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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Díaz Rodriguez ‘El Cid’ de Vivar

 756441258. Díaz Rodriguez ‘El Cid’ de Vivar

1043, Rodrigo, “El Cid”, born in Spain, s/o §§Díaz Diago Lainez.

1058, Rodriguez father killed. El Cid, age 15, taken to the court of King Fernando where he became the ward of Fernando’s son Sancho II. (S) Events That Formed the Modern World, Thackeray, 2012.

5/8/1063, Ferdnando routed the Aragonese, led by Mohammed ben Abad, at Graus and affirmed Leonese supremacy in the region. ‘El Cid’ proved his military abilities in this battle.

7/19/1068, Alfonso of Castile (756441250) fought against his brother Sancho II of Castille at the battle of Llantada. [Not a decisive victory.] Sancho’s standar-bearer was Rodrigo Diaz de Viviar – also known as ‘El Cid’.

1/1072, Sancho de Castilla y Leon defeated his younger brother Alfonso VI, in battle at Golpejera, sending him into exile in Toledo. ‘El Cid’ a commander for Sancho in the battle.

1079, Alfonso sent El Cid to the court of al-Mutamid to collect the parias owed to Leon-Castile.

5/8/1080, El Cid subscribed a charter of King Alfonso at this court.

1081, ‘El Cid’, exiled by Alfonso, with a band of followers left Leon for Barcelona, then on to Zaragoza. [El Cid had waged an independent war against the king of Grenada.]

5/25/1085, Alfonso completed the conquest of the Taifa [al-Mu’tamid] of Toledo. [Without opposition from El Cid, who had opposed other Christian attackers.]

7/1087, El Cid back in the court of King Alfonso.

1094, Badajoz captured by the Almoravids; and Rodrigo Díaz, ‘el Cid’ [previously an enemy of Alfonso], re-captured Valencia, establishing himself as an autonomous prince.

1097, El Cid’s son Diego Rodriguez died fighting in the service of Alfonso at the battle of Consuegra.

6/10/1099, El Cid died in Valencia; buried at San Pedro de Cardena [then moved to Burgos Cathedral.]

(S) The World of El Cid, Barton, 2000. (S) The Quest for El Cid, Fletcher, 1989.

Child of Rodrigo and ?:

i. Cristina de Vivar (378220629), born ~1080 in Spain.

Cristiana married §§Lord Ramiro Sanchez of Monzón. (S) FMG.

1070, Ramiro born in Spain, s/o §§Sancho Garcés, illegitimate son of §§Garcia Sáncez III of Navarre (d.9/15/1054).

1180s, Ramior raised at the Aragonese court.

~1098, Ramiro married Cristiana.

1104, Ramiro tenant of Urroz of Monzón.

1116, Ramiro died in Spain.

Son: 189110314. King Garcia Ramirez VII of Navarre.

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