomb, 1847, P165. (S) Herald and Genealogist, Nichols, V7, 1873, P386.

Family notes:

1086-87, §§William Mauduit ‘Camerarius’ (d.1103) in the Domesday survey holding Fyfield, which in 1130 is held by this William. (S) Herald and Genealogist, V5, 1870, P143.

1100-1135, §§Michael de Hameslepe [Buckingham] addressed by King Henry I in favour of the See of Lincoln. (S) H&G, V7, P384. [Michael also mentioned by Henry I as lord of the fief which King Henry had bestowed on William Mauduit.]

Children of William and Matilda:

i. Alice Mauduit, born 1135 in England.

Alice married 1st, John de Biden.

1180, John died.

Alice married Fulk de Lisures.

1185, Alice, sister of William Maudit, and widow of Fulk de Lisures, had 2 sons who were knights, 2 sons not knights, 6 daughters who were married, and 3 daughters unmarried. (S) The Lady in Medieval England, Coss, 2000, P28.

ii. William Mauduit (243393928), born ~1137 in England.

iii. Sibilla Mauduit, born ? in England.

Sibilla married Galfridus Ridel, baron of Blaye, France, holding 15 knights’ fees in England.

8/21/1189, Galfridus died. (S) Baronetage of England, V4, 1804, P58.

iv. Robert Mauduit, born ? in England.

Robert died without heirs.

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