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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Comte Gerhard I of Geldern & Ctss Clementia of Aquitaine & Comte Conrad I de Luxemburg

 756441634. Comte Gerhard I of Geldern & 756441635. Ctss Clementia of Aquitaine & 756441638. Comte Conrad I de Luxemburg

~1045, Conrad born in Luxembourg, s/o §§Comte Gilelbert of Luxembourg. [The Chronicle of Alberic de Trois-Fontaines names ‘comitis Conradis’ as son of ‘Gislebertus comes de Luscelenburch’.]

~1055, Clementia born in Aquitaine, d/o §§Duke Pierre-Guillaume VII of Aquitaine (b.1023).

1058, Clementia’s father died.

8/14/1059, Conrad’s father died.

~1065, ‘Gerhard von Wassenberg’ born in Holland.

1070, Conrad founded the abbaye d’Orval with Comte Arnold I of Chiny.

~1073, Conrad married Clementia.

1082, The Chronicon Huberti names ‘Gerardus et Gozwinus filius eius’ [Gerhard and his brother as son of their father.]

7/7/1083, Conrad founded the abbaye d’Altmunster.

1085, Gerardus de Gelre, … signed the charter under which Friedrich Archbishop of Köln donated property to Kloster St Martin, Köln.

1086, Conrad, having been excommunicated for capturing Archbishop of Trier, began a pilgrimage to Jerusalem as pentence.

8/8/1086, Conrad died in Italy, returning from Jerusalem.

1087, ‘Heinricus … Romanorum imperator augustus’ confirmed a donation of property in ‘Traiecto quam comes Gerardus de Wassenbergen invaserat’" to St Servatius, Maastricht.

[––Gerhard & Clementia––]

~1088, Gerhard married Clementia.

1090-91, Conrad’s body having been returned to Luxemburg, buried at Munster abbey, in the presence of ‘conjuge sua Clementia …’ [Conrad’s tomb records the date of his death.]

1096, ‘Gerardi comitis de Gelre et fratris eius Henrici …’ witnessed the charter by which ‘Ida Boloniensis comitissa’ donated property to Afflighem abbey.

4/13/1104, ‘Gerhart de Gelleron comes’ witnessed a donation to Köln St Maria.

1112, ‘Comes Gerhardus et filius eius Gerhardus’ witnessed a donation Kloster Rees.

4/5/1118, Friedrich I Archbishop of Köln confirmed the dismissal of ‘comes Gerhardus et frater eius Heinricus’ from the Vogteischaft of Kloster Siegburg, witnessed by ‘Gerhardus iunior filius Gerhardi’ …

9/30/1118, ‘Comes Gerhardus’ founded a church ‘in meo allodio Wassenberg’.

1129,Clementia comitissa de Glizberc … per manum Gerhardi mariti sui comitis de Gelre’, with the consent of ‘palatine comitisse Gertrudis’ [Gertrude held some of the property] made a donation founding Kloster Schiffenberg.

Clementia died.

10/24/1131, Geherd von Wassenberg died.

(S) FMG. (S) À propos de deux documents apocryphes ou altérés : l'Inscription de Conrad Ier, comte de Luxembourg, 1885, P6.

Family notes:

Clemence, married 1st Conrad I, comte de Luxemburg, and had Ermesinde, wife of Godrey, comte de Namur – mother of Alix. Clemence married 2nd Gerhard I, count of Geldern, and had Yolende of Gueldre, wife of Baldwin III Count of Hainaut – mother of Baldwin. Erminsinde and Yolende were half sisters; so Baldwin and Alix were half-first-cousins. (S) Kleeberg Fragment, Jackman, 2012, P69.

Child of Conrad and Clementia:

i. Ermesinde de Luxembourg (378220819), born ~1075 in Luxembourg.

Child of Gerhard and Clementia:

ii. Yolende of Gueldre (378220817), born ~1090 in Holland.

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