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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Comte Hugh de Vermandois & Ctss Adele of Vermandois

 636464186. Comte Hugh de Vermandois & 636464187. Ctss Adele of Vermandois

1053, Hugh born in France, s/o 1272928372. King Henry I of France & 1272928373. Anne of Kiev.

~1057, Adele born in France, heir & d/o 1272928374. Herbert IV of Vermandois & 1272928375. Adele of Valois.

5/23/1059, Philip I crowned King of France. [A Capet tradition to crown the eldest son while the father was alive.]

8/4/1060, Hugh’s father died; his mother Regent of France.

5/1066, King Philip reached his majority and took over rule of France.

1074, Ralph of Crepy, count of Vexin, Valois, Amiens, Bar-sur-Aube and Vitry, died. [Hugh’s step-father.] King Philip seized some of the lands of Ralph, and passed some on to his younger brother Hugh.

Bef. 9/5/1075, Hugh’s mother died.

1077, Simon, son of Ralph of Crepy, conceded to the possession of his father’s lands by King Philip. Hugh was given Vermandois.

1/1079 at the siege of Gerberoi, Hugh, count of Vermandois and Chaumont-en-Vexin, along with King William I of England, and others, witnessed a charter of his brother King Philip I.

 [–––Hughes & Adela–––]

By 1079, Hugh married Adela.

10/1085, King William of England, anticipating an attack by Cnut II of Denmark, hired Hugh, count of Vermandois, into his service. [The invasion never occurred.] (S) The Place of War in History, Prestwich, 2004, P49.

1086, Adelaide’s father died; she succeeded [over her brother.]

9/16/1097, Pope Victor III died; succeeded by Pope Urban II.

1093, Adelaide visited the abbey of Bec [possibly to make arrangements for her daughter Isabel’s wedding.] (S) Anselm of Bec and Robert of Meulan, Vaughn, 1987, P144.

2/11/1096, Hugh and his brother King Philip I began planning the 1st crusade after Hugh saw an eclipse of the moon.

7/1096, King Philip wrote a letter to Pope Urban II announcing that he and his younger brother Hugh of Vermandois would participate in the crusade.

1096, ‘Hugo Crispeii comes’ placed ‘Radulfo et Henrico filiis suis’ in charge of his land and married ‘Ysabel filiam suam’ to ‘Rodberto de Mellento comiti’ [and left on pilgrimage taking ‘secum nobile agmen Francorum.’]

8/1096, Hugh’s crusaders left France, crossing the Alps, then traveling to Rome, and then Bari.

8-9/1096, Hugh’s crusader army left Bari by sea. Many of Hugh’s ships were destroyed in a storm. Hugh landed near Dyrrachium. [There are reports that a greated part of his fleet was lost.]

11/1096, Hugh and the remains of his army arrived in Constantinople. Eastern Roman Emperor Alexius [Comnenus] captured Hugh and held him prisoner until he swore an oath of vassalage. [The forces of Godfrey of Bologne, future king of Jerusalem, pilaged the land; ultimately leading to a treaty between Alexius and the crusaders.]

3/1097, The crusaders crossed the Bosphorus. [Followed by other forces in succession.]

6/1097, The crusaders were at Nicaea, where they laid siege; and then were joined by following forces.

8/1097, The crusaders reached Iconium in Asia Minor, closely populated by Armenian Christians.

8/1097, Traveling east, the crusaders engaged Seljuks at Heraclea, easily winning the city.

10/21/1097, The crusaders reached Antioch. The crusaders 1st captured the Iron Bridge to seal access from the east.

12/1097-2/1098, Cold and rain prevented much activity. [A chronicler noted that by February, as many had died of sickness as had died in battle.]

6/3/1098, In a swift assualt through gates opened by crusaders that had scaled the walls at night, Antioch fell. Hugh was sent back to Constantinople to seek reinforcements. [Hugh de Vermandois, and a member of his group, Drogo de Novellas, named specifically in the battle with respect to avenging the death of Gerard of Meulan.]

1098, Without success, Hugh returned to France where he was threatened with excommunication for not reaching Jerusalem.

7/29/1099, Pope Urban II died; succeeded by Pope Paschal II.

1101, Hugh joined the minor crusade.

9/1101, Hugh wounded in battle with the Turks; died soon after in Tarsus in the church of St. Paul.

10/18/1101, Hugh “Magnus”, Count of Vermandois, died.


1103, Adele married 2nd Renaud, count of Clermont en Beauvois.

1114, ‘Adela … Viromandorum comitissa, filius … meus Radulphus’ renounced their claim to certain serfs in favour of the abbey of Compiègne Saint-Corneille, with the consent of ‘filiorum meorum Radulphi, Henrici, Symonis.’

1114, ‘Adela Viromandensis comitissa filiique mei … Radulphus comes atque Henricus’, for the soul of ‘mariti mei Hugonis comitis’, confirmed a donation to Compiègne Saint-Corneille made by ‘Helinandus miles’.

1117, King Louis VI restored to Adela the county of Amiens, which had been usurped by Thomas de Marle.

9/28/1120-24, Adele died.

(S) The Record of the House of Gournay, Gurney, 1845. (S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy.

Children of Hugh and Adele:

i. Isabel de Vermandois (318232093), born by 1080 in France.

ii. Count Raoul de Vermandois, born ~1090 in France.

Raoul married 1st Alinore, sister of Count Thibauld of Champagne.

1130, King Louis VI was driven by the constant complaints of the clergy and the entreaty of Ralph, count of Vermandois, to organize and expedition against Thomas, lord of Coucy and Boves. (S) Cambridge Medieval History, Vs1-5, Bury.

1136, King Louis VI attacked Thomas Marle, who had killed Louis’ cousin Hugh de Vermandois. [Thomas was killed in the battle by Hugh’s brother Ralph.]

1142, King Louis excommunicated for approving the marriage of Count Raoul of Vermandois [who put away his wife, Eleanor, sister of Count Thibaut II of Champagne] by Pope Innocent II.

Raoul married 2nd Petronilla de Guienne, sister of Eleanor of Aquitain – wife successively of  King Louis VII of France and King Henry II of England.

1/1143, King Louis led the assault on the Champagne town of Vitre-sur-Marne, where more than a thousand people died in the fires. Louis was invading in support of Count Ralph of Vermandois, seneschal of France.

10/13/1152, Raoul died; his son Raoul succeeding.

iii. Beatrice de Vermandois, born ~1095 in France.

Beatrice married 40003892. Hugh de Gournay.

1144, ‘Gornacensis dominus et … Hugo filius meus’ donated property to Saint-Leu d´Esserent, for the soul of ‘Beatricis … uxoris meæ.’

iv. Mathilde de Vermandois (378220923), born by ~1100 in France.

Mathilde married §§Seigneur Raoul de Baugency.

Daughter: Agnes de Beaugency (189110461).

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