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Saturday, August 22, 2020

Baron Walter de Gaunt & Lady Maud de Bretagne

 378224168. Baron Walter de Gaunt & 378224169. Lady Maud de Bretagne

~1095, Walter de Ghent born in Flanders, s/o §§Gilbert de Gant & Alice de Montfort [heir & d/o §§Hugh de Montfort].

~1100, Maud born in Brittany, France, d/o the §§Earl ‘Alan Rufus’ of Brittany. [The ‘Chartulary’ only says Maud was d/o the ‘earl of Brittany’. Alan Rufus, nephew of William the Conqueror, was the earl in 1086-87. Earl Alan Fergent of Brittany died without heirs in 1126 – assumed brother of Maud.]

8/22/1138, Walter a commander of Flemings at the Battle of the Standard; the defeat of David, king of the Scots.

[Undated] “To Thurston by the grace of God archbishop of York … Matilda, daughter of Count Stephen of Brittany, wife of Walter de Gaunt, greeting. Be it known to you that I have given in frankalmoign to the conons of St. Mary of Bridlington the church of St. Andres of Swaledale with Grinton and all things adjacent by the constent of my lord Walter, of my marriage portion freee and quit … (S) Proceedings, P57.

1139, Walter of Bridlington, Yorkshire, died.

(S) Proceedings, Royal Arch. Inst., 1848, P55ff. (S) The Chartulary of St. John of Pontefract, V25, 1902, P480.

Children of Walter and Maud:

i. Alice de Gaunt (189125121), born ~1122 in Bridlington, Yorkshire, England.

ii. Gilbert de Gaunt, born ? in Bridlington, Yorkshire, England.

Gilbert married Rohais de Romare, d/o William de Romare, co-earl of Lincoln of Empress Matilda. (S) Synopsis of the Peerage of England.

1156, Gilbert died.

Daughter: (2) Alice married Simon de St. Liz (d.1184), earl of Northampton and Huntingdon. 1184, Alice retained the title of Countess of Lincoln until her death. 1292, Alice died. She had a daughter Gunnora who died before her. Both buried with the nuns at Sempringham.

iii. Robert de Gaunt (189112084), born ~1130 in Bridlington, Yorkshire, England.

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