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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Comte Baldwin IV of Hainaut & Ctss Alix of Namur

 189110408. Comte Baldwin IV of Hainaut & 189110409. Ctss Alix of Namur

8/3/1108, Louis VI crowned King of France.

1108-10, Baldwin of Mons born in Hainault, s/o 378220816. Baldwin III Count of Hainaut & 378220817. Yolende of Gueldre.

~1117, Alix born in Namur, d/o 378220818. Compte Godfrey de Namur & 378220819. Ctss Ermesinde de Luxembourg.

1117, A charter records the donation by ‘comite Balduino’ [Baldwin III], with the consent of ‘uxore sua Iola et filio suo Balduino’ [Baldwin IV] to the abbey of Saint-Denis en Broqueroie.

1120, Baldwin’s father died.

3/2/1127, Charles the Good, count of Flanders murdered.

4/1127, Baldwin IV count of Hainault, Thierry of Alsace, and William of Ypres were all considered to succeed Charles the Good as count in Flanders.

4/12/1127, King Louis of France in Bruges, Flanders, to revenge the killing of his cousin Charles the Good. Louis supported William Clito as the new Count of Flanders.

1127, Thierry of Alsace was backed by King Henry I of England as an heir to the Count of Flanders. King Henry’s nephew, Stephen of Blois, a Flanders baron, formed an alliance with the Godfrey, duke of Lower Lorraine, Baldwin of Hainaut, Thomas de Coucy, count of Amiens, and William of Ypres against William Clito’s alliance with King Louis. (S) Conqueror’s Son, Lack, 2007, P184. [Most likely all received money from King Henry. Baldwin received 100 marks. William of Ypres, known to have a force of 300 knights, received 500£.]

4/1128, Baldwin ended his unsuccessful siege of Oudenaarde.

7/28/1128, William Clito died, leaving the title of Comte de Flanders wide open.

1128, Thierry of Alsace defeated William Ypres in battle and was recognized as count of Flanders; ending any succession by Baldwin.

12/22/1135, Stephen crowned king of England.

8/1/1137, Louis VII succeeded as king of France.

1137, Baldwin at the siege of Roncourt, where Gilles de Chin, his wine-master, was killed.

9/7/1138, Baldwin, count of Hainaut, with 80 knights, assissted Roger of Tosny in an attack on Bretueil against Robert, earl of Leicester. The town was burned. (S) Chronicle of Hainaut, Mons, 2005, P42.

8/19/1139, Alix’s father died. (S) FMG.

[––Baldwin & Alix––]

~1140, Baldwin married Alix.

1139-40, King Stephen gave aid to Baldwin IV of Hainaut and Hugh de St. Pol [died 1141] who sought to establish Baldwin as the Flemish count. (S) Families, Friends, Allies : Boulogne, Tanner, 2004, P220.

6/26/1141, Alix’s mother died. (S) FMG.

1142, Baldwin IV of Hainaut restored Broqueroie to the abbey of Saint-Denis as originally given by his father. (S) Mediaeval Institutions, Stephenson, 1967, P73.

1147, Baldwin attacked Douai and was repelled by the forces of Sybil, wife of Thierry of Alsace. (S) Aristocratic Women in Medieval France, Evergates, 1999, P123.

1149-50, Thierry of Alsace attacked Baldwin IV, count of Hainaut. (S) Family, Friends, and Allies, Tanner, 2004, P242.

3/4/1152, Frederick Barbarossa elected King of Germany.

1152, Baldwin went to Hagenau in Alsass to call on Henry, duke of Luxemburg; to arrange for his inheritance [Most of the knights had already pledged fealty to Baldwin]. Frederick Barbarossa consented to the arrangement. (S) Luxemburg in the Middle Ages, Gade, 1951, P65.

1153, Baldwin of Hainut arranged a settlement between the abbey of Argenteuil and Vautiers, avoue of Solesmes, who had been accused of building a castle there against the will of the abbot, of usurping his rights of justice, forest, … (S) Mediaeval Institutions: Selected Essays, Stephenson, 1967, P57.

1158, Baldwin purchased Ath.

1159, Baldwin chartered the seigniory of Chimay.

1160, Baldwin chartered the chatellenies of Valencians and Ostrevent.

1163, Henri L’Aveugle, Compte de Luxembourg, designated his brother-in-law Baldwin IV of Hainault, husband of his sister Alice of Namur, as his heir.

1164, Baldwin used an equestrian seal. (S) Courtly Culture, Bumke, 1991, P287.

1164-71, Gautier d’Arras and Provins wrote ‘Roman d’Eracles’ which was dedicated to Baldwin of Hainaut and Theobald V of Blois. (S) Viator Medieval and Renaissance Studies, V1, 1987, P279.

1166, Baldwin built the Burbant tower, a massive, square, flat-buttressed keep, to serve as a base to defend Hainaut’s northern border with Flanders. (S) Belgium, Grand Duch of Luxembourg, Michelin, 2004, P113.

4/1168 at Valenciennes, In the presence of his sisters, brother, and mother, Baldwin V [the son] knighted by his father, Baldwin IV.

1169, Baldwin and his son, with 700 knights of Hainaut, supported Henry, count of Namur and Luxembourg in war with Duke Henry of Limbourg.

7/1169, Alix died. (S) FMG.


1170, Henry, count of Namur and Luxembourg, and Baldwin, count of Hainault defeated Godwin III of Louvain at the battle of Carnieres. Baldwin, with about 3000 foot soldiers, encountered Duke Godfrey of Louvain with a much larger army; but defeated them in the ensuing battle; killing about 2000 of the duke’s men and capturing about 6000. (S) Encyclopedia Metropolitana, V1, 1845, P561.

1171, Baldwin IV, Count of Hainaut, with a force of 300 knights and as many mounted sergeants went in battle to support his uncle Count Henry of Namur and Luxembourg, who was being attacked by his own barons.

11/8/1171, Baldwin became ill and died.

(S) The Capetians, Bradbury, 2007, P140.

Children of Baldwin and Alix:

i. Agnes de Hainaut (94555231), born 1142 in Hainaut.

ii. Baldwin V of Hainault (94555204) born 1151 in Hainaut.

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