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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Comte Amadeus III of Savoy & Comtesse Adelaide ? & Comtesse Mathilda d’Albon

 189110310. Comte Amadeus III of Savoy & 189110311. Comtesse Adelaide ? & 189110297. Comtesse Mathilda d’Albon.

1095, Amedee born in Montmelian [Maurienne], Savoi, s/o 756441482. Humbert II of Savoy & 756441483. Gisele de Burgundy.

8/13/1099, Pope Paschal II succeeded Pope Urban II.

10/19/1103, Amadeus’ father died; his mother Gisela became regent.

1103-04, ‘Amedeus … comes et fratres mei, unacum genitrice nostra Gisla’ donated property to the church of Belley for the soul of ‘patris nostri Humberti comitis’.]

10/21/1104, ‘Amedeus comes’ donated property to Saint-Jean de Maurienne, for the soul of ‘patris sui Uberti comtis’, with the consent of ‘Gisla matre et fratribus eius Guillelmo atque Umberto.’

1105, Amedee’s mother Gisele married 2nd Raniere Marchese di Moferrate.

~1105, Adelaide born in France.

5/2/1108, Amadeus’ tutor is Aymon, Count of the Genevois.

1108, Amadeus a benefactor of the daughter house of Abbondance in the valley of New-Chablais.

8/3/1108, Louis VI succeeded Philip I as King of France.

1109, Amadeus succeeded as Comte de Maurienne et de Savoie.

1/19/1111, A document of Amadeus on crusade.

1111, In Syria at Shaizar, crusader army fought under King Baldwin I of Jerusalem against a Seljuk army.

1111, Henry V, King of Germany, also became the Holy Roman Emperor. [Amadeus’ cousin, Henry’s mother was Bertha of Savoy, paternal grand aunt of Amadeus.]

1111, The emperor recognised Amadeus’ title as Count of the Holy Roman Empire.

1114, Amadeus arranged the marriage of his sister Adelaide (378220741) to King Louis VI (378220740) of France.

~1115, Mathilda born in France, d/o §§Comte Guigues d’Albon (b.~1080, d.1133).

1115, ‘Guido Viennensis archiepiscopus’ [Amadeus’ maternal uncle, and future Pope Calixtus II] addressed a letter to ‘nepoti suo Amedeo comiti.’

9/1116, Amadeus restored  the 2 ‘curtes’ of Leuk and Naters to the bishop of Sion.

1/24/1118, Pope Gelasius II succeeded Paschal II.

2/1/1119, Pope Calixtus II succeeded Gelasius II. [Apparently Amadeus and Pope Calixtus were not on good terms at this time. The Pope traveled through the lands of Amadeus, but did not visit him.]

1120, Emperor Henry V of Germany appealed to ‘consanguineus’ Amadeus ‘marchio’, and Aymon, count of the Genevois, to intervene in favour of the abbey of Romainmotier at the foot of the Jura [north of the lake of Geneva] against Ebal de Granson.

1120-24, Amadeus at war with the Count of the Genevoi.

[––Amadeus & Adelaide––]

By 1124, Amadeus married Adelaide.

1124, Amadeus defeated the count at the Battle of Col de Tamie. Aymon and Amadeus agreed to the Peace of Seyssel.

1124, Amadeus assumed the title ‘Comes et Marchio.’

12/21/1124, Pope Honorius II succeeded Calixtus II.

1125, Lothar II elected King of the Romans.

1125, Amadeus made a grant to the Great St Bernard hospital. Amadeus’ brothers Humbert, William and Raynald witnessed the grant.

5/14/1129, Amadeus met with ‘Loterio imperatore regnante.’

2/14/1130, Pope Innocent II succeeded Pope Honorius II.

3/1/1131, ‘Amedeus filius quondam Humberti comitis’ confirmed the possessions of the abbey of Santa Maria di Pinerolo.

1131, Viscount Henry of Baratonia in the entourage of Amadeus.

1132, Amadeus a benefactor and approver of the founding of the abbey of Tamie on the borders of Savoy and Genevois. [‘… memoria dignum marchionem Italiae, Sabaudiae et Mauriennae comitem Amedeum.’]

1133, Emperor Lothar II captured Amadeus’ town of Turin. Amadeus submitted to the Emperor.

7/27/1133, Adelaide named in a charter.

7/27/1134, ‘Comes Amedeus … cum uxore sua Adeleida comitissa" confirmed the rights of the monastery of ‘S. Justi in villa Volveria’.

By 1135, Adelaide died.

[––Amadeus & Mathilda––]

By 7/1135, Amadeus married 2nd Mathilda. (S) Hist. of the Western Empire, Comyn, 1851, P.xxxvii.

1136, Amadeus became infludential in the region of St. Maurice.

1/9/1137, ‘A. comes et marchio cum uxore sua M. … et Umbertus eorum filius.’ donated property to the monastery of Ripalta.

7/30/1137, ‘Palatinus Comes Amedeus’ donated property to the monastery of Locedio ‘in terra Willelmi Marchionis fratris sui’. [Amadeus’ uterine brother].

8/1/1137, Amadeus’ brother-in-law King Louis VI died.

1137, Peter, abbot of Cluny, appealed to Amadeus in favor of young King Louis VII; to hold him innocent of transgressions of the royal court.

1137-38, The Abbey of St Sulpice consecrated by Peter, archbishop of Lyons, at the special request of Amadeus.

3/11/1138, Amadeus III [as suzerain, holding ‘placita’ for his vassals] concluded a dispute concering St. Maurice.

1138, Amadeus recovered the town of Turin.

2/28/1139, ‘Amedeus comes et marchio’ donated revenue from Conflens to the archbishop of Tarantasia.

1140, ‘Dominus Amedeus comes et marchio et frater eius Raynaldus’ granted rights to the archbishop of Tarantasia.

1140, Amadeus defeated his brother-in-law Guigues IV, Dauphin of Albon, at the battle of Montmelian [the Dauphin died of his wounds.]

6/23/1142, Count Amadeus requested that the Pope confirm the bounds of the abbey of St. Sulpice.

1143, Amadeus first used the white cross on a red background as the arms of the House of Savoi.

3/30/1143, ‘Amedeus comes et marchio et Maies comitissa uxor eius et Umbertus eorum filius’ donated property to the monastery of Saint-Maurice.

9/25/1143, Pope Celestine II succeeded Pope Innocent II.

3/9/1144, Pope Lucius II succeeded Pope Celestine II.

2/15/1145, Pope Eugene III succeeded Pope Lucius II.

1145, Count Amadeus in marriage negotiations with King Afonso Henriques of Portugal.

1146, Amadeus raised 11,000 Susian solidi partly by the grant of a charter to S. Guisto de Susa which included the surrender to the abbey of the comital income in the lower Susian valley. [A golden ‘tabula’ set with precious stones was given to Amadeus by St. Maurice to be broken apart as part of the funding.]

3/30/1147, ‘Amedeus comes et marchio et Majes comitissa uxor eius et Umbertus eorum filius’ confirmed the rights of the monastery of Saint-Maurice d´Agaune.

1147, ‘Amedeus comes et marchio’ confirmed donations to Saint-Sulpice en Bugey, for the soul of ‘filii mei Humberti’.

6/1147, Amadeus left to support his nephew King Louis VII on his crusade. (S) Popes and the Baltic Crusades, 2007, P34.

10/1147, Amadeus reached Constantinople [which King Louis had already left; but Amadeus soon caught up with them.]

12/25/1147, On Christmas day on the coast of modern-day Turkey, encamped by a river, a tremendous storm washed away much of the supplies of the French. They decided to take a route over the mountains to Antioch.

1/4/1148, The crusaders fought in a battle at Laodicea against the Turks.

1/7/1148 in the area of Mount Cadmus, at night, the rear guard which was surrounded and attacked. The French suffered many losses. King Louis decided to return to his water route.

1/20/1148, After additional battles, the crusaders reached Atalya. There was not enough money for ships for everyone, and King Louis left 7000 infantry in Satalia, Greece [who were never seen again.]

3/19/1148, The crusaders reached Antioch.

6/24/1148 at Acre, at a High Court of Jerusalem, King Louis, Emperor Conrad III, and Baldwin, King of Jerusalem met. The Council decided that the best move in defense of the holy lands would be to retake Damascus.

1148, At Damascus, due to heat, lack of water, and disagreements on plans, the seige failed after 4 days. King Louis sent most of the forces back.

8/30/1148, Amadeus died at Nicosia [Island of Cypres].

(S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy. (S) Early History of the House of Savoy.

Child of Amadeus and Adelaide:

i. Mafalda of Savoy (94555155) born 1125 in Savoy.

Child of Amadeus and Mathilda:

i. Humbert III of Savoy (94555148) born 8/4/1136 in Savoy.

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