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Monday, August 24, 2020

Baron Wischard Ledet & Lady Margery de Foliot

 243342354. Baron Wischard Ledet & 243342355. Lady Margery de Foliot

~1153, Wischard born in England.

~1155, Margery born in England, d/o §§Richard Foliot.

7/6/1189, Richard I succeeded Henry II as King of England.

1204, Wischard Ledet had a suit with Elias Foliot for West Warden in Northamptonhsire. (S) Battle Abbey Roll.

1205, King John granted the manor of Corby to Robert of Braybrok for a fine of 5 marks for life.

1211, Wischard Ledet paid scutage on his barony of 13.5 knights’ fees.

1210-12, Wischard Ledet answered for the Foliot barony.

1215, Wischard in rebellion, his lands seized by King John.

6/19/1215 at Runnymede near Windsor, King John forced to agree to the terms of the Magna Carta.

10/19/1216, Henry III, age 9, succeeded John as King of England.

5/28/1220, Wischard Ledet gives the king a palfrey for having a weekly market on Tuesdays at his manor of Warden, unless the market etc. Order to the sheriff of Northamptonshire. (S) FRsHIII.

[Early HIII] Gilbert Picot and Stephen de Segrave … Witnesses: Sir Wychard Ledet … (S) UKNA.

Maud died before Wischard.

1221, Wischard Ledet of Chipping Warden, Northamptonshire, died.

(S) Hist. of Northampton, V3, 1930, Burton Latimer.

Family notes:

§§Richard (b.~1135) s/o §§Robert Foliot [See (134224144)].

Child of Wischard and Margery:

i. Christina Ledet (121671177), born ~1175 in England.

2/4/1222, Henry of Braybrooke and Christiana, his wife, daughter and heiress of Wischard Ledet and Margaret, his wife, have made fine to the king by £100 for their relief of the lands formerly of Wischard and Margaret, falling to Christiana by inheritance, … (S) FRsHIII.

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