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Friday, August 28, 2020

Count Amadeus IV de Savoia

 94559114. Count Amadeus IV de Savoia

1197, Amadeus born in Savoy, s/o 47277574. Count Tommaso of Savoy & 47277575. Countessa Margaret of Geneva.

1215, Count Thomas marched forces south into Italy in support of Otto IV. He attacked the territories of the Ghibeline marquises of Montferrat and Saluzzo, destroying St. Evasio. [Amadeus would have attended his father.]

11/8/1217, ‘Thomas Maurianensis comes et marchio’ donated property to the abbey of Saint-Maurice, with the consent of ‘filiis suis Amedeo et Humberto.’ (S) FMG.

1222, To end the wars with Saluzzo, Thomas (47277574) arranged for 2 daughters of his eldest son Amadeus to marry. Beatrice was to marry Manfred III of Saluzzo, and Margaret was to marry Boniface IV of Montferrat [married 3/4/1223].

1224, An agreement between ‘Thomæ com. Sabaud’ and the bishop of Sion, witnessed by ‘ipse Thomas comes, Amedeus primogenitus illius, Comitissa uxor Thomæ, eorum quatuor filii clerici … Willelmus, Thomas, Petrus et Bonifacius.’ (S) FMG.

1226, Amadeus sent by his father to govern the cities of Albenga and Savona, which had withdrawn themselves from Genoa.

12/1227, ‘M. comitissa Maurian (47277575) uxor Thomæ comitis Maurianensis (47277574) et marchionis Italiæ’ donated property, with the consent of ‘Thomas com. Maurianæ et filii mei Amedeus (94559114) et Aymo’. (S) FMG.

1230, Milan and Guelph allies attacked Monfterrat, Asti, and Saluzzo, and then entered Savoy. They were defeated in battle by Thomas (47277574) and their leader Uberto de Osino was killed.

2/26/1231, ‘M. comitissa Sabaudie et marchisa in Ytalia et … Amedeus, Aymo, W. electus Valentinus, Thomas, Petrus, Bonifacius et Philippus filii Thome Comitis Sab. et marchionis in Ytalia’ confirmed donations to Hautecombe abbey. (S) FMG.

1231, Milian again attacked Savoy and was again defeated by Thomas and their leader Ardighetto Marcellino was killed.

1232, ‘Beatrix uxor comitis Thomæ, Amadeus primogenitus et Aymo filii eius’ confirmed the purchase of Chambéry by ‘Thoma comite’, with the seal of ‘Beatricis comitisse Sabaudie’.  (S) FMG.

1/22/1233, Amadeus succeeded his father.

2/24/1240, ‘Amedeus comes Sabaudie et in Italie marchio’  granted "villam S. Mauritii de Chablaisio’  to ‘soror illorum Margareta comitissa de Kiborch’. (S) FMG.

1/4/1244, ‘Contessa Margarita di Savoia Marchesa in Italia’ [Amadeus’s mother] donated property to ‘Tomaso suo figlio Conte di Fiandra e d'Hainaut’ with the consent of ‘Conte Amedeo di Savoia suo figlio Primogenito’. (S) FMG.

1/16/1245, Grant to Amadaeus, count of Savoy and marquess in Italy, for the homage which he has done to the king for the castle of Avyllan, the town of Susa, … the town of St. Maurice in Chablais, … to him also that the king will marry one of the daughters of the count’s daughter [47279557, Beatrice], whom he shall send to England, either to John de Warenna, who will be earl of Warenne, or the Edmund de Lacy, who will be earl of Lincoln [Edmund married Alice, d/o Manfred de Saluzzo (47279556)], who are boys in the ward of the king. (S) CPRs.

1253, Amadeus died before his mother.

Child of Amadeus and ?:

i. Beatrice of Savoy (47279557), born ~1215 in Savoy.

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