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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Earl Baldwin de Redvers & Countess Adeliz Balun

 159699734. Earl Baldwin de Redvers & 159699735. Countess Adeliz Balun

~1090, Baldwin [Reviers/Revieres] born in Normandy, s/o 319399468. Richard de Redvers. [1060, Richard de Redvers, with his brothers William and Baldwin. Any 1 of the 3 could be this Baldwin’s grandfather. ‘Baldwin’ appearing in records bef. 1107 is of unknown relationship.]

8/1107, Eustace III, count of Boulogne, attested Richard de Redvers gift to Montebourg abbey. (S) Families, Friends, and Allies:, Tanner, 2004, P146. [The final witnesses were Baldwin fitz-Richard de Redvers and William his brother.]

9/8/1107, Baldwin’s father died; buried at abbey de Montebourg. (S) FMG; (S) CH&I.HII, Eyton, 1878, P318.

1110-1155, 25 surviving acts are assigned to a “Baldwin de Redvers.” (S) Aristocracy of Norman England, Green, 2002, P204.

~1115, Adeliz born in England. [1087-1135, Members of the ‘Balun’ family prominent in the records of England. ]

Bef. 6/1123, Baldwin de Redvers witnessed a royal charter to the church at Exeter. (S) English Historical Review, V8, 1893, P81.

1130, Baldwin de Redvers accounts for 500 marks of silver for his forestry rights over the county of Devon. (S) A Numismatic History, Andrew, 1901, P188.

9/8/1131, Baldwin de Redvers, at the Northampton council, witnesses the Salisbury charter of his mother.

1131-2, Baldwin founded Quarr Abbey in the Isle of Wight.

1132, Baldwin de Redvers gave the land of Arreton (I. Wight) to his own foundation of Quarr abbey. (S) Anglo-Norman Studies III, Brown, 1990, P101.

[––Baldwin & Adeliz––]

~1132, Baldwin married Adeliz.

By 1135, Baldwin de Redvers founded Domus de Brommore, a priory of black canons dedicated to St. Michael for £154 14s 1.5d. (S) Publications – Hampshire, V11, 1896, P386.

12/1/1135, King Henry I died in Rouen, Normandy.

12/22/1135, Stephen crowned king of England.

1136, Baldwin against the ascension of King Stephen. “A man of eminent rank and birth”, Baldwin claimed lordship over the city of Exeter and had taken possession of the royal castle at Exeter.

4/1136, Baldwin, possessing Plympton in Devon, Christchurch in Hampshire, and the Isle of Wight, all granted by King Henry I, the greatest land owner in the southwest; and the greatest magnate that refused to attend King Stephen’s Easter court.

5/1136, Baldwin besieged by King Stephen at Exeter castle. The siege lasted 3 months, only ending when Baldwin’s forces ran out of water. Adeliz, leaving from the castle, made an appeal to King Stephen. On surrendering, the garrison was released without reprisals. (S) Report and Transactions – Devonshire, V37, 1905, P208.

1136, Baldwin besieged and captured at Carisbrooke castle; from which he was exiled.

1136, Baldwin, driven out of England, joined forces with Empress Matilda in Normandy.

1138, Reginald, earl of Cornwall, Stephen de Mandeville, and Baldwin de Redvers ravaging the Cotentin [Normandy]. (S) DNB, V47, 1896, P422.

4/1138, Baldwin taken prisoner in Normandy by Enguerrard de Say. [Baldwin escaped.]

9/1139, Baldwin returned to England as part of the pre-invasion of Empress Matilda, landing at Wareham in Dorset, and then making his way to Bristol to meet up with Robert of Gloucester. [Empress Matilda landed 9/30/1139.]

1139, Baldwin returned to Carisbrooke in Dorset and established control of his lands. Baldwin fortified Corfe castle, which was besieged by King Stephen until Matilda’s forces arrived.

1140, Baldwin de Redvers granted the chapel of St. Nicholas-within-the-Castle of Carisbrooke to the abbey of S. Mary at Quarr. (S) Papers – Hampshire Field Club, 1905, P237.

2/2/1141 at the battle of Lincoln, Baldwin de Redvers and his men were at the center of Queen Matilda’s forces, along with many others of the “disinherited.” King Stephen’s forces attacked first; but repulsed by the forces in the middle. King Stephen was captured by Matilda’s forces in the second phase of the battle.

4/7/1141 at Winchester, Empress Matilda acknowledged as “Lady of England and Normandy” by Bishop Henry.

5/1141, Baldwin created Earl of Devon by Empress Matilda.

6/24/1141, Matilda’s forces expelled from London by the citizens and an army of Queen Matilda, wife of King Stephen.

7/1141 at Oxford, Baldwin de Redvers 1 of 5 of comital rank that were guarantees for an agreement involving Queen Matilda, Geoffrey de Mandeville and Aubrey de Vere.

9/14/1141, Baldwin a member of Empress Matilda’s forces defeated at the battle of Winchester. Matilda’s half-brother Robert of Gloucester was captured. Baldwin escaped with Matilda. [What had started as a siege of by the Matilda’s forces of the royal palace, ended with a siege of the royal castle by the king’s forces.]

11/1/1141, Matilda exchanged King Stephen for Robert.

12/25/1141, Stephen again crowned King. [The civil war would continue for 12 more years.]

1141-1146, Grant by Baldwin Redress [de Reviers], Earl of Devon, to St James Priory, of Cotley land and the moiety of Topsham tithe, and confirmation of Amicia de St Leonard’s grant of land with licence to build mills. (S) UKNA.

1142, Baldwin made a charter witnessed by  W. de Sancto Audomaro and Richard le Fleming. (S) Ancestry of the Earl of Wigton, Fleming, 2011, P51.

1142-55, Baldwin, earl of Exeter, donated property to the abbey of Sainte-Marie, Montebourg with the consent of his sons Richard, Henry and his brothers William de Vernone and Robert de Sancte Marie Ecclesia. (S) FMG.

1143, Baldwin established a house of the order of S. Peter of Cluni at Cotleigh near Dunsford. (S) Ancient Diocese of Exeter, Reynolds, 1895, P165.

1145, King Stephen defeated Matilda’s forces at the Battle of Faringdon.

1146, Baldwin de Redvers granted “totam ecclesiam de Tivertona cum omnibus pertinentiis euis” to the priory of St. James, near Exeter. (S) Joural of the British Arch. Assoc., 1862, P233.

1147, Baldwin confirmed his father Richard’s bequest of the tithe of the salt works at Lymington to Quarr abbey. (S) Western Antiquary, V7, 1888, P160.

1150, Christchurch refounded as a priory of Autustinian canons with the assent of Baldwin de Redvers. (S) Prosography of Persons, V1, Keats-Rohan, 1999, P531.

~1151, Adeliza died, buried at Quarr abbey. (S) Black’s Picturesque Guide, 1871, P6.


Aft. 1151, Baldwin married Lucy de Clare, widow of Gilbert, Earl of Hereford.

1152, The consecration of the church at Montbourg, Normandy, with Henry, duke of Normandy present, built by Baldwin de Redvers. (S) Architectural Tour in Normandy, Knight, 1836, P80.

11/6/1153, after King Stephen’s only heir died; the Treaty of Wallingford named Matilda’s son Henry as heir to Stephen. Baldwin was restored to his possessions.

6/4/1155, Baldwin, 1st Earl of Devon, died; buried at Quarr abbey, Isle of Wight. [holding 131 knights’ fees.] (S) CH&I.HII, P10.

(S) King Stephen, King, 2011.

Children of Baldwin and Adeliz:

i. Earl Richard de Redvers, born ~1135 in England.

1156, Richard succeeded his father, granting a charter to the town of Newport.

By 1157, Richard married Dionisia, d/o Reginald, earl of Cornwall.

1161, Richard died; succeeded by his son Baldwin (d.1188), and was succeeded by his younger brother Richard (d.by.1193), succeeded by his ‘cousin’ William de Vernon.]

iii. Hawise de Redvers (79849867), born ~1140 in England.

ii. William de Vernon de Redvers (243367426), born ~1145 in England.

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