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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Comte Hugh IX de Lusignan

 94499124. Comte Hugh IX de Lusignan

1163, Hugh « the Brown » born in Lusignan, France; s/o 188998248. Hugh VIII de Lusignan & 188998249. Orengarde ?.

3/15/1169, Hugh, age 6, heir to his father; his grandfather still living.

1172, Hugh named Seigneur de Lusignan on the death of his paternal grandmother.

9/18/1180, Philip Augustus succeeded as King of France.

11/3/1189, Richard I crowned king of England.

7/1190, Hugh in Lyons where English and French troops going on crusade joined together. [Hugh uncles Geoffrey – viscount of Limoges, Guy and Amauri also went on the crusade.]

2/1191, Hugh in the entourage of Richard I in Sicily, going on crusade.

By 6/1191, Hugh and the crusaders had all arrived at Acre and put the city under siege.

7/1191, King Philip of France left the crusade leaving his 10,000 french troops under the command of Richard I.

9/1191, The crusaders defeated Saladin at the battle of Arsuf.

4/1192, Richard I named Hugh’s uncle Guy de Lusignan as Lord of Cyprus.

8/1192, The crusaders conducted a sea assault on Jaffa.

9/9/1192, Richard I turned over command of the crusaders to Henry of Champagne.

1193-94, Hugh visited King Richard I, who had been imprisoned for ransom in Germany.

1194, Hugh’s 1st wife [unknown name] was likely living [King Richard I married the heiress of Eu to Hugh’s younger brother.]

4/6/1199, at Chalus-Chabrol, King Richard died, attended by his mother Queen Eleanor.

1199, Queen Eleanor of England was persuaded by Hugh to give him the county of La Marche. [Sources indicate she may have been captured by Hugh, and La Marche was her ransom.]

5/27/1199, John crowned king of England.

Bef. 1200, Isabella of Anglouleme pledged in marriage to Hugh by her father Audemar, Count of Angouleme. Hugh and Audemar had contested for the country. The marriage was arranged to settle the dispute.

1/28/1200, ‘Hugo Brun com March et Rad com Augi’ swore homage to John King of England.

2/23/1200, Hugh le Brun, count of La Marche, lord of Lusignan and Couhe, with consent of his only son Hugh, issued a charter to St Hilaire of Poitiers renouncing rights to income.

8/24/1200 in Anglouleme, after having sent Hugh “out on business” King John married Isabella at the time and place she was supposed to marry Hugh. Hugh and his younger brother Ralph appealed to King Philip II of France, who dispossed King John of all his lands in France. [John was a vassal King to the King of France.]

1201, Hugh with his brother Ralph, Count of Eu, and his uncle Geoffrey, viscount of Chatellerault, rebelled against King John.

By 1201, Hugh married 2nd Matilda, d/o Vulgrin III, and cousin of Isabelle. [Her claim to Angouleme was stronger than that of Isabelle.]

8/1/1202, Hugh, his brother Ralph, and his uncle Geoffrey captured by King John in Mirebeau castle in Anjou, France. They were attempting to capture King John’s mother, Eleanor of Aquitaine, who was holding the castle. Hugh was imprisoned at Caen. Hugh’s uncle Geoffrey was imprisoned at Falaise.

1202, Hugh was released after surrendering castles and hostages and swearing allegiance to John.

1203–4, Hugh “the Brown” and King Philip II recaptured most of King John’s lands in France.

By 1205, King John had again captured Hugh. (S) The Court Lady’s Magazine, 1841, P388.

8/26/1206, “The King to Hugh de Neville … permit William Baudud, clerk, to speak with Hugh le Brun, … if he be willing to follow, in all things, the agreement made between us and the vicount of Thouars, … the aforesaid Hugh be released from fetters.”

1206, Released from prison, Hugh accompanied King John at the siege of Montauban.

1209, “Brothers” Hugh, Count of La Marche, [Hugh de Surgeres] Viscount of Chatellerault, and Ralph, Count of Eu, guaranteed each other’s fidelity to King Philip of France.

1213, 3 sons of Hugh: Hugh son of Count de la Marche; Raoul, count of Eu; and Geoffrey, made a peace treat with King John. (S) Lives of the Queen of England, Strickland, 1840, P57.

1214, By treaty, Hugh gave King John the county of Angouleme.

1214, Hugh’s uncle, Geoffrey de Lusignan, viscount of Limoges, supported King John’s unsuccessful invasion of Poitou.

9/1214 at Chinon, Aimery de Craon and Juhel de Mayenne [Aimery’s half brother] were the two ranking barons to sign King Philip’s 5-year truce with the Poitevin barons. The English-supporting barons signing included Hugh de Lusignan and the count of Eu.

1216, Rex dilectis … Hugoni de Lezenniaco, vicecomiti Lemovicensi, … (S) CPRs.

10/18/1216, King John died.

10/28/1216, Henry III, age 9, crowned king of England.

6/1218, Crusaders began the siege of Damietta in Egypt. 1st they captured the tower outside the city.

6/27/1218, ‘Hugo Bruni dominus Lezigniaci et comes Marchie’, on leaving on crusade, and ‘Hugo de Lezigniaco filius suus’ donated half ‘molendino de Pooillet’ to Saint-Maixent. [Hugh, Lord of Lusignan, and Count of Marche.]

11/1218, The crusaders captured the port and occupied the city.

11/5/1219, Hugh died at Damietta.

(S) The Houses of Lusignan and Chatellerault, Medieval Academy of America, Painter, 1955. (S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy.

Family notes:

·         Hugh IX mentions the departure for the holy lands of his grandfather Hugh VIII in one of his charters.

·         A document of Juhel, archbishop of Tours, describes an agreement between Matilda, daughter of Vulgrin, once count of Angouleme, and widow of Hugh, once count of La Marche, and Isabelle, queen of England, countess of La Marche and Angouleme, abandoning to Isabelle and her husband Hugh de Lusignan the county of Angouleme and her dower rights in the county of La Marche in return for an annuity.

·         1220, after Hugh’s death, Hugh’s son married King John’s widow.

·         1205-18, a “Hugh of Lusignan”, s/o Aymeri and Eschive d’Ibelin, married to Alice of Champange-Jerusalem, d/o Henry of Champagne, was King of Cyprus. (S) Cristian Society and the Crusades, Peters, 1971, P51. [This is Hugh’s nephew, or cousin.]

Child of Hugh and ?:

i. Hugh X de Lusignan (47249562), born ~1183 in France.

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