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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Baron Amaury de Montfort & Dame Agnes de Garlande

 319832088. Baron Amaury de Montfort & 319832089. Dame Agnes de Garlande

~1075, Amaury born in France, s/o 319834122. Simon de Montfort & 756441090. Agnes of Everux.

~1090, Anges born in France, d/o §§Anseau de Garlande.

1098, Amaury defended the castle of Houdan against the invading forces of King William II of England. Amaury surrendered and became a supported of King William.

8/5/1100, Henry I crowned King of England.

Amaury married 2nd to a d/o the Count of Hainaut [1 daughter married Hugh de Crecy.]

1103, Amaury betrothed to the infant d/o Robert, count of Meulan. [The marriage was not finalized.]

1104, Amaury succeeded his brother Simon as seigneur de Montfort.

9/23/1106, King Henry captured his older brother Duke Robert of Normandy and imprisoned him for life.

[––Amaury & Agnes––]

~1108, Amaury married 3rd Agnes and received the Garlande castle of Rochefort as her dowry. (S) Henry I, Hollister, 2001, P321. [Agnes was the niece of Stephen Garlande, chancellor and seneschal of King Louis VI.]

8/3/1108, Louis VI crowned King of France. [King Louis step-mother had been Amaury’s older sister Bertrade, who had been the wife of Fulk of Anjou, who’s grandson Geoffrey by Bertrade would be the father of King Henry II.]

1111-12, Guy of Gallardon wrote to his ruler, countess Adela, mentioning Amaury of Montfort and Hugh de Crecy making a pact in which Amaury is to be with Lord Milo of Bray as long as Adela wished. (S) Epistolae.

1112, By agreement of King Louis, and Amaury and Simon de Montfort, a site for a new nunnery [founded by Amaury’s sister Bertrade], was selected 35 km southwest of Paris. (S) Women’s Monasticism, Venarde, 1999, P75.

1111-13, War began between Theobald of Blois and Louis VI. Theobald won with the help of Hugh le Puiset, Amaury de Montfort, Hugh de Crecy, and Milo of Bray. (S) Families, Friends and Allies:, Tanner, 2004, P152.

1112, King Louis defeated in battle near le Puiset [50 miles south of Paris] by Theobald of Blois.

1112, Amaury de Montfort supported his uncle William, count of Evreux against King Henry. [King Henry drove William from his lands.]

1113, King Henry pardoned Amaury who perfomed homage for his lands. (S) Henry I, Hollister, 2001, P292.

1116, Amaury de Montfort, allied with other barons, was overtly against King Henry of England also being Duke of Normandy.

1118, Agnes’ father died. [Agnes’ uncles: Gilbert was a royal butler, Guillaume the seneschal after her father, followed in 1120 by his brother Stephen, who had been chancellor since 1108.]

4/18/1118, William, count of Evreux died. King Henry I of England seized the castle of Evreux. William’s nephew, Amaury de Montfort claimed Evreux by right of his mother [Agnes, sister of William.]

1118 at Paris, King Louis gave the castle of Evreux to Amaury. Amaury suggested a joint expedition against Breteuil, which might encourage Ralph de Tony to change sides.

9-10/1118, Amaury allied 18 barons in his forces, including Hugh de Gournai; Stephen, count of Aumale; Eustace of Breteuil, Richard de Aquila, Robert of Neuborg, Baldwin of Flanders, … (S) English Historical Review, V34, 1919, P507. [William Pointel surrendered the castle of Evreux to Amaury.]

Aft. 1118, Robert de Neubourg witnessed a charter of Amaury to the abbey of Troarn. (S) Law and Government in Medieval England, Garnett, 1994, P301.

Bef. 2/1119, Amaury solicited the support Eustace of Breteuil and his wife Juliana [d/o King Henry] against King Henry.

1119, King Louis, supported by Amaury de Montfort, invaded Normandy. Louis 1st burnt Ivry, then approached Bretueil, held by Ralph de Gael, who offered stiff resistance. At the height of the battle, 200 knights of King Henry arrived ahead of his main army. The French forces retreated. (S) Henry I, Green, 2006, P153.

6/1119, King Henry, with Stephen of Blois, attacked Amaury de Montfort at Evreux. They burnt the city, but Amaury was able to hold out in the citadel. Amaury kept possession the castle of Evreux, a truce having been negotiated by Theobald, count of Champagne. (S) Henry I, Green, 2006, P153.

8/20/1119, Amaury at the battle of Bremule, where the forces of King Henry defeated the forces of King Louis. Between the two sides a thousand knights were engaged. (S) Dictionary of Battles, Eggenberger, 1967, P61.

1120, Amaury de Montfort and Hugh de Gournay made peace with King Henry.

11/25/1120, King Henry’s son and only male heir, William Adelin, died at sea.

1121, Amaury de Montfort again tried to form an alliance against King Henry with Fulk of Anjou. He arranged for Fulk’s daughter Sibyl to marry William Clito. (S) Le Mémorial Historique des Evêques, Ville et Comté d'Evreux, Lebeurier, 1865, P48.

1123, Amaury and Waleran de Beaumont, allied with Fulk of Anjou, in support of William Clito [s/o King Henry’s eldest brother Robert], against King Henry.

1123, Amaury made a donation to the prioress of Saint-Laurent at Montfort. (S) Memoires de la Societe Archeologique d’Eure-et-Loir, V6, 1876, P104.

3/26/1124, Amaury de Montfort at the battle of Bourgetheroulde faced off against forces of King Henry, did not dismount his knights when the English did. Amaury was captured by William de Grandcourt, but was not turned over to King Henry. (S) Victory in the East, France, 1994, P72.

3/25/1125, Amaury and Waleran de Beaumont went to break the siege of his castle at Vatteville.

4/16/1125, Returning from Vatteville, Amaury de Montfort and Waleran de Beaumont ambushed; Waleran was captured.

1127, Agnes’ uncle Stephen, in conflict with Queen Adelaide of France, was stripped of his offices as chancellor and seneschal. Both Stephen and his brother Gilbert were exiled from court and their homes in Paris leveled. Amaury and Stephen changed allegiance to support King Henry of England. (S) Henry I, Hollister, 2001, P322.

7/28/1128, William Clito died; effectively ending succession issues in England.

1128, King Henry I of England gave Amaury full possession of Everux and all his inheritiance. [Amaury surrendered the fortress in exchange for the right of the title of Count of Evreux.]

1129, Amaury attended Pope Calixte II, who came to the consecration of the church of the Abbey of Morigny. (S) Memories, Vs20-21, Societe de Rambouillet, 1908, P469.

1131, Amaury attested a royal charter of King Henry in Normandy. (S) Henry I, Hollister, 2001, P322.

By 1132, Amaury built a dungeon in the city of Houdan [that became a symbol of the city]. (S) Ild-de-France: Chartres Chantilly Compiegen, Michelin, 2011, P245.

1133, Amaury, comte de Montfort, lord of Epernon. (S) Memoires de la Societe Archeologique d’Eure-et-Loir, V6, 1876, P104.

12/1/1135, King Henry I died. Amaury and his neighbor Robert de Neubourg initially supported Geoffrey of Anjou as the successor. (S) Law and Government in Medieval England, Garnett, 1994, P301.

12/22/1135, Stephen crowned king of England.

1136, King Louis and Amaury de Montfort built the castle of Montchauvct at joint expense. (S) Le Magasin Pittoresque, V22, 1845, P345.

Bef. 4/19/1137, Amaury died.

1143, Agnes died. (S) Chateaux Forts et Feodalite en Ile de France, Chatelain, 1983, P20.

(S) Conqueror’s Son, Lask, 2007, P175.

Children of Amaury and Agnes:

i. Simon de Montfort (159916044), born ~1110 in France.

ii. Agnes de Montfort (79959035), born ~1120 in France.

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