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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Comte Simon de Montfort & Comtesse Amicia de Beaumont

 79958022. Comte Simon de Montfort & 79958023. Comtesse Amicia de Beaumont

~1135, Simon “le Chauve” born in Montfort-Sur-Risle-Eure, France; s/o 159916044. Simon de Montfort & 159916045. Matilda ?.

~1135, Amicia born in Leicester, England, d/o 159116046. Earl Robert de Beaumont & 159116047. Amice de Gael.

8/1/1137, Louis VII succeeded as king of France.

[––Simon & Amicia––]

~1150 in France, Simon married to Amicia. This is the beginnings of relations of the Montfort family with England.

By 1157, Simon’s father died.

2/1157, At Caen, Symon, comte de Evreux, witnessed a charter of King Henry II of England to St. Stephen’s abbey at Caen.

1159, King Henry II of England attacked Toulouse, which he claimed by right of his wife. King Louis VII intervened to defend his sister Constance, wife of Count Raymond V of Toulouse.

11/1159, Simon, comte de Evreux, compelled to give up his fortresses of Rochefort, Epernon, and Montfort to King Henry II, which interrupted the French King’s communications between Paris, Orleans and Etampes.

5/1160, By a peace agreement at Chinon, negotiated by Pope Alexander III, King Louis recognized King Henry’s rights over Normandy and Aquitaine. As part of the treaty, Simon, Comte of Evreux was restored to the fealty of France [along with 2 others specifically named.]

2/1167 at Caen, King Henry II confirmed multiple grants including one of Symon, comte of Evreux, to St. Stephen’s abbey at Caen.

4/5/1168, Amicia’s father died.

4/1173, King Henry’s 3 eldest surviving sons: Henry, Richard & Geoffrey rebelled against him.

1173, King Louis VII called a national assembly in support of the rebellion of King Henry II’s sons.

1173, Simon joined the revolt of Young King Henry against his father.

10/11/1174, King Louis VII stopped supporting King Henry’s sons, effectively ending their rebellion.

1175, Simon captured by the Count of Flanders who successfully besieged the castle of Aumale.

9/21/1177, Simon, comte of Evreux, witnessed the Treaty of Ivry between King Henry and King Louis.

10/1/1177, Simon Comte of Evreux was with King Henry II at Verneuil when King Henry summoned the army of Normandy to Argentan.

9/18/1180, Philip Augustus succeeded as King of France.

3/13/1181, Simon died; buried at Evreux Cathedral, France. (S) Annales Cestrienses Chronicle of the Abbey of S. Werburg, At Chester.


1207, Amicia coheiress of her brother Robert de Beaumont, earl of Leicester.

1215, Amicia died.

Amicia married 2nd widower Alberic I, Comte of Dampmartin, Chamberlain of France.

(S) The Life of Simon de Montfort, Earl of Leicester, Prothero, 1877. (S) Court, Household, and Itinerary of King Henry II, Eyton, 1878.

Children of Simon and Amicia:

i. Amuri de Montfort, born ? in France.

Amuri 7th [and last] Count of Evreux.

Amuri married Mabel, d/o 79958114. Earl William Fitz Robert & 79958115. Countess Hawise de Beaumont.

ii. Bertrade de Montfort (39979011), born 1155 in England.

iii. Earl Simon de Montfort IV, born 1160 in France.

Simon married Alice de Montmorency, d/o Bouchard V, sire de Montmorenci.

1198, Simon went to the Holy Land as the leader of a contingent of French knights.

1210, Simon forfeited his English estates to King John.

1209, Simon de Montfort captured Carcassone. [Simon a famous warrior and crusader: “the scourge of the Albigenses”. Simon in multiple battles of the Cathar wars of southern Europe. Alice accompanied Simon on crusade.]

9/12/1213, Simon de Montfort defeated the combined forces of Raymond of Toulouse and Pedro II of Aragon at the battle of Muret. (S) Queer Iberia, Blackmore, 1999, P125.

1215, The Lateran Council confirmed Simon  de Montfort in possession of lands which the Crusaders had obtained by papal confiscation from the Waldenses. (S) Cyclopedia of Biblical, V5, McClintock, 1894, P257.

6/25/1218, Simon killed by a stone from a siege engine at the battle of Toulouse on the 4th crusade.

Child: Earl Simon de Montfort, born 1208 in Normandy. Simon, 6th Earl of Leicester, was a leader of the Baron’s revolt against King Henry III. 1264-65, Simon effectively ruled England. 8/4/1265, Lord Edward [I] defeated Montfort’s army at the battle of Evesham, Worcester, ending the Baron’s Revolt. Montfort and 2 of his sons were killed.

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