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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Comte Baldwin II of Hainaut & Ctss Ida of Louvain

 756441632. Comte Baldwin II of Hainaut & 756441633. Ctss Ida of Louvain

~1058, Baldwin born in Hainaut, s/o 1512883264. Marcquis Baldwin of Mons & 1512883265. Ctss Richilde ?.

~1068, Ida born in Belgium, d/o §§Comte Henry II of Louvain & Ctss Adela of Thuringa.

7/17/1070, Baldwin’s father died, his brother Arnulf succeeding.

2/22/1071, Baldwin succeeded his brother, who died at the Battle of Cassel, where his mother was captured.

1071, Baldwin created Comte de Hainaut et de Valenciennes by Emperor Heinrich IV King of Germany. At Liege, Baldwin’s mother ceded, in his name, the 2 counties to the emperor, who granted them to the bishop of Liège, who then granted them back to Baldwin.

By 1087, Baldwin married Ida.

1087, Baldwin’s mother died.

1087, ‘Balduinus, Valenciarum comes, filius Balduini junioris’ confirmed the purchase by the abbot of Hasnon of 2 mills, for the souls of ‘patris mei Balduini et matris mee Ricildis’.

6/14/1096, Otbert Bishop of Liège declared having bought ‘castellum de Covino’ from ‘comite Balduino de Mont’, in the presence of ‘uxore ipsius Ida, cum filiis suis Baldewino, Arnulpho, Lodewico, Heinrico’. [Baldwin sold the castle of Couvin to the Bishopric of Liège to fund taking the cross in the First Crusade.]

1096, Baldwin joined the crusade under Duke Godefroi de Bouillon (319834740).

4/1097, The crusaders sailed from Brindisi to Durazzo; then overland by the Via Egnatia road to Constantinople.

5/1097 at Contantinople, Baldwin an envoy sent by Duke Godefroi to the Emperor to obtain the release of 2 prisoners.

6/1097, The crusaders reached Nicea, joining a siege in process, while being harrassed by mounted archers of Kilij Arslan [who’s wife was in the city].

8/1097, The crusaders reached Iconium in Asia Minor, closely populated by Armenian Christians.

1098, Baldwin sent to Constantinople with Hugh of Vermandois (636464186) to seek assistance from the Byzantine emperor.

6/1098, Count Baldwin II of Hainaut died at the siege of Antioch.


1106, Ida made a trip to Jerusalem looking for Baldwin’s body. [She was unsuccessful.]

Ida died.

(S) FMG, (S) Chronicle of Hainaut, Mons, 2005.

Child of Baldwin and Ida:

i. Baldwin III of Hainaut (378220816), born 1088 in Hainaut.

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