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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Count Humbert II of Savoy & Countess Gisele de Burgundy

 756441482. Count Humbert II of Savoy & 756441483. Countess Gisele de Burgundy

1072, Humbert born in Savoie, s/o §§Comte Amdeus II de Savoir & Ctss Jeanne de Geneve.

1075, Gisele born in Burgundy, d/o 756441248. William I of Burgundy & 756441249. Etiennette of Vienne.

1/26/1080, Humbert, ‘le RenforcĂ©’, succeeded his father under the regency of his paternal grandmother.

11/12/1087, Gisele’s father died at Turin, Italy.

[–––Humbert & Gislele–––]

1090, Humbert married Gisele.

1091, Humbert’s grandmother died. Humbert lost her territories; retaining the valley of Susa.

1094, ‘Humbertus comes et marchio’ donated property to the abbey of Aulps.

9/14/1094, ‘Ubertus filii qda Amedo’ donated property to Santa Maria d´Ivrea.

1097, ‘Humbertus comes et Girardus de Alingio et Gislo miles a quibus est ille locus’ consented to the agreement between the abbey of Molesme and the abbey of Aulps.

1097, Humbert II of Savoy gave a ‘mansus’ to Cluny and ‘the place called Le Bourget’, asking for the guidance of God on his journey across the sea. [He received a mule in return of his ‘mansus.’] (S) Abbey of Cluny, Constable, 2010, P200.

11/29/1098, ‘Umbertus comes, filius quondam Amedei’ donated property to the monastery at Pinerolo.

6/1101, Humbert departed on the minor crusade. (S) Canso D’Antiocha, Sweetenham, 2003, P109.

5/19/1102, The crusaders fought at the battle of Ramla.

10/19/1103, Humbert died [possibly at Cilicia].


10/21/1104, ‘Amedeus comes’ donated property to Saint-Jean de Maurienne, for the soul of ‘patris sui Uberti comtis’, with the consent of ‘Gisla matre et fratribus eius Guillelmo atque Umberto.’

1105, Gisele married 2nd Raniere Marchese di Moferrate.

1115, ‘Guido Viennensis archiepiscopus’  addressed a letter to ‘nepoti suo Amedeo comiti.’ [Amadeus III of Maurienne,  his nephew] which identified Amadeus’ mother as his sister Gisele by her first marriage.

3/28/1133, ‘Marchio Ragnerius filius quondam Willielmi et Gisla jugalis filia quondam Vialii’ donated property to the monastery of Locedio.

Gisele died.

(S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy.

Children of Humbert and Gisele:

i. Adelaide of Maurienne (378220741), born 1092 in Savoy.

ii. Amadeus III of Savoy (189110310), born 1095 in Maurienne, Savoy.

Child of Rainere and Gisele:

i. Jeanne of Monferrat, born 1107 in Savoy.

1/1127, Jeanne married William Clito, son and heir of Robert, duke of Normandy [eldest s/o William the Conqueror].

3/1128, William succeeded as count of Flanders.

7/27/1128, William died.

1191, Jeanne died.

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