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Saturday, August 22, 2020

Comte Robert de Beaumont & Ctss Maud de Dunstanville

 486734854. Comte Robert de Beaumont & 486734855. Ctss Maud de Dunstanville

8/1137, Louis VII succeeded as King of France.

~1140, Robert born in Meulan, Normandy, eldest s/o 79959034. Waleran de Beaumont & 79959035. Agnes de Montfort.

1143, Maud born in Dunstanville, Kent, England, d/o 973469710. Earl Reginald de Dunstanville & 973469711. Beatrice fitz Richard.

12/19/1154, Henry [II], Duke of Normandy, crowned king of England.

[––Robert & Maud––]

~1163, Robert married Maud.

4/10/1166, Robert’s father died; Robert succeeding.

12/8/1174 at Valognes, Normandy, An agreement is formed between William, king of Scots, and Henry (II), king of the English, son of the Empress Matilda. King William becomes the liege man of the king against all men, for Scotland, … He also does homage and swears fealty to the King Henry, his son (i.e., Henry the young king), reserving the fealty due to his father the king … witnesses … Robert de Beaumont, count of Meulan. (S) POMS.

7/1/1175, Maud’s father died.

11/1/1179 at Rhiems, Philip II Augustus crowned King of France.

1181, Robert’s mother died.

9/3/1189, Richard I succeeded King Henry II of England.

5/27/1199, John succeeded Richard I as King of England.

1202, King Philip dispossed King John’s lands in Aquitaine due to his refusal to answer charges brought against him. [This started the war in which almost all English lands in France were taken.]

4/2/1203, King John to Robert, Comte de Meulan: “Know ye that We have pardoned you all the wrath and malevolence which we had against you … We grant Our safe conduct …”

5/8/1203, at Rouen, Comte Robert de Meulan pledged all his land of Normandy to Us [King John] for 5000 marks of silver … he shall hold the said land as long as he shall live. … Moreover, the same Comte hath quitclaimed to Us … the town of Pont Audemer and the castle … knights’ fees … abbies of Preaux … priory of St. Gilles … shall remain to him …

5/1203, King Philip captured the castle of Falaise, Domfront [Caen], and their neighboring districts. Coutances, Bayeux, Lisieux, and Avranches voluntarily came under the protection of Philip. [Lands in Normandy.]

7/1203, King Philip laid siege to the Castle of Ruil [Vaudreuil], which capitulated by agreement after receiving no relief from King John.

1203, Peter de Meulan, son of Robert Comte de Meulan, delivered the castle of Beaumont to King Philip of France. [Apparently Peter decided to allign himself with King Philip.]

5/1/1204, Robert Comte de Meulan declared to have divested himself of all his lands, in France, Normandy and England and relinquished them to Mabiria, wife of William Earl of the Isle of Wight. Witnesses included John and William de Preaux … sealed with the seal of the Comte.

6/24/1204, King Philip captured Rouen after a month-long siege. In the document of the surrender [Robert] ‘Comite de Mellento’ was excepted from any terms of the surrender.

1204, ‘Robertus, eo nomine quartus, Comes Mellenti, ob rebellionem adversus Philippum Regem.’

9/9/1204, Robert sent a letter to England, to be delivered to William Mareschal, earl of Pembroke [a favorite of King John], to inform his tenents that they were ‘subservient to the said Earl as to their Lord’.

1205, Robert went to England [where some of his men were arrested.]

12/15/1205, King John ordered the ment of the Comte de Meulan, arrested at Shoreham, should be set free. [Other letters followed to other members of Robert’s retinue.]

1/24/1206, A writ from King John ordering the delivery of 10 marks to [Robert] the Comte de Meulan.

5/30/1206, King John ordered William de Falaise to cause Robert Comte de Meulan to have the manor of Thorbury during pleasure.

6/1205, King John, at Portsmouth, made a gift of 10 marks to Matildia Comtesse de Meulan. (S) Magni Rotuli Scaccarii, Stapleton, 1844, P202.

11/14/1207, King John ordered livery to [Robert] Comte de Meulan of 25 marks, which were in arrear of 100 marks value of land, which the king had assigned to him.

1208-11, Robert died.


10/25/1212, Matildis Comtesse de Meulan began receiving annual payments of 10 marks from King John.

Maud died.

(S) Magni Rotuli Scaccarii, Stapleton, 1844, P200ff.

Child of Robert and Maud:

i. Matilda de Beaumont (243367427), born ~1165 in England.

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