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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Steward Robert Malet

 540377136. Steward Robert Malet

~1082, Robert born in Curry Mallet, Somerset, England, s/o 1080754272. Gilbert Malet.

Aft. 1086, Robert’s father died.

8/5/1100, Henry I crowned King of England. [Robert’s uncle and namesake attended the coronation.]

9/28/1106, Robert’s uncle of the same name died at the battle of Tinchebrae, France. [His heir was his son William, who was deprived of his lands in 1110.]

By 1106, William de Curci (638798808) an attestor with the Queen (189110275), Eudes the sewer (319837350), Urse de Abetot (973575682), Robert Malet (540377136), and Aubrey de Ver [f/o (1512946706)] at Cornbury of a gift fo Nigel de Oelli to the monks at Abingdon.

Bet. 1110–1135, Robert held 10 knights’ fees of Abbey of Glastonbury. [Robert Malet in possession of a large part of the property of Roger de Corcelle, who died during the reign of William Rufus. No record or tradition existing of the mode in which these possessions came to the Malets.]

1129-30, Robert Malet named with reference to Warminster, Wilts.

12/26/1135, In a coup, Stephen became King of England; ursuping Empress Matilda, d/o King Henry I, and starting a civil war.

4/1136 at Winchester, Robert Malet attended the Easter court of King Stephen, where he issued his Charter of Liberties. (S) King Stephen, King, 2010, P60.

1136, Robert Malet steward of the King’s household.

1136-38, Notification by King Stephen that he has confirmed to the church of Eye all the holdings of Benedict the chaplain in Stoke Ash, … [Benedict the chaplain of Robert Malet who held the churches of Stoke Ash and Throndon.] (S) Eye Priory Cartulary, Brown, 1992, P29.

1137, Robert Malet with King Stephen in Normandy.

By 6/1139, Robert Malet removed as a steward to the King. (S) Anarchy of King Stephen’s Reign, King, 1994, P119.

1140, Robert held Curry Malet.

By 1141, Robert switched allegiance to Empress Matilda.

1141, Robert was a witness to the charter granted by Maud the Empress to Geoffrey de Magnaville when she created him Earl of Essex.

1150, Robert holding land in Cambridgeshire.

1150, Robert “petitions the Pope on behalf of himself and the inhabitants that a cemetery may be added to the Church, for that the corpses were lost and frequently those also who carried them in going to Glastonbury, the place of burial, in bogs and quagmires.” (S) Notes on the History of Shepton Malet, Farbrother, P220. He stated “there was not long ago in the chest of Shepton Mallet Church a letter from Robert Malet written in about 1150 …”.

1150-1153, Robert died in Curry Mallet.

(S) Notices of an English Branch of the Malet Family, Arthur Malet, 1885, PP72-3, App. GG, HH2. (S) The Origins of the Malets of Enmore, by G.E.G. Malet, The Genealogist, Vol. VIII, 1938-39. (S) Battle Conference, 1996, P164.

Children of Robert and ?:
i. William Malet (270188568), born ~1110 in Curry Mallet, Somerset, England.
ii. Baldwin Malet, born ~1112 in Curry Mallet, Somerset, England.

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